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Deletion markers cause slow import
File has been uploaded. "Delphi 2017-02-20.brz"
Deletion markers cause slow import
Ran this again this morning. 9am to 11:30 to import a brain with 685 thoughts, 5 forgotten, 913 links and 371 internal files (632mb)
Book and Movie Database Example and Usage
Now that Goodreads gives you the ability to track multiple reads of a book it's better. And with the Kindle Paperwhite it tracks start/finish from there. 

I can see how V9's preview would be good there. Timelines for me, on top of Goodread's tracking, is a duplication of data so I am personally unlikely to use it in that manner. Will be good for other things though.
Deletion markers cause slow import
No. This is an export from v9 back into v9. From mac to Windows. Will try it again. Happy to share if you can tell me where you want it sent.
Deletion markers cause slow import
Whatever deletion markers are, they cause a slow import. I'm importing into the .150 release on Windows. 800 thoughts, 28,000+ deletion markers. Currently in hour 3 of the import.

This brain has certainly had many, many deletions as I've played around with it. If the deletion markers are related to that, why keep something where the thoughts have been deleted? Not forgotten, deleted.

I'm going to try copying all thoughts to a new brain to see if the clears it up.

CPU use below 1%, disk below 0.1MB/s. A lot of nothing happening very slowly.
Creating link to a folder? (#3251)
My 2 cents as it's taken 15 minutes to work out what was going on. The CTRL/Shift functions, whilst showing icons suggesting standard Mac OS behaviour, don't. I want to be able to link to a folder containing my tax information so that it's local on my laptop but won't share to the web. The UI here is misleading and the menu is the place to have the default setting, not the 'always' setting.

Another 2 cents. Bring back virtual folders.

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3
Book and Movie Database Example and Usage
I like this Zenrain. Simple and elegant. I think I'm going to make a slight change and let Goodreads track which books I've read and when rather than bring that into my brain (though Goodreads doesn't handle re-reads well at all.)
Not Downloading URL Information (#3422)
I can report the same problem on MacOS. It varies. If it works, it works once before failing every other time. No difference if I use Safari or Chrome. I'm running a fully patched version of MacOS Sierra.

There appears to sometimes be a lengthy delay before it downloads the title. Usually nothing happens though.

Problem occurs irregardless of drag-drop or cut-paste. 

Continues to fail in 
Drag and drop issues on Sierra
Spoke too soon. Failing again. Multiple brains. First attempt after restarting works. Second fails more often than not.
Drag and drop issues on Sierra
Thanks Patrick. It's now all working fine. The only thing I can think of is that I removed Avast Anti-virus from my system. I did so because at one point I noticed it went high CPU and slowed the brain's activities to a crawl. Today, everything is as I was originally expecting it to be.
Drag and drop issues on Sierra
The video in the link is exactly what's NOT happening on my system. Java all up to date.

         May 27, 2015        
Drag and drop issues on Sierra
danlandrum wrote: Any chance you were trying to drag in a folder? That is now accomplished via the import dialogue.

No. Individual file.
Drag and drop issues on Sierra
Having installed on Sierra 10.12.1 (coming back to the app after a time away), I can't get any drag and drop to work.

When attempting to drag attachments or URLs into The Brain I don't get a drop target. Nothing highlights and when I release the mouse, nothing is dropped. Have tried dropping onto a thought, a blank area in the plex and the attachments tab.

Java is 1.7..0_80 64 bit.
Massive brain.h2.db file
I've just retested this to the same result. A file starting at 107mb, growing to 1.15gb over the space of < 10 minutes with no sign of abating.
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