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Install of v151 incomplete and sync with server stopped
Unfortunately "Yes". Also 153 is not installing. All attempts to install new versions of 9.0 are now not completing the notification "The Brain is updating .......". At this time I am stuck with 9.0.150, which works just fine with its challenges such as not attaching all URLS to Thoughts, loss of notes text when pasting) that I have reported before elsewhere and that may have been resolved in 153.

TB9: Super Simple Note Style Request (#3508)
metta wrote:

In the interest of clarifying (and simplifying) one of my more lengthy notes-related feature requests, would it be possible to create a super simple note style with NO extra line space formatting on paragraphs and bullets?

This would be a big help for those of us who use the notes intensively and would like a more condensed text display. (Additional discussion on default line and paragraph spacing in TB9.)

I absolutely second this request. For people writing a lot of text in Notes this is very helpful. 

This also leads into my suggestion weeks ago to provide a format copying brush as a tool for the word processor. Almost any other wordprocessor has a brush to copy formatting from one word/section to another. Please consider adding this.
Thanks, Roger

Install of v151 incomplete and sync with server stopped
Harlan wrote: Hi Roger,

The problem you had syncing was likely unrelated to .151 and was probably a co-incidence.

FYI, when the sync says "getting remote data", that means that it is waiting for a response from the server. It's not an error or indication of a problem unless if takes an excessively long time (which depends on how many changes have been made on the server side). You can let it continue to run in the background. If you close TB while that message is still there, the sync will be incomplete but will re-sync it self on the next round.

Please try updating to .151 again and let us know what happens.

Hello Matt,

The sync problem is gone a few hours later, as you predicted. This is with running v150.

Re the problem to update from v150 to v151: Still not working (and I tried 2x each day since it has been offered. The "TheBrainUpdateHelper (32bit)" becomes -non-responsive (endless notification "The Brain is updating ...") and I have to shut the install down with task manager. After each attempt, I can open TheBrain v9.150 just fine. 

Please find two more log files for two independent attempts to install v151. Maybe your engineers can see what is going on.

Install of v151 incomplete and sync with server stopped
This morning I tried to install v151 (before was v150) when it was offered as an update. The install was successful for the download, but when I closed TheBrain for the install to complete, it "hung up" with the window "Updating the Brain" (running >15min). I terminated the non-responsive app with the Task Manager of Win10. When reopening TheBrain, it opened v150 just fine. Several attempts to sync with the server then were unsuccessful (stopped at "Getting remote Data"). Opening v150 15min later again resulted in a successful sync with the server. 

Logfile is attached.
Notes stop working on Windows (#3381)
Good news: The "jumping cursor" issue seems to be fixed (Version 9.150). Notes text typing works fine even with the Spellcheck ON.
Jumping text cursor in Notes (#3063 and #3184)

Unfortunately the wildly jumping cursor (when Spellcheck is OFF) has not been resolved with Beta9.0.147. After I installed .146 the text typing worked fine for a few minutes. Then I observed a few "flashes" of the monitor (TheBrain image gone black for a millisec and then back to normal) and the jumping of the cursor was back and worse than ever.
I have done one more "test" to create a log file so you can see what is going on:

  1. I created a new thought named "Test".
  2. I activated the Notes and started typing uninterruptedly the sentence "This text". The cursor jumped after the letter "e" in text in front of the first word "This".

I have attached the output log for this sequence. Hope you can make something out of it and find a solution for this bug. Beta9 Notes are currently unusable for me. The last version that apparently did NOT have this problem was 9.0.143.

Should I uninstall and then reinstall freshly TheBrain Beta9.0.147 ?


Notes stop working on Windows (#3381)

I have installed 9.0.147 and worked with the Notes for a day. As you expected, I have not observed Notes and/or Notes Toolbar disappearing and also the pasting into existing text appears to work now.

Unfortunately the jumping cursor (even when Spellcheck is OFF) has not been resolved. I will look for the separate issue thread and post my observations there.

Notes stop working on Windows (#3381)
Matt,  I am aware of the process of saving of Notes in ver8 (by 1. Save command, 2. navigating away from the note, 3. closing the app). So apparently in V8 there is no saving going on during typing in a note. I don't know how the NEW V9 saving of notes works. Are with V9 now notes saved between keystrokes when text is typed. This could explain the timing of the cursor jumps, if the saving process causes the dislocations. ...just trying to help to find the cause.
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257)
My problems with the search for notes text in Ver9 on my desktop PC have been resolved. You pointing to the Win10 OS search engine as the cause for being unable to search notes text in 9.0.144 was helpful. There were issues on my machine for the Win10 tool to search TheBrain document folders.

Apparently the ver8 and ver9 way of indexing and searching TheBrain are fundamentally different. Ver8 apparently had an "internal indexing/search tool that always worked. Now apparently ver9 relies in toto or in part (??) on the OS indexing/search tool to function.

If my assumptions are correct, I recommend that you tell customers who upgrade from v8 to v9 explicitely about those changes and that they have to check the correct setting for their OS indexing/search tool. 
Notes stop working on Windows (#3381)
Some more observation re the jumping cursor and the font color reversions:
These "event" appear to occur not immediately but with the timing of some background process at uneven time intervals. I can type a few letters before the cursor jumps to the beginning of the current paragraph. It jumps to the point when an >Enter keystroke created a new paragraph and NOT to the beginning of a new line created with >Shift-Enter. If I leave the cursor on a waiting in a certain position in the note without typing, it does NOT jump. Only when I actively type (which makes it so annoying).

