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Stockmarket (example brainzip)

Make a housekeeping sweep top to bottom through "StockMarket" brain (1 typo in 344 thoughts, pretty good!) and added links to a number of recently added companies. Posting the brainzip here, for the community to play with. Also set it up as a sitebrain, the URL is http://Stockmarket.Econoplex.com so you can compare 'editions' -- running native (console) on your PC, or via a webrowser. Brainzip attached here also. Cheers, all. Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holidays.

Stockmarket (example brainzip)

Updated (expanded) version of the stockmarket.usa brainzip posted here back in October. 

Stockmarket (example brainzip)
It's pretty lame, but you guys might want another sample brain to play around with, so here it is:

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