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Who has made full switch to Brain 9 and what is your experience
Turning off previews speeds it up some, and turning off expanded mode makes it even faster. For now, I'll just use it that way, though I would very much love to see expanded mode work as fast as it does in v8!
Who has made full switch to Brain 9 and what is your experience
@sibleyd - the slowness in the video can be seen when you look at the time it takes for the mouse to move over a thought until the thought turns green. You can also see if if you turn your volume up. You can hear the mouse click, then it usually takes a second before anything happens. When the animation begins, it's usually pretty fast, but there's a significant lag from the time of user input to UI response. (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)
I'm using a 512gb SSD, 16gb ram, and a 4 core 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7. It's not a hardware issue.

They're probably pushing the Xamarin's cross platform Mono UI framework to the limits and there's just some hard work remaining to be done to optimize the codebase. (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)
Just bumping this post - I'm still having major slowness on the latest version, both in the app menus and the plex. v Any suggestions for things to try to fix this? I'm baffled as to why some people don't have the issue but I do. I can't think of anything special about my setup that would cause this.

16gb ram.. recently rebooted my machine. Only The Brain, a browser, messages, notes, and Clearview are running... plenty of free memory, storage, CPU.

I took another video - you can really see how slow it is by watching the green hover indications, then if you turn the volume up some and listen for the clicks you can see the delay between clicking and anything happening:

Who has made full switch to Brain 9 and what is your experience
I'm on a Mac using a brain w/ 15k thoughts and I've switched to v9 to be able to use the iOS version for better mobile access. It has a long way to go, but the improvements are big enough that I made the switch.

The desktop UI is definitely much more sluggish than v8. In fact, I've just spent several hours researching and using The Brain 9 and came here just to reiterate that the slowness is very real. I wish it wasn't, I have no desire to nitpick or complain, but the slowness really does take away from the enjoyment I get from using the software.

If I find some way around this, I'll post an update, but for now the UI in on High Sierra on a relatively new Macbook Pro is very slow.

Search is VERY fast, the notes view is just fine, but the app menus and moving around the plex are slow enough to where I have to think twice before clicking a thought to decide if the wait is worth it.

TheBrain 9 Server Is Temporarily Down (Servers Upgraded)
Would you consider creating a status.thebrain.com page or a Twitter feed w/ status updates? (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)

I'm not sure why you're referring to the options menu. He says:

Quote: I clicked my mouse in the moment you a red circle. The animation of the circle gives you an impression how much time passes before the application switches to the next thought. To me, there is a significant difference between TB 8 and 9.

He's talking about slowness while navigating the plex which you can see in his videos and is same issue I'm having. I've mentioned the slowness specifically in the context of keyboard navigation since I think it's the easiest to repro, but it's the same with mouse use. I realize he's on Windows, I never implied the issue exclusive to macOS, it's just where I've experienced it. Apparently it's also a problem on Windows.

I could be wrong and we're having two separate issues, but that's not what it sounds like to me. Maybe André can confirm? (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)
I'm using a 2016 MBP w/ a 2.7ghz i7 and 16gb of ram on an SSD drive. It's not the machine. It isn't the case that v9 is sometimes slower than v8, or that it's slower after switching apps or with high memory pressure or anything like that. V9 is always slower.

André's videos are completely consistent with what I'm seeing. He and I are both making a direct comparisons by using v8 and v9 on the same hardware under the same circumstances and v9 is clearly slower. Running benchmarks etc., seems unnecessary given those parameters. (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)
Yes, you are correct, that video doesn't clearly capture the delay I mentioned, but the delay exists in normal usage. Sometimes it's quite small, other times it feels like it's almost a full second, though it's difficult to time it exactly.

Regardless of the exact timing, the point is that when using the arrow keys to navigate, there is a very noticeable lag between hitting a key and the focus changing or an animation starting. If it wasn't enough to be distracting, I wouldn't have never thought to post this, but as it is, it takes away from the seamless experience of using the software. (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)
Hi Harlan, I've set the animation speed to just under the fastest possible and taken a video comparing the two - v8 is on the left, v9 is on the right. The Brain 8 keeps up almost perfectly, while version 9 is inconsistent and almost always slower.

This has been the case since I've started using v9.
iOS version still not updated to use native resolution (#300)
Thanks Harlan. I've used The Brain 9 on Android a bit and, while it's a bit slow, it's very promising! Looking forward to a similar iOS experience. (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)

It's not a specific issue that would show up in an output log. Using the arrow keys to move between nodes is simply much slower in v9 than it was in v8. I'm certain this is the case on OS X, it may be the same other platforms, I'm not sure.

Repro steps:
1. Create a brain with 3 thoughts - one parent and two children.

2. Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate quickly back and forth between the two children.

The focus ring keeps up w/ key presses.

The focus circle lags and can't keep up the key presses.

iOS version still not updated to use native resolution (#300)
Can we expect the iOS version to get native resolution support any time soon? I love having The Brain on my phone but each time I open the app it feels like I'm stepping back in time... the whole UI feels pretty primitive. I appreciate the hard work the team is putting into these apps but it's disheartening feeling like it's always a bit behind the curve. (and previous) slow navigation and high CPU on OS X (#4505)

I recently switched from 8 -> 9 and can't help but notice that moving the focus circle in the plex is much laggier than it is in 8. There's a 200-700ms lag before the focus indicator begins to move from one thought to another. 

Looking at Activity Monitor I see that the resting CPU usage with The Brain active, but not being used, is ~11%, then when I move focus, it jumps to ~30-50%. Both seem too high and the performance while moving around the plex is distractingly slow.

I'm using High Sierra on a 2016 MBP.

Error importing The Brain 8 file.
@spacenexus - thanks for your reply. I should be pretty good on disk space. My brain isn't all that big and I have ~15gb of free disk space. It looks like it's just some Java null check throwing an error in the importer. Based on the error text, I could probably delete something from my events if I knew what to look for... but I am not sure what it would be.
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