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    How does Jerry's Brain work so quickly? | (#2929)
    danlandrum wrote: . . .
    I'm apologize if the political nature of the video is offensive to anyone. I would have shared this regardless of the material.  Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA9hie3x9-s

    Fascinating, both content and technique!  Thanks for sharing!
    Feature request - Dragon for Mac speech to text capability in notes
    Ditto for Windows version of Dragon; would make using Notes more attractive.
    Use Microsoft OneNote as Notes editor
    An interesting idea, but I would guess that it is far to complex to try to integrate OneNote or another application, like Evernote, inside of TB.  

    I'd be happy if we just had an easier way to link Evernote notes, OneNote notes, et al. to thoughts in TB, than the current right click to get a hyperlink, click to copy, move to TB, right click and click to paste in as link in TB; some sort of Share function, as exists for many apps in iOS.  Currently, after setting up a bookmarklet in Safari, it is possible to save to TB Inbox, then drag links from there to other thoughts or new thoughts in TB.  But, Safari is the iOS app I probably use the least, except when forced to use to share some item.  Lots of other apps have share functions within them, but none other than Safari have a Brain function.

    One of the early PIMs, Ecco Pro, back in 1993, had a feature called The Shooter, that made it quick and easy to copy and paste information between Ecco and other running apps on the PC.  I don't know why someone hasn't created such a feature for modern day PC apps.  BTW, Ecco Pro is still available, at http://www.compusol.org/ecco.html -- I am running it right now on the latest Windows 10 Anniversary update.

    TheBrain reacting slow/laggy since 9.0.97
    Windows 10, version 1511, 64-bit OS, 16 GB, TB 9 101

    Clicking on some thoughts in Plex do not respond at all -- do not open and move to center. Clicking on pinned thoughts results in faster response than clicking on a thought in the Plex.

    Example in attached:  clicking on My Bucket thought in the Plex puts it on the history line below, but does not open the links attached, even after minutes of waiting.  Then, clicking on My Bucket in the history line below opens the thought.
    Click image for larger version - Name: _Snap_2016.08.18_15h53m36s_003_.png, Views: 98, Size: 45.29 KB Click image for larger version - Name: _Snap_2016.08.18_16h01m00s_004_.png, Views: 89, Size: 1.82 MB Click image for larger version - Name: _Snap_2016.08.18_16h06m24s_005_.png, Views: 95, Size: 401.25 KB
    TheBrain reacting slow/laggy since 9.0.97
    Yesterday and days before, I would have said "yes" is taking 3 - 4 seconds, but today, it's only about half a second.  Strange change in behavior with same 98 version.  On Windows 10 -- maybe Microsoft updates affect, big updates yesterday.

    Had to log back into webbrain, when started today; wonder if that had some effect?
    Integration with ZAPIER, IFTTT and the Inbox of TB
    Ditto!  Amen!  I've been suggesting IFTTT compatibility for the Inbox numerous times in this Forum.
    add a due date to thoughts will make it a task/event
    perry wrote:

    You can do just about anything manually, copying / pasting into both softwares, but dates are not going to be a strength in TB AFAIK

    Also -- Quoting Harlan, as referenced by Patrick T, "Yes, it will be possible to embed links to thoughts in Outlook or any other application. This will allow you to activate a thought via a click in the external application. Unfortunately this feature is not yet working in the preview release. 

    I use Google Calendar, and yes, it links to many other apps, which is very useful, but I don't use or care about a calendar in TB, although some kind of a reminders or dated flags capability would be useful.   What I do care about is links to other apps, particularly Evernote, as I've mentioned many times.

    What I don't want is to have to spend time manually linking things together by copy/paste or drag/drop.  As a minimum, IFTTT functionality is needed.

    What I don't see so far are any good reasons to use TB 9 in place of TB 8.
    [Feature Request] Bridging the gap with Evernote
    jotapa wrote: Let me try to provide a couple of "real life mockups". . . .

    Having the capability to display Notes in TB as illustrated would be nice.

    In TB 8, I've displayed Tags and Types windows as standalone along the left side, that give me a quick overview and access to Thoughts.  Having some indication of where there are Notes and content could be useful.

