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thought names truncated too much? (#3668)
Thx - helps a bit I guess but not really much better. Still many thoughts showing only two letters, with lots of blank space beside them.
Thanks for the suggestion though.
thought names truncated too much? (#3668)
Hi guys
Just wondering if any progress is being made on this? Or am I one of very few that it affects? I guess I do use jump links quite a lot, and as my brain gets more crowded (because I am using it more [smile]) it means I often see a row of thoughts with names truncated to an uninterpretable two letters. I go in and hover over them - which doesn't seem like a big deal but it is actually not great because I also use comma trick a lot, so my actual thoughts names are quite long and hard to take in at a glance.
I'd love to be able to see my thought names the way intended - esp since there is clearly plenty of space all round the two-letter truncations (not sure if that is a word but I guess you can figure out what I mean!).
spinning rainbow wheel on start up TB9 (#3842)
Ive been waiting through a few updates to see if this gets corrected as part of other improvements but it is still happening.
When I start up TB9 all looks fine till I start a search. After typing a couple of letters I get a spinning rainbow wheel. It eventually comes good but has missed or over-typed some letters and I have to start over.
Not catastrophic but probably something you would want to fix at some stage, if others have the same thing?

Mac Book Pro running latest Sierra
dragging in mail from Mac Mail?
Are we supposed to be able to drag in mail messages?
Now that I am using TB9 more intensively this is something I sometimes want to do but seems never to work, either dragging to plex, or to notes, or on top of thought. Only way is to copy paste message from mail into notes, and of course that loses the link to the original message (and thread).

Is that right? For some reason I thought dragging (or some kind of direct import) from mail was a possibility?
Integrating more information into the Plex (#3736)
Yes please! Option B, with features already mentioned PLUS ability to click on the TYPE and see all other thoughts with that type. 

Automatic calendaring of Thoughts (#3715)
Cerebrum wrote:
Instead of cluttering up the name of the thought (in addition to the comma trick and the numeric prefix trick) it would be simpler and ultimately more powerful to have a separate Date/Time attribute rather than try to cram more information into one field. 

yes please!
Paragraph Spacing and Default Text Size (#3508)
Yes I am also hoping for a very simple notes area (at least as an optional default). I would like it if we could set our default in preferences (eg. plain text vs rich text notes?) and then override on a per-thought basis if we happened to have one that needed lots of colourful typography.
(Maybe not completely PLAIN text, but an option with very basic formatting options)
From my memory, when I first started using TB9 there was a third button to the right of the search bar that allowed the reporting pane to be opened. Did that disappear for some reason? To me it is useful as an alternative to the view menu or remembering keyboard shortcut.
Tags and types panes? (#3409 and #3646)
Yes please - a good way to envision and arrange/re-arrange/add/delete/apply/... types (and tags) - preferably allowing collapsible hierarchical arrangement - would be AWESOME!
thought names truncated too much? (#3668)
OK - then I am puzzled why I need to have names truncated to 2/3/4 uninterpretable letters in the attached example? 2017-03-16_13-54-37.jpg 
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Thanks Matt - just for clarity - I am not talking about navigating the timeline itself but about using the little calendar date picker to set the date of an event - or the little square calendar to the right of the timeline. I think usually date pickers of this kind have single arrows to go back/forward by months and double for years?
larger target for display side bar?
Ooops! Sorry to have missed that - esp since I suspect you may have told me about it before! Thx for your patience.
Brainstorming: How can TheBrain better represent visual data?
This is one of the things I would most like to see - and have written about quite a lot in the past (eg MULTIPLE PARENTS, SUGGESTIONS FOR STRUCTURING TYPES)

I would love to be able to do more with types than just see a list. I have kind of implemented what I want in a half-arsed way by having a type called CLASSIFIER that I can use to, well, classify thoughts when they get too many children. This is kind of useful, esp when combined with the comma trick but is hugely limited by the limitations on my wetware brain! There would be so much more that could be done if this kind of classifying could be done by TB9.
I would really love to be able to see all my types (and tags, but separately) on their own plex, so I can move them around, creating hierarchies and links at the type level instead of just at the thought level. That would let me visualise my classification system so I notice gaps, use terms consistently and so on.

Ideally we could also use type-thoughts in the plex itself, so we could link to a type thought that would then display all the thoughts of that type, dynamically updated. 

From a non-tech perspective it seems like such a small step from what we already have - just making a two-level brain instead of a single-level. But I recognise it is probably a lot more complex to implement when you have to take technical realities into consideration!

I like the idea of a dedicated thread for big picture discussion, which sometimes gets buried among the (also important) minutiae.
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
Just playing around a bit more with the timeline and have a couple of very small suggestions that I think have not been made yet.
Please can we not have the event pop open automatically on one click? There is already a preview on hover, so if we want to edit, it should be ok to double click? Having the full edit box pop up all the time is distracting when simply browsing around.
Please can we have a button to go back/forward a whole year (maybe also buttons for +/- decade, century)? Navigating the calendar a month at a time is v slow.
Please can we have an indicator on the thought name that there are events associated (similar to the notes indicator)?
Hope these make sense!
thought names truncated too much? (#3668)
Thanks. I think I see now what is going on. It is the expanded view that causes the problem. Thought names seem to try to avoid overlapping links. I see the logic of that but wonder if it might be done in a less aggressive manner! Leaving thoughts with just a couple of letters makes it to hard to navigate. Perhaps letting link lines go behind thought names rather than being completely avoided?
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