The changed color font stays a few moments before it reverts back.

Could the timing process in the background be the automatic saving of the edited note? I believe that the saving process for notes is different for Ver8 (that worked just fine) and Ver9. In Ver8 the saving was accomplished by the >File >SAVE command sequence and the saving was acknowledged with a temporary flag on top "Notes Saved". This whole functionality in the new Notes tool seems to be replaced. Please look into the new save process (that is not "visible" to the user) and whether that is causing some of these problems.
Notes stop working on Windows (#3381)
Update on "jumping cursor", disappearing Notes, formats (like coloring font) and pastes reverts themselves, and other issues with the new Notes tool:

I have now installed TheBrain 9.0.143 on a brandnew laptop with up-to-date Win10. On that machine none of the issues I reported earlier with the Notes tool except the strange reversion/re-positioning of pasted text have shown up yet.

On my desktop computer I have performed extensive system maintenance to ensure that the Win10 built is up-to-date and no "patch" programs interfere with the OS. After reopening ThBrain 9.0.144 on that machine, for a few min the the Notes tool worked just fine (none of the reported issues occurred when tested). The next day after a shut-down of the PC, TheBrain Notes welcomes me with all the reported problems back. The cursor is jumping to the top of the respective paragraph after 1-2 sec of typing, pasted text disappears and/or jumps uncontrollably to a text section above it, total Notes just "disappear" (sometimes back after a restart of TheBrain, sometimes NOT), and "colored" text reverts back to black. This is so sad and frustrating. I cannot use TheBrain 9beta on this machine. 

Do you need any more log files for these serious problems? When will you be able to get the new Notes tool under control?
Notes stop working on Windows (#3381)
rogerwalk wrote:

Light at the end of the Notes "tunnel"! After I have unchecked the "Embedded browser for web links" (and kept it that way), the jumping cursor, disappearance of words/paragraphs/complete notes, and the reversal of word coloring have stopped when editing/writing about 25 notes in my single TheBrain instance. Hope this stays that way and you can develop a permanent fix. 
Cheers, Roger

Unfortunately the "jumping cursor" every 2 to 3 sec after the start of typing text and the reversal of "coloring" of individual words is back in full next time I started TheBrain (9.0.144). Checking and again unchecking the "Embedded browser for web links" has no effect on this erratic behaviour any more. I am back typing notes in Word instead of TheBrain. Very frustrating.
Notes stop working on Windows (#3381)
Harlan wrote:

For anyone that has been experiencing the issue of the notes area disappearing completely: please go to Preferences > UI and turn off "Embedded browser for web links". If this solves the issue for you, then please turn it back on and navigate around your brain until the problem happens again, taking notice of which web pages are opening. This could lead to the discovery of which web pages are causing a crash. If you share this information with us, we can then have a much better chance at replicating the problem and moving toward a fix.

Light at the end of the Notes "tunnel"! After I have unchecked the "Embedded browser for web links" (and kept it that way), the jumping cursor, disappearance of words/paragraphs/complete notes, and the reversal of word coloring have stopped when editing/writing about 25 notes in my single TheBrain instance. Hope this stays that way and you can develop a permanent fix. 
Cheers, Roger
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257)
mcaton wrote: Roger,

Thanks for the log file.  This will help the research.  I'm still trying to replicate this one.  How did DANZIG get into the note?  Imported from 8? Cut & Paste?  Typed manually?  Was there any other content in the note when DANZIG was added?

Please review the attached video.  Is your process different in any way when testing the DANZIG search issue?

Update: Gif is too small - see video here: https://youtu.be/lYN8yKEZ_3o

Thank you,

Matt, thanks for the video with the test. I cannot repeat what you have done there. The search-word danzig does not result in the drowdown window "Notes and [unreadable]". As a matter of fact, I have NEVER seen a window with this headline since v9.0.137. I have ONLY seen search results within a window headed "Thought and Link Names and Labels". 

The word "Danzig" was posted in the Notes by pasting (Paste and Match  Format) a paragraph from Wikipedia.

It really looks as if my Notes have never been indexed and new ones are not indexed either.
No Attachment Search in 9.0.136 (#3257)
Current situation with the search tool:
When I type a word into the search cell (upper right corner) that is part of a thought name, a window opens just below the search cell with the heading "Thought and Link Names and Labels" and any thought with the searched word in it is shown/listed.
When I type a word into the search cell that is NOT part of any thought name but in a NOTE, no window with "found" locations opens up.

My Win10 indexer is active and complete on all files in the C-drive and the directory Documents where TheBrain database should be. In Explorer I have searched the Documents directory and the Brains folder (not the application folder) for the test word - no hit.

Under >Options >Preferences >Tab "System" the section Storage shows that the brain data are stored in the location C:\Users\RogerWalk\Documents\Brains. The Brains folder contains the subfolder U01 and sub-subfolder B01, which contains 583 MB of 12,693 folders and 6,941 files. Is this where the Brain database is that should be indexed? 

Hope this helps us to find the problem.
Happy Holidays, Roger
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