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Missing Brain 8 Program Icon in Windows 10, and can't get it back
Installing the Beta for 9 wiped out the windows 10 information for TheBrain version 8. Uninstalling the Beta 9 does not fix this issue. Uninstalling Beta 9 and INSTALLING version 8 will re-educate Windows 10 about Version 8, so that it turns up on program searches and whatnot.

Just making a shortcut to Version 8 won't put back the install information that was lost when Beta 9 was installed.

I know this all from personal experience. However, I have now lost all ability to drag and drop into TheBrain version 8. It's all gone, and I'm not referring to known Microsoft Edge not working issue. Starting TheBrain version 8 in Admin mode did not fix this issue. From my long experience with TheBrain, the only solution is to uninstall 8, reboot the machine, install version 8 and pray. If that doesn't work, repeat the process from the uninstall step and repeat until it does. Sometimes it will never ever fix the issue, sometimes it does. I am hoping that support can give me a RELIABLE way to restore basic drag and drop, otherwise TheBrain has lost all utility for me and that would be very sad, since I've been a devout user since version 1. Yeah, version 1.
v7.0.4.0 can't add URL attachments

When I updated my Windows 7 machine running Java 7 update 4 with Brain, it can now add URLS. I couldn't when I was running


I remember there used to be a configuration issue where you had to run TheBrain in Admin mode at least once before it would let you drag and drop on Vista and Win7. I don't know if that might be occuring to Parsec now that he has a version that will allow D&D on Java 7.

How to register without web access

This is just a follow up to say that I am one happy camper once again. The offline activation worked on my work installation, so I've got a properly registered pro installation at work.



How to register without web access

Fantastic news! I'll be checking out!

How to register without web access

In 13 days, I will become an unhappy customer. That's when my "trial" runs out on my work location, and The Brain 7 gives itself a lobotamy.


The Brain 6 supported this situation. You've gone backwards in capabilities, not forwards. As far as I can see as a user, 7 hasn't added any functionality for the professional users, it has just removed capabilities.


I've been an evangelist for The Brain since version 1. But I am becoming very unhappy with this situation. MARKETING doesn't determine functionality. MARKETING will assure customers that their product will eventually be able to beam the customer directly to Saturns orbit so they can enjoy a nice leisuraly scenic view while enjoying the product. The Brain's marketing has been particularly bad about promises and assurances.


Speak with Harlan. If he says it will be supported, that would be something. He's come through on most of his promises over the years, so I trust him. If he won't say, well, I suppose I'll be downgrading to version 6 and sticking with that until the company decides to actually support OFFLINE activation.


Keep in mind that it is the current business trend to cut off access to the internet, particularly to cloud services of any kind, but even the internet in general in "professional" work environments. So if you want to market to "professionals" you will need a product that can function at the purchased capabilities in their common environments.

How to register without web access

This is a significant issue that concerns me as well. My work site allows only limited access to the Internet. All cloud services of any kind and blocked off. This includes the web brain. There is no chance I will be able to get my employers to open up a port or whitelist webbrain.com--- I've already checked. So an offline registration method is definitely needed. License still says TheBrain Beta

A minor issue - Version license says "TheBrain Beta". As is a production product, not a beta release, its license should no longer indicate it is a beta product.

How to register Personal Brain 7 Pro when work blocks web brain site?

Now that Version 7 is no longer beta, how do I register my work machine without being able to sign into web brain?

Severe performance degradation when using auto-hide and extended views

Yes, it occurs across machines and with different brains. Anytime auto-hide is used, performance degrades.


This degradation of performance is just most noticable when there are a large number of thoughts in the current plex area when the "reveal" happens. As I've said, once I noticed the issue with expanded views, I started testing with normal views and auto-hide and found the performance in that configuration was degrading as well. It simply didn't degrade as fast because I don't normally have as many thoughts visible in the plex when I "reveal" it so it takes more "reveals" for the degradation to reach a point where The Brain 7 becomes so slow to respond that I am forced to shut it down and restart it. Performance jumps back to normal on restarts of The Brain 7 and then slowly degrades with each reveal event when the brain is in auto-hide mode.

Severe performance degradation when using auto-hide and extended views

I've noticed that when I use auto-hide, The Brain version 7 takes a performance hit everytime I mouse over the blue circle and it appears. Seems to be linked to the number of icons in the view--- the greater number of icons, the faster the degradation of all performance overall. Simply revealing the brain 20 times when I have 30 or more icons in the current view is enought to have it slow down to take several seconds on ANY action, from displaying the thought icons (instead of the default circle or blank square), to responding to keyboard input. Adding a new thought can take up to a minute. Continuing on without closing down means version 7 taking longer and longer to "reveal" (redraw its icons and other items) after being revealed from auto-hide.


After noticing this issue particularly strongly with extended views, I began testing with auto-hide and normal views, and even there its performance can be seen to degrade with each "reveal". Extended view just exaberates the issues in my usage because my extended views tend to have many more thoughts in the plex at a time than normal usage.

How to register Personal Brain 7 Pro when work blocks web brain site?

Thanks for the reply.


I've had no luck with the IT department. The Brain isn't considered a critical work tool for the company, so allowing it to communicate with webbrain.com isn't considered necessary at this time.

How to register Personal Brain 7 Pro when work blocks web brain site?

What fun I am experiencing with The Brain version 7 today. When I have no brains open, this version tells me I have 3 days left on my Pro Trial.


So what's the current status on getting a way to activate version 7 pro when you don't have access to webbrain.com ?


Edit: My apologies. The error I get is that I can not use pro features on my brain file because the brain file was created before my PRO TRIAL began. This wasn't an issue when I first started using the PRO TRIAL on the brain for the past 3 weeks. It's just started popping up on the last few days of my PRO TRIAL.


The brain is slightly older than the Version 7 installation because I started it in version 6 on my work machine, and then upgraded the work machine to version 7.

How to register Personal Brain 7 Pro when work blocks web brain site?

Ok guys. As of this morning, I have 13 days left to use the pro level features, which I use daily at work, and then my work machine will locked at the free level with much less capabilities. That means PB 7, aka TheBrain 7, will lose a significant amount of value to me where I need it and count on it the most. So the clock is ticking on this issue.

normalizing data

You have 28 days left to try out the pro features before Personal Brain locks them out.

How to register Personal Brain 7 Pro when work blocks web brain site?

How can I activate my Personal Brain 7 Pro license on my work machine when my work specificly blocks the webbrain site?

Not being able to unlock my Personal Brain 7 Pro at work will make me an unhappy camper, and I am sure you will have other users in the same situation in the future.

I am looking forward to registering my PB 7 Pro on my work machine.


Thanks for the very useful tool!

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