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Instant Activation Index
I'm having an issue adding an attachment.

If I fail to add the brainzip to this post go to the following address to download. No registration is necessary, just visit and grab it.

Instant Activation Index
A German keyboard or interface is probably not responsible for this. I'm in the U.S. and part of my brain is a calendar with the same date format and similar issues.

I put the calendar portion of the brain in a different file; instant activation and the search tool returned, or failed to return, in a similar fashion in that file as well. That second file is attached.

'2011' returns a large number of thoughts in Instant Activation, mostly but not exclusively from 2011-10 and 2011-11 and 2011-12 and the month thoughts. The Search tool returns 100 results, my maximum.

'2011-' returns pretty much the same, except the Instant Activation only shows a couple of the months, and the only dates before October are the last couple of days of September.

'2011-0' returns in Instant Activation about 2/3 of the days in September, and one day in January. A search can not find any thoughts.

'2011-01' returns in Instant Activation one day - '2011-01-10 Monday'. The search tool finds all 32 thoughts (every day plus the month).

'2011-02' and '2011-03' and '2011-04' are identical in effect - Instant Activation can't find any matching thoughts, but the search tool finds every one.

'2011-1' returns in Instant Activation what looks to be every day in October, November and December. I'm not sure as they are listed out of order. Two of the month thoughts show up (2011-11 and 2011-10), as do four days in September and one day in January (2011-09-19 through 16 and 2011-01-10). Search tool can not find any thoughts.

'2011-10' returns in Instant Activation what looks like every day in October plus one day in January and one in December. The search results are correct.

'2011-11' and '2011-12' are similar to '2011-10'.

Thought Type Window Accelerator
Can we get a space in the Accelerators table in Preferences for 'Thought Type Window'?
No Google Calendar Sync
I'm using the latest version:, but .0.6 was identical. When I press OK on the Google Calendar Settings window, nothing happens.

Version 6 syncs immediately.
The Brain - Feature Requests
I agree. A closer relationship between TheBrain and OneNote would be fantastic.

I'm sure that just about all of us who use OneNote would like to see it in place of the Notes panel. But even if it could be done, the switching of the content in the panel with the large OneNote files, every time the cursor passed over a thought, would be a load on the processor.

I'd still love to see it happen though...
Deleting Link Types
Thank you.
Deleting Link Types
If I've created one link type too many, is there a way to delete a link type?
One way link reappears

At target thought with source thought showing

Moved to a thought where source thought is no longer visible.

Source thought is not visible from target thought.

About to click on icon of target thought from a different thought.

After clicking on icon of target thought.

One way link reappears
Starting off in the target thought:

- Move to other thoughts until source thought is no longer visible.

- Return to target thought. Source thought and one way link are no longer visible.

- Move to another thought close by.

- Click on the icon of the target thought.

Add attachment menu appears, followed by the one way link.
Replace Attachment Locations for OneNote files
Here's the problem. I create a brain on the G drive. Next to the brain there's a folder holding the linked files. When I move both of those folders to a different spot on the G drive, or to a different drive, the linked files' file paths no longer matches up to their address in the brain. With the Replace Attachment Locations utility I can edit those file paths to match the current location of the files in question. But there's no way to edit the links to a OneNote file and it doesn't matter if that file is stored inside or outside the brain. Giving the Replace Attachment Locations the capability to edit OneNote links like it can with other attachments should clear up the issue, e.g. Search for 'onenote:///E:\Target\LibraryBrain\AttachedFiles\' and Replace with 'onenote:///G:\Documents\Files\LibraryBrain\AttachedFiles\'.

Hopefully that's a little clearer. I will watch the linked video.
Replace Attachment Locations for OneNote files
This utility works fine for regular files in the directory. It will not change the start of OneNote urls, e.g. onenote:///D:\Files\NewTest\.

