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show text of web-sites
I found by accident the directory \text\ where obviously the text of linked web-sites is stored. I suppose for indexing purposes = for searching. 

I did not find a command to view this text from inside brain. How could I find the text file belonging to a thought?

Would be a good thing for looking into th text of a web-site in offline use of brain.

50MB limit
I tried it today with a picture 


which was synced well.

Sorry, the error obviously is hiding sometimes.

My Question
BTW: How could I get a list of internal attachments including the amount of memory they take? The only list I know of is the report on internal attachments. 
is still not answered.

instant search don't understand Umlaute
next one:

tried "fehlerstrom" (no Umlaut)

first brain finds 5 in instant search but only one in advanced.

second & third brain finds 5 but none in advanced search.

So it seems to be not connected to an umlaut but to some other confusion in the search system.

tried "akku": find many in instant search on all computers but only a subset in advanced search. computer 2 only 3, 1 finds 10 and 3 finds 8.

instant search don't understand Umlaute
My example was Schlüsselfinder.

But it seems to be more complicated:

At the first time there was no listing at all, see:

Now that I checked it again, this one was found, but not all the others.

Some other content I tried (without Umlaut) was found properly.

It's even more weird: The same brain on another computer does find the 6 items in instant search, but not in advanced search. 

Exactly the same is true on a third computer with the same brain.

I have made some clips in case you want to see it.
instant search don't understand Umlaute
thoughts are found in advanced search (= hit Search button) but not in the pop up list of instant search.
50MB limit
Just now I have the case with the nasty warning on ***external*** attachments (that have more than 50 MB.)

The address is 

Maybe the network-share address type is important?

As a result in one case the attachment's link does not get synced, in the other case it does get synced. This is very annoying. I even think I had such cases where at the end even in the source brain the link was lost by syncing back the 'non-link' = thought without an attachment.
50MB limit
Just want to add my vote for removing this limit. 

I frankly think this is not appropriate for a premium service where you take good money for. The total of 20 GB should be enough protection against misuse. 

I still get those warnings from time to time even when I am not aware of having added internal attachments. In my case I have 0.0 GB (!) Internal Attachments Size according to statistics. I just want to get rid of those annoying messages.

I do not use TheBrain for data storage. (Dropbox has better features for this purpose like unlimited versioning and fast LAN update between local computers.)

BTW: How could I get a list of internal attachments including the amount of memory they take? The only list I know of is the report on internal attachments. 

Expanded views are not synced
Saved expanded views are not synced via webbrain. Is it planned to sync expanded views?

How could I copy those views from one brain to another? There is even no way to save or load expanded views to an external file.

As of now the only way I know is to copy the total brainzip from one brain-computer to the other.
automatic notes saving mechanism is not transparent
The bigger part seems to be fixed.
But sometimes I think the cursor is moving back one letter without deleting anything. Just the order gets wrong. But I am not shure about this observation. Maybe my typing got worse. 
Outlook Syncing not working
Thank you.

What are known issues of the 64-bit Version of TheBrain?

I really hate to install a new office and have to redo all settings, specific in Outlook. Or does anybody have a smooth way to go down to 32-bit Office?
Outlook Syncing not working
In release notes of 
Version – Release Candidate March 20, 2012
I found:
o Fixed: Drag and drop from the 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook does not always work

But trying with there is no reaction when dropping an email to plex. In former times there used to be an error message.

So what is the status of this feature now?
automatic notes saving mechanism is not transparent
Any positive answer from development?
It is 'very annoying'!

Notes Editor losing focus
I just remember, this disappearing of letters happened also on entry of labels of links.
Note indicator misplaced
Same here
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