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Minor typo in
In the "Replace Attachment Locations" dialog, the second sentence of the text reads "This function can render attachments in your Brain inaccessible if used the incorrectly."
How to use a Proxy
Same experience as shinyplastic here.

Able to activate my PB7 licence, and able to log in when I start PB, but not able to sync brains.

Status of proxy functionality?
Just wondering what the status of proxy support development is.

I know it isn't working at present, but the settings still seem to be present in the preferences file on 4508.

Is it still being worked on, or is development stalled for the moment, or ?

Recording of James Burke's Webinar
There seems to be a problem with the final section of Part 1 (the section where James introduces his Knowledge Web).

For me the flash player loops back to the beginning after about 30 secs of playing.

Running Firefox 3 on XP.
Proxy support
It would be very useful if PB could support authenticated proxies. These days so many office environments allow internet access only via proxy, and basically I can only use the internet-dependent PB features at home.

I found this link which hinted this might already be on the ToDo list?


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