    I am concerned because in TB 9, so far, I don't see how I can have the Tags and Types displayed in standing windows, as they are shown in drop-down menus.

    As a big user of EverNote, as well as a long-time user of TB, I would love to have better and easier inter-connectivity between them.  I can't image TB ever being as easy to clip and store information as is EN.  So, if you can't beat them, join them!

    Zenrain has created some Workflows for getting ENs into TB, as well as from Pocket and Instapaper, and I appreciate these.  But they are only for mobile use, and still require several steps.

    I would like to see a Share action, like there exists for so many other app interconnections, like for EN, Pocket, Instapaper, et al. that whatever app I am in, a click or two would put the page or selected material into TB.

    To me, such a feature would be the greatest boost to using TB.

    Pat TB8_2016.04.24_23h09m49s_002_.png 
    Avast Virus Alert on Update
    My Avast virus program popped up an alert and blocked TB 9.0.88 from running.

    See attached clip
    Click image for larger version - Name: _Snap_2016.04.15_09h59m37s_001_.png, Views: 47, Size: 24.62 KB
    What I am missing in TB9
    DoeJoe wrote: ... Being able to create a detachable elongated tag window might be a solution.

    The separate Tag and Type windows in TB8 are a feature that I'm missing in 9; Don't much care for dropdown menus!  More convenient to just see what's there and click.

    Think big. Really big.
    Oooh, Drybreeze, that sounds so great!  "I suggest you create an app that integrates thoroughly and intuitively into mobile devices to make it a snap for users to record events such as meetings, locations, pictures and sounds and automatically time-date stamp things . . ."

    Zenrain has done a bunch of work using Workflow app, but it's still a pain to have to go to the Inbox and drag things out and arrange them.

    Evernote still remains my main repository; wish getting things into TB from various places was so easy.

    What I am missing in TB9
    zenrain wrote: PaddyVA wrote:
    What's this?  What's a link TO thoughts FROM external apps?  Please tell me more?  How would that work?  In Windows?  In iOS?

    My understanding is this is a planned feature for both Windows and OS X (I don't know about mobile versions). Essentially, when you copy a thought, not only could you paste it into a different brain (or the same brain), but you will be able to paste it in an external application, which will paste a special URL. Then, when you click the hyperlink in the external application it would open TheBrain and go to the thought you copied the link from.

    ... [smile]

    So, that's a copy and paste link approach.  It's a pain!  Much better to have the capability within the app.  Should at least have drag and drop .

    The lack of a good connector between TB and other apps, like Evernote and OneNote in particular, IMO, is its greatest weakness and limiting feature.  Lots of us have pleaded for better connection to Evernote for years.  Yes, you can copy and paste links, already in TB8, but something better is needed.

    Way back in the early days of PIMs, ECCO had a great feature, called the Shooter, which with a click or two, could copy and paste from ECCO to other programs.  Why someone hasn't picked up that feature, I can't fathom.  Fortunately, no thanks to the big software companies, ECCO still lives -- see http://creativeservices.us/ecco.html and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecco_Pro .

    Here's a screen clip of Ecco and the Shooter.

    EccoPro Shooter_2016.02.12_16h17m22s_002_.png 

    What I am missing in TB9
    mcaton wrote: Erick,

    ... links to thoughts from external apps will enable you to use any third party calendar with support for URL links to track your events and have them tied into thoughts.


    What's this?  What's a link TO thoughts FROM external apps?  Please tell me more?  How would that work?  In Windows?  In iOS?

    What I am missing in TB9
    emonterog wrote: From what I read and see I will have to keep the best of 2 worlds tb8 and tb9. This because already upgrade to combo subscription to have the test and feel of tb9. Calendar is critical for what I do with this tool since tb6. This has been one of my core applications. I applaud the innovation but taking this out is really disappointing. Agree with what Jim commented in another post 100-%. Using 3rd party apps as workaround is not a solution. Would like to read what why force to make this decision..............

    I agree -- I am disappointed to find that these features of TB8 won't be in TB9; I was wondering if it was just a matter of time until they would be there, as I have missed them in TB9.

    Not sure I see a reason to use TB9 at this point.

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