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4509 Memory Leak?

I'm finding that if you let Brain stay up for multiple days that it slowly takes up more and more RAM.  My starts at 120MB RAM and after 2 days or so it is unusable.  Today when I killed it, it was up to 450MB used.

PB corruption
I want to be fair to the folks at TheBrain.  I caused the corruption because I had the brain on a USB device (second drive in a Dell 630 is USB).  I yanked the drive to put in DVD Drive, and didn't cleanly shutdown, thus causing the corruption. 

The product can be quirky sometimes but this was my fault and not a fluke or bug caused by the product.

PB corruption
I'm have a corrupted PB DB and not getting anywhere with support.  Anyone else having a problem where in the output.log it shows that the root thought is not there?

Any recommended tools to run sql against the DB? 

TIA .. Rob
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