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Need PB Version 3.03 Manual (PDF)
Many Many Many Thanks!

Need PB Version 3.03 Manual (PDF)
Hi dear.

I Need to explore the funtions SPIDER THE WEB only available on the PB3
but I cant find the pdf manual and its not avaylable on the support web.
Does anybody cand send me via email ??

Many Many Many Thanks

Paulo Masetti - Brazil
How to Import /XML
Dear Michael 
I think you are correct.
I realise PB is not projected for these level of conectivity with others
databases I want. I will consider some "corporate solution" like BrainEKP.
Many thenks.
Paulo Masetti - São PAulo BRAZIL
How to Import /XML
This time I attached a "what I mean" file to help me explain what I need to do related to import data from Excel to PB4.
I hope it helps.
Any help will be welcame.
Many thanks

Paulo - Brazil
How to Import /XML

Many Thanks Agnor but I need the oposite.
I need to copy and paste from the excel into the brain and not from the Brain to the excel.
Many thsnks.
How to Import /XML

Is it possible to import informations avaylable on excell into PB4  ?
I have same info about to convert to XML but I need more detailed info.
I have a big worksheet with my clientes adreess, phones, historical and I woul like tha each client were merged to my "CRM control brain" as Thoghts, the historical to the notes fields and so.
Many thanks for any help

Paulo Masetti - Brazil
PB Version
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