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Has anyone used TB as a Student?
Quote: My initial idea would be to set up a separate thought for every quote subject.

I have tried a couple of different ways, but have settled on setting up a separate thought for every quote, bit, piece or chunk of information.  I also love quotes and probably have hundreds also, but each one is a separate thought.  For quotes I have added a simple tag called "quote" and then a link to the name of the person.  In your example my thought would be "I'd date women my age"  with a link to "Burns, George" then any parent link I thought would help.  I usually don't need to look further than a keyword or two to find what I'm looking for, but when I do, the search feature is strong enough to sort out the exact quote.  

Brain as file manager
Quote: I have over the years collected hundreds of items for my talks, articles, sermons, book writing etc. My initial thought was to use the power TheBrain by linking individual files to each thought.

I use personal brain for the format you described above.  Here is a link to a similar post you might find interesting.  I use keywords as parents and jump links to other thoughts that contain a strong connection.  Writing notes, journal entries, all combine to create a very powerful personal filing system. 
Track completed tasks
I've always used a thought type named "done" or "completed" the color is a darker gray.  That way I can use report to list all the "completed" items, add to selection and print if needed.
Add Calendar Items to Selection?
Does anyone know a way to add the day's calendar items to Selection? Without going through each one and manually adding?
No Outlook Icon
Quote: there are some reports that Drag and Drop does not work at all with PB 5 Beta!

I'm currently using and after watching Matt's tutorial, have dragged and dropped a dozen or so names, but have not encountered the problem you describe.  Sorry.

p.s. I am using outlook 07, but not vista.
jpg icon showing first not png icon
Sorry, my response was slow, yes I am currently running  Attached is a screen copy, I took the copy during a mouse over, but you can see that the correct icon is showing in the property field, but the mouse over is showing the .jpg file.


Click image for larger version - Name: icon_problem.jpg, Views: 60, Size: 330.13 KB
jpg icon showing first not png icon
Under properties and attachments I have 4 files, 1 PDF, 1 URL link and 2 jpg files.  I have a icon that was pasted weeks ago and has been working fine.   Now all I get is one of the jpg files in place of the icon even though the correct picture shows in the thought folder under thebrainicon.png.  What's up?
4.5.06 Error msgs, crash
I was able to solve the problem by using the information from Harlan on post http://forums.thebrain.com/tool/post/thebrain/vpost?id=2807201  (I thought it sounded familiar).  The problem seems to start in the \PersonalBrain\lib\comfyj-2.4.jar file.  When I try to reload the software, this is the file that "is still running".  I have to reboot, then delete according the the above link.  Then everything works ok.
4.5.06 Error msgs, crash
Twice while trying to delete a thought (on separate occasions), I received an error message that said it was being used by another person or program.  The second time it happened, I closed my brain.  Now I receive an error message on startup.  Attached is copy of error messages and log.   Thanks for your help. 
Click image for larger version - Name: error.jpg, Views: 115, Size: 29.36 KB Click image for larger version - Name: startup.jpg, Views: 114, Size: 144.27 KB
Quirky renaming behavior
Quote: Let me know how it goes. Thanks.

Everything is working fine.  I have reinstalled the indexing libraries, and all seems to be back on track.  Thanks for all your help.  TheBrain has great customer service.  No wonder you keep winning all the service awards.   Thanks again.

Quirky renaming behavior
I had the same issue on rename using the F2 button.  Although mine never "stuck" I ended up creating a new thought.  My new problem is when I tried to delete the old thought it came up with an error  (sorry forgot to note the error), I closed my brain and now it will not reload.  I downloaded again, and reinstalled.  When I click on "Finish" it will show the opening box for a few seconds, then it's just gone, no program, no msgs, no error.

Personal Brain and Getting Things Done (GTD)

I change the type, in fact I use the same format that Mbaas explains in msgs #15.  I liked the check box icon that he uses so much I stole the idea.   I also use the dark gray color to indicate a completed action.  I don't date the completed action, nor do I link or archive very much.  I allow the completed actions to hang around, with their associated links, until the entire project is complete.  But, I have to admit, I'm a deleter.  I have experimented with a "History" or "Archive" type of thought for projects, but haven't yet seen the value.  Other than a journal (also pointed out by Mbaas) I usually just delete and move on.  

Out of touch for the next few days, look forward to reading more posts about GTD & PB when I get back.  Really some great ideas, thanks everyone....

Time to dust off this thread and update my stats

Click image for larger version - Name: BrainStats.jpg, Views: 448, Size: 76.39 KB
Personal Brain and Getting Things Done (GTD)
"If you have a project that you're not going to be doing anything about for some time, it must go onto your "Someday/Maybe" list so you can relate to the "Projects" list with the rigorous action-generating focus it needs." GTD  p.140.

My Someday/Maybe list then got so large, I got numb to what was on it.  So I decided to break it down into the separate groups.

Someday/Maybe Actions -  A specific NA I have identified as part of a project (as we have discussed before the beauty of PB is the ability to link all NA's to the project) even if the NA is step 29 in a 30 step project.  But I'm not yet able to act on the NA at the current time.

Someday/Maybe Projects - These I link to my "Goals and objectives" (type = 30,000 ft. – Goals and objectives) and are Projects I expect to complete within the next year.  This is where I incubate ideas that need to be "fleshed" out a little more. I figure out the Purpose and link to my Core Value thoughts (50k), I create thoughts of NA's as I think of them, URL's, Pictures,  etc, help me to develop the project until it's ready to become an active project.

Someday/Maybe Dreams - These are the big (and not so big), someday I want to have...  do...  be...  and thanks to the movie, most people refer to as the "Bucket List".  These spend most their time in the 40k - Vision area, and I try to identify if the Purpose & Core values (50k) are worth my time and effort.  If not I usually archive the Dream.  If they are worth my time and effort, then I start to gather pictures of what my dream looks like in the physical world. 

Often, the Someday/Maybe Dreams works in the opposite direction.  I usually see a picture, or read something from a blog, and think "cool I want to do that someday, and on PB it goes.  A couple days ago, while looking for something on Snopes.com I saw a picture of the "Devils swimming pool" located ON Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe, Africa.  I copied the pictures, linked to Zimbabwe, then linked to Africa, which is linked to destinations, and finally to travel.  When  next I find myself headed to Africa.... 

I then use PB to capture my dreams, as they are being fulfilled, with journal entries, pictures, links to hotels, activities etc.  Great Stuff!!

The display has shrunk too small to read
You can turn the wheel (resize) feature off under preferences if this becomes to annoying, the wheel habit is a hard one to break or change.
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