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How are web links supposed to work in online brains?
Aha - I see my online brain now, and I see that the links do go to the actual websites when I view the brain from here, as opposed to the local web version of the brain.  Sorry!
How are web links supposed to work in online brains?
I exported my first brain in a very long time.  It is full of links to resource sites for my students.  I knew the resource sites would open in my brain rather than going to the site - but I couldn't find a way to get from the link in my brain to the site.  I see the actual site url flash in the lower left corner, but it goes away if I try to move the cursor there.

People resent having their content framed in other people's sites, and I want a way for my users to be able to go to the original link rather than navigating someone else's web site within my brain.  But I can't figure out how to do that. 

What am I missing?  My brain does have a file:///C:/ url, though I am paying for cloud services.

Help! - thanks.
How long to upload a Brain?
I created a small brain today which will be my first online public brain.  It has about 20 thoughts, most with weblinks and notes. I synced it first, then zipped it.  I was still looking at the directions to upload it (I am running PB 6) when I logged in to my account online.  To my surprise, it said "preparing" - and it's been saying that for about half an hour now.

Is this usual?  I am at a university so on an institutional (hard, not wireless) connection, which is usually very fast.  I want to write a blog post about this brain, but first I want to see what it actually looks like online, so I do want to see it, well, NOW.  Thanks, Elisabeth
Linking with Evernote now possible
Excellent - thanks for sharing.
Asked to download 5.5, got 6
New machine at work - went to link to download 5.5 latest version - what I got was version 6.  ??   I am not ready to upgrade.  How do I get v. 5?  Will it revert to v5 at the end of the trial period?  What will happen to my existing databases?  Thanks. 
Links to websites in web-based brains
Thanks, Moe.

Do you have to do this for every though that contains a url?
Links to websites in web-based brains
I started to build a brain that I would put on a website.  However, looking at examples posted in the examples forum, I see that links to external websites open as a frame within the brain.  Is it possible for a link to take the user to the website itself, as it does when you are using The Brain software?

Opening another site in a frame is often considered a violation of intellectual property rights, and if this is the only way web brains open links, I need to look for another way to publish the information.  I don't want to go any farther down a road that I can't use.

(I originally posted this in the wrong forum but moved it here - apologies).

Thanks, Elisabeth
Using DropBox to sync brains between computers
Thank you so much, this is exactly the kind of clear, step-by-step directions I need.
Make new brain from section of existing brain
Thanks, Darkstar, it worked perfectly, and I never would have figured out that that's what "Crawl Brain and Modify Selection" could do.
Using DropBox to sync brains between computers
I already have Dropbox installed on both machines.  Are you saying I can store my brains permanently in the Dropbox folder?  Won't I have to tell the program where to look for them?  If so, how do I do this?

Or do I copy the brain I have been working on into the dropbox folder on the machine I am using (office) and then copy it out to the My Brains folder on the other machine (home) when I want to use it there?

Sorry to be so dense.

Make new brain from section of existing brain
Is there a way to take a whole section of an existing brain and make a new brain from it?  It has several levels.  I selected and copied the first level of thoughts, using the gate, but I would have to repeat that many, many time to grab everything that's there.  I am sure there's a way to do this, but I can't find it.  Many thanks.
Instructions for sharing brain on web
I finally found the right folder to upload, so now I have an index file - but it won't open in any browser. I get a message to enable Java (which is enabled in all my browsers, and I have tried Chrome, Firefox & IE).   It could be that Fire FTP can't handle these files - is it worth tryng File Zilla instead?  The url that shows is my C drive - that doesn't happen with other files on my site.

In the meantime, experimenting with the sitebrain on my C drive, I've discovered that URLs open in the bottom of the plex rather than by actually going to the website.  Have I done something wrong?  This is widely considered a violation of copyright (it amounts to framing someone else's information in my site when my intent is to take the viewer out to their site), and I certainly can't publish information using The Brain as a tool if this is the way it behaves.

All in all, I think I'd better start over using another tool. Too bad, because The Brain is best suited for this particular information map.  Can anyone help me save this Brain?

Instructions for sharing brain on web
replying to my own message - checked out simple html export - hate the format.  No, I want something that looks like the brain we know and love!  It's not an option that a whole community, with different levels of computer skills, is going to download a program just to read this map.  It's got to be put up as a site brain.
Instructions for sharing brain on web
I exported it as a sitebrain and ftp'd it to my site using FoxZilla.  With Just Host, you put all your ftp'd files in the folder public_html (I've done this with maps built using other programs, which has worked  because I've knows what the index file was).

So I've uploaded the folder, but I don't see a single file with an .html extension to open or create a link to. 

Darkstar - I can try exporting as simple html, though it's not clear to me what the difference is.  But my problem is precisely that I don't know what "place it on a website" would mean.  With the wiki, there's an upload button that works fine for typical document filetypes, or of course I can link to an external url.  On my personal website, I use ftp.  I'll try ftp, I guess.

Instructions for sharing brain on web
I need detailed instructions for sharing a brain on the web.  I have created a brain from a community meeting where we talked about how we could support each other during the economic crisis; it has some links to resources.  I want to put this on our community wiki.  I could do this either directly, if I could figure out how to upload it, or I could first upload it to my personal website and create a link. 

But how?  Once I get it into a folder on my machine, how do I get it off my machine and onto a location on the web? 

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