I'm surprised this hasn't come up before. As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter if a OneNote file is internal or external, when the PB folder is transferred to a different drive or computer the links don't follow. Is there an easy solution to this that I'm missing?
Views and thoughts able to be views
Thoughts and links could have different types in different views if there was the possibility to select which types participate in which views.  Let's say the starting view is Show All Thoughts and then new ones can be built from there.  Now user builds two views (1 & 2) and there is one thought (sample) that has a different type in each view (A & B).  One thought type can be designated the default, and that's the type that will show up in the Show All Thoughts view and will be assumed if a new view is built.  And since types A & B have already been applied to the same thought the use of one must exclude the other from that point forward.  This would certainly complicate reports and perhaps pin thoughts as well; I don't know how those complications could be resolved.

If the filter is by link type only there couldn't be any islands, but if you could also filter by thought type then there certainly could.  I don't know if it would make more sense to let users connect to those sections through search or to just have those sections vanish as if the plex was filtered by link type.  Probably the latter would be the simplest.
Views and thoughts able to be views
Quote: Are you referring to views in the traditional top-down, right-angled style of a family tree? PB might be the wrong application for this. You might be better going for a genealogy program that is written specifically to display family trees this way, or even a flow chart program like ConceptDraw or one of the bigger mind mapper programs that can do org charts. What advantages would PB have over these other applications beside the fact that you already own it?

I have no doubts that there are superior ways to depict genealogies.  This wasn't one of my intended uses for PB, but I have some files from my father that I wanted to place in the brain and that brought the idea to mind.  My expectations for depicting a family tree are not real high, I just want to show relationships, store birthdays and phone numbers, and maybe connect some memories to the thought of each person.  After putting one together I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, but adding new connections to individual thoughts detracted from the visual structure.  I used the example of my father's thought in the preceding message not so much as a problem to be solved but as an example of how changing the view of the plex according to link and thought types could be of benefit.

I agree with JJS that using a child thought of a distinctive type is the best way to handle this situation now.  It's a bit ungainly, in my opinion, but that will do the job. 

In addition to simplifying a screen, changing views by filtering the link type, would also allow users to have multiple link types between two thoughts.  That might not be useful to everyone but a few different users have asked for it.  A couple of simple examples where that could come into play: 1) a user involved in a family business whose brain included both a family tree and an organizational chart of the business 2) a user whose brain had an organizational chart in the business and also wanted to show the relationship between two employees in the context of a particular project, like John turning over responsibility to Bob.

There is no question that making some thoughts private would substantially improve PB, but I also want to point out that a feature which has been requested off and on for a few years by several different members of this forum, could give us that privacy while delivering additional benefits.
Views and thoughts able to be views
While I'm all for improvements to the Notes editor and the Calendar, this is the best idea for improving PB that I've come across.  This suggestion has received quite a bit of recent attention in these two threads on privacy:



But different views of a plex can do a lot more, in addition to increasing privacy.  Maybe bumping this thread will get it a bit more exposure from those who aren't particularly concerned about privacy.  Here's two more threads with a little discussion on filtering by link type, and in the latter, Harlan says that filtering by thought type and link type is in the works:



Perhaps he was thinking of providing reports by type in which case it's done.  That would be too bad, as the real advantage would come in changing the appearance of the plex.  I've recently discovered that PB does an excellent job with family trees.  The thought of my father in this tree has the following connections: a child thought (me), jump thoughts (wife, siblings), parent thoughts (for, uh, his parents).  Now when I add additional connections like parent thoughts to the date of birth and death, perhaps other significant dates (date thoughts being part of a larger calendar structure), maybe child thoughts to collections of photos, or letters, or a jump thought to his office, and so on, it gets pretty difficult to navigate and definitely detracts from the family tree.  Having views would really improve efficiency.  It would be particularly nice if a link or thought type could be constant across all views or specific to a given view.

There's been several requests for this feature going back a few years, I don't see it listed on the feedback page.  Am I just missing it, or has no one put it up?

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