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Running out of memory
PB slows down to a crawl and I get high CPU usage anytime I click on a thought that has a note with table. These notes do not exceed two pages when printed, so I would not consider them to be large notes. (Also, I only have four thoughts with these tables in my brain.) Many times I have to shut down PB or kill the process to recovery. Very frustrating!

Memory drops to "185.5 used / 0.0 free". See attachment.

Tried to send "output.log", but could not find it (maybe because I had to kill the process?).

What to do?
Click image for larger version - Name: 0007.jpg, Views: 109, Size: 2.40 KB
PB Thought/Database Corruption
I opened an archived brainzip (it was zipped with PB 5.5) and found many of thoughts were missing attachments and a number of thoughts contained the attachments of other thoughts. Its a big mess!

Note that I have opened this archived brainzip using the PB 6.0.0.x releases without any problems. I think the first time I noticed this problem is with PB releases.

@Moe, I tried the steps you recommended, but it did not work for me.

URL Favicons not updated
@rhodes, @mcaton;
I am using PB6 and this problem occurs frequently enough to be a pain. The "Refresh URL Icon" menu option does not seem to work.

Using: PB, Win7-64bit, and IE8-32bit

zenrain wrote: Quote: I haven't checked IE but my understanding is that FF and IE behave the same way as far as favicons are concerned. If the web page displays one next to the address, it should be possible to drag it along with the URL into PB. If there's no favicon present, then PB displays the default browser favicon as an icon.

My suggestion would be to find a site that has a favicon, but isn't imported into PB. Then open the site address in IE. If there is no favicon, that is the issue. If there is, report the site address in this thread so they can research.
Example of sites where PB6 does not download favicons. (Icons are displayed in IE8)
Integration with Windows 7 desktop search

Adding PB to Windows desktop search engine would be the ultimate enhancement for me.

It would require coding an IFilter for PB. But now that PB supports URIs for thoughts, it should not be to difficult to code. I would write one myself if PB had a public API.
Keyboard Accelerator for Details [Added]

Please also make the thought Details dialog box a little wider so the full GUID is visable. (Saves having to resize the box every time to copy the GUID.) 

Cannot open pdf documents in PB

mcaton wrote: Could you try switching to another app as the default for PDF's and then back to Adobe Reader?

I switched the default PDF app from Adobe Reader to Adobe Acrobat in PB, and it opened in Acrobat. Double clicking on a PDF attachment in PB also opened the PDF in Acrobat. The same happened in Windows Explorer.

However, when I switched the default PDF app back to Adobe Reader, I could not open the PDF again in PB by double clicking.  It works perfectly in Windows Explorer.
Export simple html problem
If the Home thought is always required as a starting point in this report, why cann't PB add it automatically to the report?

Keyboard paste into plex not working
mcaton wrote: Yes, if you right click on the background, you'll get a new thought. 

I was expecting the "Paste in Plex" command (keyboard shortcut) to also do this, but it pastes as attachment. So it seems this very useful command (to create new child thought) is missing, and the current "Paste in Plex" command is labeled incorrectly. Will this be fixed?

mcaton wrote: If you right click on the current active thought, you'll add the URL as an attachment to this existing thought.  The latter is the option that the CTRL+shift+v follows.

I would recommend that the command that pastes a URL/file as a thought attachment be labeled something like "Paste as Attachment".  Use the "Paste in Plex" label for the (missing) command that pastes a URL/file as a new child thought. Also, assign ctrl+shift+v as the default shortcut for this command.


Cannot open pdf documents in PB
I cannot open a PDF thought or attachment in PB using the mouse or the "Open" menu item. If I use the "Open with.." menu item and select the Adobe Reader, the document opens correctly.

1. I have the "Always use ..." check box selected for the Adobe Reader.
2. Other file types seem to launch their default application correctly (eg. doc, jpg, txt, etc.) in PB.
3. If I double click on a PDF file in Windows Explorer it always opens the document in Adobe Reader (default expected behavior). 
4. I have Adobe Acrobat installed on my computer, but it is not the default PDF application. 

Delete menu item missing
The "delete" menu item is missing from the Notes main and context menus. Its not a biggy, but I sure it is simple enough to add since the delete key works. (Sometimes it is quicker to select text with a mouse then right click to delete from menu.)

Full location text not visible
The full path to my virtual thought folders cannot be seen completely. The same applies to location text for attachments when the text is long. Can you display the full text as mouse tool tips?


Display thought type on tags tab
When I review my thoughts, I ususally update the thought tags and type. So I am constantly switching between the thought and tags tabs for each thought. It would be very helpful if the thought type is also displayed on the tags tab toolbar (right justified like the thought tab).

Export simple html problem
I selected an active thought and its child thoughts. Then tried to export the selection as Simple HTML, and got the following message.

Why am I being asked to select the home thought? I do not want the home thought to be included, but even if it is always required (as root), why not add it automatically?

Thought specific tags

mbaas wrote: John, just a question: why don't you use link-types for that? That would enable you to document every relationship individually...

@mbaas, this would be the ideal solution. Unfortunately, you cannot search/report on link-types, which for me is a major weakness in PB. (My #1 & #2 wishes are to improve the search/report feature and improve link-type management eg. multi-select links and assign type.)


Keyboard paste into plex not working
Alan, thanks for pointing out your post. Unfortunately, I think your issue is different from mine. My issue is about the "paste" functions that work correctly with the mouse, but are not working properly with keyboard shortcuts.

1. If the mouse is in the plex - the "Paste ..." context menu item creates a new child thought. I was expecting the keyboard shortcut command "Paste into Plex" to do the same. It doesn't, so this may be a bug.

2. If the mouse is in the thought attachment window - the "Paste ..." context menu item creates a new attachment. I could not find an equivalent keyboard shortcut command in the accelerators list. I was expecting something like a "Paste as Attachment" command.

Note, the "Paste ..." menu item text changes depending on what was being pasted (eg. url, file, etc.).
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