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50mb sync limit
tstuts wrote:
  1. Do you see the error message immediately, or do you see a downloading message for a while first?
  2. Are you on Wi-Fi? If not, you should definitely try that. 

  1. After a good solid attempt at downloading
  2. On wi-fi. In the office a 20mb/s download.
50mb sync limit
Harlan wrote: Ok. That tells us that the file should be available to download via iOS. If you post the GUID of the thought it is attached to, we can take a look and see if there is anything usual about it and investigate further. 

50mb sync limit
Hopefully there isn't widespread abuse or that you can manage it by user.

Anyway, the file opens fine on the desktop. I've saved a new copy just in case it's corrupted somehow and get the same response on iOS. I can test in the office on Monday that it's syncing properly but I've come from office to home okay. 

From app.thebrain.com all I get is a text rendition of the file.  Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 5.58.58 pm.png 
50mb sync limit
As Darian says, great to hear the limit has been removed.

The error message is, "Heads-up. The file could not be downloaded".

It's a PDF about 80mb. I've got another 24mb file that's doing the same thing.
50mb sync limit
Does the 50mb file size sync limit still exist under v9?

I hope not but that would explain why some PDFs are not viewable in the iOS app.

This limit makes it impossible for me to share files across computers via sync. The alternative is to store the whole brain in Dropbox (can't do) or to have files linked to Dropbox for sharing across computers (can't do that either because paths differ from Windows to Mac).

And if I can't share files, the value of TheBrain drops to almost zero.
My wishlist for the new IOS app
 You can't sync the brains files via Dropbox therefore relying on sync. External files okay but that's not ideal with windows and mac. 
My wishlist for the new IOS app
  • Proper use of iOS's Send To function
  • Ability to store/access files >50mb via webbrain (ie. unlimited as this helps sync to other computers as well - especially as V9 is so very Dropbox antagonistic)
  • Ability to add saved links directly as a child rather than need to create a child then add the attachment
  • Full display of link names - long page titles can hide what was saved, important if the previous point isn't there
  • Syncing of unsaved links across devices - my iPhone and iPad have different links
Sending to TheBrain Inbox from other apps (Latest Version 2-18-16)
Thanks @zenrain. Works a treat from Reeder as well where I previously had to open article, open web page version, open safari, open bookmarks.
Deletion markers cause slow import
File has been uploaded. "Delphi 2017-02-20.brz"
Deletion markers cause slow import
Ran this again this morning. 9am to 11:30 to import a brain with 685 thoughts, 5 forgotten, 913 links and 371 internal files (632mb)
Book and Movie Database Example and Usage
Now that Goodreads gives you the ability to track multiple reads of a book it's better. And with the Kindle Paperwhite it tracks start/finish from there. 

I can see how V9's preview would be good there. Timelines for me, on top of Goodread's tracking, is a duplication of data so I am personally unlikely to use it in that manner. Will be good for other things though.
Deletion markers cause slow import
No. This is an export from v9 back into v9. From mac to Windows. Will try it again. Happy to share if you can tell me where you want it sent.
Deletion markers cause slow import
Whatever deletion markers are, they cause a slow import. I'm importing into the .150 release on Windows. 800 thoughts, 28,000+ deletion markers. Currently in hour 3 of the import.

This brain has certainly had many, many deletions as I've played around with it. If the deletion markers are related to that, why keep something where the thoughts have been deleted? Not forgotten, deleted.

I'm going to try copying all thoughts to a new brain to see if the clears it up.

CPU use below 1%, disk below 0.1MB/s. A lot of nothing happening very slowly.
Creating link to a folder? (#3251)
My 2 cents as it's taken 15 minutes to work out what was going on. The CTRL/Shift functions, whilst showing icons suggesting standard Mac OS behaviour, don't. I want to be able to link to a folder containing my tax information so that it's local on my laptop but won't share to the web. The UI here is misleading and the menu is the place to have the default setting, not the 'always' setting.

Another 2 cents. Bring back virtual folders.

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3
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