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Moving Brain files to external drive
MacBook Air running Mac OS X 10.8.4 Mountain Lion and TheBrain Pro

Can I move my Brain (i.e., the Brain file, not the app itself) to an external drive? What do I have to move to the external drive to make it work?  Right now it appears everything is stored in a folder called Brain in my Documents folder.

Any "gotchas" I need to know about before doing this?

Important post appears to be missing
According to Feedly, the following post was posted to the Issues forum here. I tried to find that post to see if there were any comments or replies -- particularly from the folks at TheBrain, as I'm having very similar concerns (as I expressed in a different section, in a string of posts comments on the expense of upgrading and my concerns about the focus on the web version of the Brain). I was unable, despite a number of searches throughout the forums, to find either the original post or any responses. I suppose my searches could have been faulty, but in any event I wasn't able to find it, which -- given its import -- makes me a bit suspicious.  Here's the post, which I've cut and pasted from Feedly:

Where are the TheBrain 7 Pro Edition Updates?

When I purchased a license for Pro Edition didn't that include maintenance? Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS are always releasing updates for critical issues to the OS.  Does that mean my Pro Edition will soon be running on untested or QA'd operating systems?

If you want everyone to migrate to the web version of TheBrain (the product being maintained), then give the customers who purchased the Pro Edition a free upgrade and one year free usage. 

I have six databases for different projects and I don't want to keep adding content if they are doomed in being unsupported.

Anyone else feel this way?

Forum: Issues

Brain Getting Too Expensive
Sorry, no. That quote came from The Bourne Ultimatum, spoken by the actor playing the evil CIA director.

Brain Getting Too Expensive
I agree. TheBrain has long been a useful tool for me. I have upgraded through several versions, each time for a fairly significant upgrade fee, and also experimented for a time with the Cloud Services (mainly so I could access my Brain on my iPad). I've discontinued my subscription to Cloud Services, as I thought the price was too high, and I'm holding my breath to see what happens with future versions of TheBrain.

I am concerned that Cloud Services is a foot in the door to an all-subscription business model for TheBrain, where your Brain would reside in the cloud and the only way to access it would be by paying a monthly or annual fee. No subscription, no access to your Brain. We might be able -- at least for a while -- to keep using our Brain via the current desktop application, but I expect the company would stop supporting the "old" desktop version and eventually upgrades to computer operating systems would "break" the Brain desktop app.

I could be wrong, but this path wouldn't surprise me a bit. And I have not been adding anything recently to my Brain, in part because I'm trying to judge what the future holds and whether it makes sense to continue to rely on the Brain as I have in the past.

I use TheBrain for both personal and professional purposes, but the upgrade prices and subscription fees come out of my own pocket, so I don't have a corporate deep pocket shelling out the money. Also, although I always planned to continue to use TheBrain even after I "retire" from my current job in a few short years, the cost issue may prove to be the one that forces me to change my plans and find an alternative.

I hope I'm wrong, but as a character in one of my favorite movies says, "Hope for the best, but plan for the worst."

Add to Brain When Plex Not Visible
I'm using the latest version of The Brain with Mac OSX Lion (latest version).  I'm on a MacBook Air 13".  When I'm not in the office (with access to a much larger monitor), I often have windows open that cover up my Brain window.  Is there a way to add items to my Brain when the Brain window (and therefore the plex) are not visible.

For example, let's say I'm in Safari and see webpage I want to add to my Brain.  If even a small sliver of the plex is visible, I can drag the link from the address bar to that visible sliver.  But if there is no part of the plex visible, is there a way I can add that link to the Brain?  (Some apps -- like DevonThink Pro Office -- allow you to drag something to its icon in the Dock; there's also a slide-out feature that allows you to drag an item to a specified area on your screen, where a "shelf" slides out and lets you add things to your DevonThink database.)

Any suggestions?  I tried dragging to theBrain's icon in the Dock, but that didn't do anything.

How to move items out of folders moved into Brain
I moved folders into my brain.  My plan then was to move documents out of that folder and make them thoughts in various locations in the brain.  Now, when I try to do that, I get an error message saying that I cannot create links to items that are already internal in the brain.

