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Desktop Version 9 Free Edition
What happens to the attachments once the trial is over?  The free version doesn't have storage.  Is there a way to retrieve attachments?
Desktop Version 9 Free Edition
I have been using the free version but got error messages saying that there was a problem with the login username and password not matching, so I downloaded a fresh version and installed it. I logged out when I was still getting an error message, and now when I try to log in, it is blank. 
If I log into the website, I can see my data.  Now that the trial has ended, I am not quite sure how the free version is supposed to work.  I thought I got to keep my local data and that there would be no synchronizing with the website. I am good with that, but I really want to retrieve my local data.  I thought that the program would just recognize my data like version 8 always did.  I have a lot of years of data in my Brain and I don't want to lose it.  I would feel more secure if I could have my data available on my machine.  I notice that I can't log onto my old version 8 on the website.
I am just confused and want to know what I can do to have my data back on my machine....
hiding the window on the side
Will Brain 9 have the ability to hide on the side of the screen as all the Brains in Windows have done since the beginning. I have installed the Brain on my PC but haven't seen where it is. It was such a great feature and I loved using it on the PC. The price of progress?
Forgotten Thoughts (#3259)
A web meeting sounds great, but I will try to attach my log first...it seems quite large for an output log.
Forgotten Thoughts (#3259)
I tried to drag and drop the output log, but it didn't stay when I posted it and if I try to attach it, it doesn't recognize it as an attachable file.
Forgotten Thoughts (#3259)

At first it looks like it isn't doing anything but it is deleting them 79 items at a time. I was expecting it to delete the whole thing when I chose "Delete all" from the report menu.
Forgotten Thoughts (#3259)
When I transferred my brain from version 8 to 9 I hadn’t realized how many forgotten thoughts I had.  I thought it would be easy to delete them in v. 9, but when I bring them up and select “delete all”, nothing happens.  I tried selecting them in a selection and deleting the selection, but still, nothing happens.  Is there another way to get rid of them?

Brain import and sync
My error is “sync failed: Unexpected error in MergeSyncs”
I have tried deleting the local brain and reimporting.  The problems remains.  It imports fine, but still won’t sync.

Brain import and sync
Since I have imported my file from Brain8 into Brain9 it has not been able to sync even with a subscription.  I have read that Brain9 is not syncing with webbrain and IOS.  I see that web brain is still syncing with Brain 8.  What happens when Brain 9 is no longer in Beta? Will the non syncing Brain9 files not work anymore?  Will the beta not function?

I also noticed that all of my attachments and urls have disappeared when I imported.  That is a lot of urls to reenter...
Desktop Version 9 Free Edition
Will there ever be a free desktop version of 9 without the subscription? I see that there is a free version of 8
Version 9 is growing on me but I just can't afford the subscription. I could live with a stripped down version though.
Sync issue - Sync failed: unexpected error in MergeSyncs
I also have the same problem.  I have my brain imported into version 9 and have renamed it with version 9 so that if there is a problem on the server it wouldn't be some confusion regarding the name.  I will also know if it gets there...
I have been trying for the last couple of days, but it won't sync.  I created a blank version on the server.  It is appearing on my list of local brains so that I know that the sync function is working.  Would it be possible to copy and paste some parts of my old brain into the new one that is syncing?
Calendar gone?
I am lost without a calendar! How can you show due dates ? I can't find a calendar anywhere in version 9.
Moving Brain files to external drive
pthompson wrote: Randy,

The easiest and safest way to move a Brain file is to first navigate to: File > Close Brain to close any Brain you may have open. This will bring you to a list of all your Brains. From this list, there is a drop down menu (black triangle). Click on this and you will several options. One of these options is 'Change Local Storage Location'. Choosing this will allow you to pick a new location for your Brain and TheBrain software will make all the necessary changes for you without any fear of damaging the database. 

I tried to do this very thing, but when it didn't appear that anything was happening, I thought the program had frozen (it has been doing that a lot lately) so I cancelled and forced quit.  There was no dialog box to state how long it would take as when you make a brain zip.
When I went into the program again, my file was gone.
When I checked the USB stick I was moving it to, it had partially copied the files.  I figure that my only option at this point is to try and copy the remaining files over.
Is there any way I can get it back to where it was on my local drive?  This is too scary for me.

Brain will no longer load - comes up black
I am using TheBrain 7 with Windows 8 and Macbook with Lion

I had been having no problems at all with my Brain on PC.  I opened my Brain on my mac and synced it... still no problem.  Then I tried to open my program again on the PC.  It starts to load but where there is usually a selection of brains is now black.  It holds for a moment and then closes with no brain opened.  What would cause this?

If I log onto my webbrain, it is still there and operational.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.  No effect.
I tried deleting the database in case it had been corrupted, but no effect.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling again after closing down. No effect.  The segment where my brain selection is normally is still black.

My mac brain is fine and my webbrain is fine.  It is just my PC Brain that is a problem.  I am stumped.  Any suggestions?
Unable to drag-drop files from Outlook into TB
I purchased a new computer that had Windows 8 (64bit) but I am using outlook 2007, which I was hoping would still be compatible with TheBrain 7.
I used to be able to drag and drop contacts and email, but although I see the files being dragged, when I drop them nothing is there.  
Could it be the version of Windows that is causing this?
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