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Mac OSX 10.11.6 - Problems installing theBrain with secure version of Java
Can you let me know if theBrain 8 is compatible with the latest versions of Java? (i.e. Java 1.8+). 

I think it'd be great if your team could add an environment variable so that future questions of which JDK/JRE to use could be handled by users. Many corporate machines are constrained to the latest, most secure versions of Java.
Mac OSX 10.11.6 - Problems installing theBrain with secure version of Java
I am rebuilding my Mac environment and attempting to install theBrain and the program hangs without completely loading (no UI is visible other than the menu bar). When I select About, the splash screen is presented. The app does not load further (the only menu item visible is theBrain and its sub-items. File and other menu items are NOT visible. I have the very latest Java installed and would like to make use of this version. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 11.02.57 AM.png 

java version "1.8.0_102"

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_102-b14)

Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.102-b14, mixed mode)

I know that other apps requiring java allow me to successfully open by using a script to setup the required Java environment variables before opening. For example (the following script allows me to configure a required Java related environment variable required by Android Studio):

export STUDIO_JDK=/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_92.jdk
open /Applications/Android\ Studio.app

Would something along these lines work for me to open my version of theBrain? As you may be aware; several security issues with Java 1.6 make it unsuitable for use on modern platforms. 

SiteBrain does not export Chinese Properly
By the way, anyone having this issue should try going into Brain options (Preferences on the Mac) and then looking at the Font setting in the Look and Feel tab. Changing the font to one that support Unicode characters on the PC is what fixed the issue. Cycle through the fonts and the Brain thoughts will show the effective changes.
Evaluation Message
Hi all,

When I export a SiteBrain and begin to use it then I see an Evaluation Message. Because I am using a version that has been fully paid for I would not like to see this message. 

How can I remove it?

Posting an image gallery online
Hi Solopheonix,

I would open the folder, select all of the files within the folder (not including sub-folders) and add these to the brain. Use Ctrl + drag to move the files into the brain. Then one might export the brain to a Site Brain format and upload that folder to one's root website folder. 
SiteBrain does not export Chinese Properly
Hi all,

I have an issue with Thought names that are created on my MacOS and hosted on webbrain.com. The names are Chinese text. I've tried creating a BrainZip from webbrain.com and the Chinese characters are not appearing when I restore the BrainZip onto a PC. Within the webbrain.com the brain shows the characters. 

Any thoughts?
Hi all,

I've found a technique to get PB onto the iPad using the SiteBrain export feature. The short story is that exporting to SiteBrain creates a web archive. Some iPad apps can read web archives (namely GoodReader). This technique provides a read-only copy of the brain on my iPad. I've left some detailed instruction for those wanting to try out this technique while waiting for the native application to arrive.

screen captures into notes
In case anyone else has this problem.

A simple solution would be to right click on the Thought Icon or open the graphic (screenshot etc) and paste that into the Notes section. 

On Windows, one would use either Ctrl + Print Screen or Alt + Print Screen key and then paste into Notes. 

On Mac OS X, one might simply use Control + Shift + 3 or Ctrl + Shift + 4 (followed by two clicks on the mouse outlining the picture you want to capture). Image files will be created on the Mac OS desktop which one can then open and use Select All followed by Copy. Finally past the image into the notes area. 

These are free options since screen capture and copy/paste are built into every operating system,
How to Import /XML

Realize that this is old post but anyone else looking into this might find that import feature works better than pasting (in this case). One would want to import the xml including the GUID back into the brain. 

Complaint re: Webbrain web access
Hi Lee,

Just an FYI. I also had one big brain but have been finding lots better performance by breaking the brain into specific functions. I basically select the thoughts I want in the new brain and copy into a new brain. Uploading and syncing to the web is efficient and if I want to merge later that is also an option.

Menu dropdowns in notes are all disabled

After reading this thread I just wanted to give you a heads up about version on the Mac. When I try to select anything from the menu within the Notes screen, the mouse only allows me to select the top level. One example is on the Mac, open Notes, select File and try to select Save or Print. The same behavior happens on all the menus in the Notes area. The mouse never leaves the File area. Could you please release a patch to fix this behavior?

Here is an extended analysis of the notes, sub-menu selection issue:
(Still on the Mac)
  • Moving into Transparent mode and the notes (which were open) disappears
  • I noticed that the screen where the notes should be is blank but there is a horizontal boundary line similar to the lines used in webbrain (to shift the boundaries)
  • The line has the up/down arrows one sees on a webbrain
  • When dragged upwards, the boundary line pulls out the note section
  • Once reviewed I can edit the notes and have full access to the menu
  • Once I return to non-transparent mode I lose the ability to select menu sub-items in the Notes area
  • Restarting the app restores proper menu function

Tommie Carter
iPad Integration
zenrain wrote: Thanks, great tips, I didn't know we could use Good Reader that way!

Because Good Reader can read a web archive, it really is a good solution for hosting an exported SiteBrain. Glad to hear that this was useful. I think better search features within the SiteBrain/Simple HTML would make the solution more palatable to Brain users.

Tommie C.
iPad Integration
Hi all,

I've noticed quite a few posts requesting theBrain integration within the iPad. I thought it might be helpful to others if I shared my solution, which allows one to create an Simple HTML or SiteBrain that can be stored on the iPad. I've left an extended solution on my blog (http://tommiecarter.blogspot.com/2011/02/personalbrain-and-ipadiphone.html). 

Hope this helps you mobilize your Brain!

All Good Thoughts,
Tommie Carter 
Scroll not working on iPad
Hi all,

on the iPad:

Using Safari, I go to Webbrain.com, sign-in, search for and open a brain. Next I click through some thoughts, many of which will be linked to Wikipedia.com. The head of the wikipedia article shows in the bottom thought detail window but I cannot scroll within the thought detail to see the rest of the material. Any ideas or is this going to be addressed by the developers at some point?

on a PC/Mac:

Using Safari/Firefox/IE, I perform the same operations and I can see a scroll bar in the thought detail view (on the bottom) that allows me to scroll up/down the thought detail page.

Tommie C.
Feature Request: Password Protection
Hi all,

Just a general comment on those needing immediate protection. I use a Mac and found that creating an encrypted pdf file which I moved into the brain allowed me to hide critical data. I doubt one would want to expose the information on a thought since it would show up in a random search.

Anyhow I hope that's useful as an interim step.

Be well,
Tommie Carter

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