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Cleaning up Types
Is there a way to safely clean up types and tags (somehow duplicate types have shown up)  If I delete the one, the other one is also deleted.  That can be a problem especially if I have spent a long time typing and tagging.
Crashing and choices
My Brain has been crashing rather often with and "unexpected error" asking if I want to Restart or continue.  If I Continue, I can't really do anything so I choose restart.

When the Brain restarts I get another choice...to Reload settings or Clear Settings.  What difference does it really make?  I may not be observant enough to see a difference. Both choices restart the program.
Edit notes with Brain 9 web client - is the functionality not yet available or I am using it wrong?
So does that mean that the plex is strictly viewable only - no editing?

zsviczian wrote:

I tried to edit notes using the Brain 9 web client, but I can't get it to work. I tried right clicking the thought, right clicking the Notes tab, looked for an edit button, etc. I am starting to think this feature is not yet available. Am I doing something wrong, or should I just sit back and wait for a web client update in the (hopefully near) future?

Desktop Version 9 Free Edition
What happens to the attachments once the trial is over?  The free version doesn't have storage.  Is there a way to retrieve attachments?
Desktop Version 9 Free Edition
I have been using the free version but got error messages saying that there was a problem with the login username and password not matching, so I downloaded a fresh version and installed it. I logged out when I was still getting an error message, and now when I try to log in, it is blank. 
If I log into the website, I can see my data.  Now that the trial has ended, I am not quite sure how the free version is supposed to work.  I thought I got to keep my local data and that there would be no synchronizing with the website. I am good with that, but I really want to retrieve my local data.  I thought that the program would just recognize my data like version 8 always did.  I have a lot of years of data in my Brain and I don't want to lose it.  I would feel more secure if I could have my data available on my machine.  I notice that I can't log onto my old version 8 on the website.
I am just confused and want to know what I can do to have my data back on my machine....
hiding the window on the side
Will Brain 9 have the ability to hide on the side of the screen as all the Brains in Windows have done since the beginning. I have installed the Brain on my PC but haven't seen where it is. It was such a great feature and I loved using it on the PC. The price of progress?
Forgotten Thoughts (#3259)
A web meeting sounds great, but I will try to attach my log first...it seems quite large for an output log.
Forgotten Thoughts (#3259)
I tried to drag and drop the output log, but it didn't stay when I posted it and if I try to attach it, it doesn't recognize it as an attachable file.
Forgotten Thoughts (#3259)

At first it looks like it isn't doing anything but it is deleting them 79 items at a time. I was expecting it to delete the whole thing when I chose "Delete all" from the report menu.
Forgotten Thoughts (#3259)
When I transferred my brain from version 8 to 9 I hadn’t realized how many forgotten thoughts I had.  I thought it would be easy to delete them in v. 9, but when I bring them up and select “delete all”, nothing happens.  I tried selecting them in a selection and deleting the selection, but still, nothing happens.  Is there another way to get rid of them?

Brain import and sync
My error is “sync failed: Unexpected error in MergeSyncs”
I have tried deleting the local brain and reimporting.  The problems remains.  It imports fine, but still won’t sync.

Brain import and sync
Since I have imported my file from Brain8 into Brain9 it has not been able to sync even with a subscription.  I have read that Brain9 is not syncing with webbrain and IOS.  I see that web brain is still syncing with Brain 8.  What happens when Brain 9 is no longer in Beta? Will the non syncing Brain9 files not work anymore?  Will the beta not function?

I also noticed that all of my attachments and urls have disappeared when I imported.  That is a lot of urls to reenter...
Desktop Version 9 Free Edition
Will there ever be a free desktop version of 9 without the subscription? I see that there is a free version of 8
Version 9 is growing on me but I just can't afford the subscription. I could live with a stripped down version though.
Sync issue - Sync failed: unexpected error in MergeSyncs
I also have the same problem.  I have my brain imported into version 9 and have renamed it with version 9 so that if there is a problem on the server it wouldn't be some confusion regarding the name.  I will also know if it gets there...
I have been trying for the last couple of days, but it won't sync.  I created a blank version on the server.  It is appearing on my list of local brains so that I know that the sync function is working.  Would it be possible to copy and paste some parts of my old brain into the new one that is syncing?
Calendar gone?
I am lost without a calendar! How can you show due dates ? I can't find a calendar anywhere in version 9.
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