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Desktop Version 9 Free Edition

Is there a trick to activating the 30 day Pro trial?  I have tried several of the last releases (9.0.33 - 9.0.36) and they all immediately switch into Free Edition as soon as I install them -- not a 30 day Pro trial.  If I try to use any Pro feature, a message appears: <Features> are a Pro feature. "File attachments are a Pro feature."  "Types and Tags are Pro features."  "Advanced Layouts are a Pro feature."

Is the 30 day trial dependent on registering in TheBrain Cloud?  I'm attempting to use TheBrain in local-only mode.

FYI: In order to ensure that the trial mode was not influenced by any lingering bits, I installed TheBrain betas in a fresh Windows VM that has never had any edition of TheBrain installed previously and created new test brains.

At this point, I can only think of two possibilities: (1) The 30 day Pro trial mode is not working.  (2) The Trial mode is dependent on registering in the Cloud.

Wallpaper Tags
I also desire the ability to set a wallpaper per thought.  Imagine using TheBrain as interconnected visual locations or rooms.  A Home thought with a wallpaper image of my house. A Foyer section with a wallpaper of an entrance hall image used to connect thoughts that will be linked into the brain at a later time (incoming). A Library thought with a wallpaper of a room with bookshelves. A Kitchen thought with a wallpaper of a kitchen image with thought links to my recipes. An Entertainment thought with an image of a recreational room image with thoughts that branch off into movies and music. A work thought with an image of my office.

I would like to be transported with visual images to associated places while I traverse TheBrain.

Think of creating a memory palace in TheBrain. 


Forum Layout
Before the forum layout became horrible to look at, there was much more discussion activity. 

I think the new layout has driven people away. 

Something tells me PB is good
Yes, I think any given software program's forum activity does say something about the program itself.  When I am evaluating new software, its forum is a factor in deciding if I'll stick with it.

This forum is an excellent resource. There are many prolific, helpful contributors. Generally, replies are quick.

Stay around for a while, I imagine you'll find that PersonalBrain is a useful tool.  I spent a lot of time searching for another product like PersonalBrain -- haven't found anything yet that comes close. - Various Fixes
There is no change in update checking behavior.

v5.0.2.5 continues to check for updates on startup and shutdown even when 'Check for program updates at startup' is deselected in Preferences.
Auto update doesn't work?

Thanks for the info, and addressing the bug.

Auto update doesn't work?
Also, is there a statement about what PB is transmitting during the update check? It's doing slightly more than just checking for updates.

I notice from reviewing the output.log file that PB is transmitting to thebrain.com the number of thoughts that I have activated during a session in the &a variable.

For example, when I just started PB it sent &a=721.  I then clicked around and activated 13 thoughts, on shutdown the update check sent variable &a=734. I restarted PB again and the update check indicated &a=734. I clicked on 3 thoughts and then shutdown PB. On shutdown, the update check transmitted &a=737. It's clearly tracking my thought activations.

I'm not too happy when software reports my behavior. It feels somewhat like big brother and that I'm being spied on.

What are the &c and &i variables sending?

Auto update doesn't work?
Harlan, while you are thinking about the update check coding...

It seems that deselecting the 'Check for program updates at startup' has no effect in the 5.0 releases.

I have the option unchecked, but the output.log indicates that PB checks for updates twice evey time I use PB. When PB is loading it does an update check, and when PB is exiting it does an update check.

As I said, all these update checks are happening even though I have asked PB not to do any update checks.

Disappearing Brain program files on USB
Not sure if this helps... but I've been running PersonalBrain from a USB drive without any problems.  Both the program files and brain data files are on the USB drive.  When there are new releases, I download the zip (Archive format without an installer), and unzip over the previous program files. No problems running version 4.1, 4.5, or v5 releases -- without the indexing extensions.

Pasting images into notes
I just noticed this issue for the first time today using PB v5.0.1.9. When copying and pasting an image from a web browser, PB v5.0.1.9 still copies the image file to the temp directory. Then when another thought is activated, it copies the image file to a thought folder associated to that thought, as Dryopithecus described above.

Until I discovered this message thread, it was driving me bonkers trying to get PB to copy the image file into the brain directory. Now that I know it waits until I navigate to another thought to copy it into the brain, that's fine. From now on, I'll copy and paste the image into the notes section, navigate to another thought, then go back to the thought with the image and verify that the notes code is referencing the image file under the brain directory.

Suggestions for links settings

Excellent suggestions, Miguel.

Calendar - time

Add another vote for adding time to the calendar. As is, it is almost worthless without the having a place to specifiy the time of the event.

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