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Evernote Integration

Wow. Very interesting. I do know that I'm on TheBrain's forum, but you're now begging the question - why use TheBrain if this is out there?
Indexing Words or Phrases
I did try a search for this, but looking for the word "index" returns the wrong results.

I'm wondering if there's any possibility of having the words in thoughts, the notes, tags, etc., but gathered together in a massive index. If anyone uses Circus Ponies NoteBooks, they call it the "Multidex." For me, it's that product's best feature.

Evernote Integration
This isn't exactly the same thing, but within EN I've started manually using the "Copy Note Link" command and then pasting that in the PB thought as a URL.

I just realized I should probably be tagging each thought that I do that way, but....


Copy Apple Mail email contents to a thought

While watching yesterday's webinar, the contents of a linked email were copied and pasted into the Notes area of a thought. Looked just like the original email.

I think it was in Outlook in Windows. I'm on a Mac using Mail. I tried to make it work but it did NOT look right.

Any ideas? Is this a Windows only feature?


Outside Attachments

we'll try that

Christopher Calendar and Events
No, this happened on Thursday. Before the time change

Christopher Calendar and Events
I thought I'd had the Thoughts linked to the correct date in the calendar

That was with the version just before this latest one.
Now, after I've updated it to version, Thoughts that were previously connected to the correct date are now connected a either the date before or the date after.

That help?

Events in Calendar
Yeah, but if I have 4 events within the same date, they all have the same date.

How are they sorted then?

Outside Attachments
I have noticed a difference however, in where you drag and drop documents from.

From within an email, drag and dropping stored the document internally.

When I tried the same method with a document in a file, it was just an alias or a shortcut. It did not store it internally.

Is there a reason for that? Can it be changed so that dragging and dropping from a folder has the same functionality?


Mac OS 10.4
Outside Attachments
I just tried something on my Mac, and it worked nicely. I had a Word document sent to me as an attachment to an email. I just dragged the icon of the document to the Properties & Attachments space.

I'm presuming the same thing is true if I drug it from a folder.

Christopher Calendar and Events
the date you selected to an inactive thought?


the active thought to an incorrect date?

also, for me, this happened after I updated. it was fine before

Outside Attachments
okay, thanks
I'll try that

Christopher Calendar and Events
I downloaded and installed the latest version last night.

While I like the new look, my events are now showing up on the wrong date.

Anybody else having this problem?

export of html great but no zing
mcaton wrote: If you'd like graphics and web content to appear automatically in the content window (below the plex) on a SiteBrain, be sure to select the "Open sole URL and Web friendly attachments automatically" option in the SiteBrain Setup box. Also, if you are going to be posting the SiteBrain on-line, you can actually create web content ahead of time, and post it to your website.  Then the thoughts can point to these pages and open automatically in the content screen down below.  This makes for a better presentation than just the default icons that appear on non-web friendly thought attachments. Thanks, Matt


This sounds great. Now, what the heck did you just say? Okay, I'm still in the free demo stage, but I haven't seen a set up like this.

Events in Calendar
How do I sort the events that show up in the calendar view?

It doesn't seem to be according to any kind of consistent rational that I can think of.

It's neither in the reverse order I add them in, nor is it in alpabetical order

any ideas?

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