In more detail, I activate the thought that represents the folder I dragged into the brain.  I then click on the folder icon, which results in opening that folder in a new window in the Finder (yes, I'm using version 7 of TheBrain for Mac).

The new Finder window shows all of the documents that were in the folder I originally dragged into the brain.  If I do a Cmd-I to Get Info, it tells me the documents are all within the brain (i.e., they are internal items).

But if I try to drag a particular document out of that Finder window to another location in the brain, I get the error message noted above.

So, how do I do what I want to do?  That is, how can I take documents out of this folder and place them as thoughts elsewhere in my brain?

Again, in case the procedure is different, I'm using TheBrain 7 on a MacBook Air.

Webbrain Sync Error
I have tried several times this evening to sync my home copy of my brain with Webbrain, and I keep getting the following error message:

"Sync failed. Please try again in a few minutes. Error: No common sync points found."

I made some changes earlier today to my brain on my office PC, then synced those changes to my Webbrain.  Once I got home, I tried syncing my brain to the Webbrain so my home version of my brain was up-to-date.  That's when I got the error message quoted above.

Any suggestions?

What's in it for me?
Thanks.  That's very helpful.


What's in it for me?
I currently use the latest available iteration of Version 5.5.  I'm not at all interested in posting my brain(s) to the web or syncing my brain(s) with or via the web.

That said, are there good reasons to upgrade to Version 6.0?  Are there significant speed improvements over 5.5?

I don't use tags, picture icons or the calendar in TheBrain -- for me it's a knowledge repository, as well as a storage and indexing tool for all the form documents I've developed and used over the years in my legal practice.  So I don't even use many of the existing bells and whistles already available in 5.5 -- thus, enhancements to those features probably wouldn't be a big deal to me.

So, what's the verdict?


Should I move to 5.5.x.x?
Thanks for both responses.  Very useful!


Should I move to 5.5.x.x?
I am currently running PB Pro under Windows 7 Build 7100 (the evaluation version).  I fully intend to install the retail release version of Windows 7 as soon as it's available.

Should I go ahead and move to PB Pro 5.5.x.x also?  I see lots of comments on "bugs" and other features, but I guess I'm looking for recommendations.  Is the current beta version sufficiently rock solid, and sufficiently better than, that I should move up to the latest version of the 5.5 beta?

For those of you regularly using the 5.5 beta, especially if you're using it with Windows 7, are there things about the beta that make you regret making the change?  What are the big benefits that make you glad you changed?


Using Notalon for Notes in PersonalBrain

Thanks again.  The funny thing is that after I read both your response and the article you linked to, I realized that I had originally started to use these methods -- after I first saw the article and linked article -- to make Notalon my default program for .TXX attachments, but then switched to Notepad++ after seeing the way you used it in it very minimalistic fashion.

Got everything fixed and running perfectly now.  Thanks.


Using Notalon for Notes in PersonalBrain
Perfect.  That's exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks very much (and by the way, I love the user name!).


Is there a way to hide the past thoughts list?
I'm using PB Pro  Is there a way to hide the past thoughts list that appears at the bottom of the plex?  I like to keep the notes area hidden to maximize my view of the plex.  I typically also keep the toolbar at the top hidden as well.  But I've been through the manual and searched the forums and can't find whether there's a way to hide the past thoughts list.

If not, could I suggest that as a possible new feature?


Using Notalon for Notes in PersonalBrain
I read somewhere -- I thought it was on this message board -- a step by step approach for setting things up so that rather than use PB's built-in notes module, you could instead use Notalon, a note-taking program.  The steps included creating a Notalon template and making some other changes so that you could right click on a thought, select add attachment, and the Notalon template would show up in the attachment type list.  You selected that item, and Notalon would open with a new note using your template.

So I did all this and it was working fine, but today I tried to do that and the Notalon template type didn't show up in the list.  Now I can't find the instructions for doing all this so I can check what's wrong and fix it.

Anyone know where I can find those instructions?  I've done a variety of searches on this message board and in Google, to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated/


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