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Notification Centre on Mac
Is it possible to get reminders to integrate with notification centre in MacOS?
Workaround for bug with dragging mail into TB9
In option 1 what happens if the mail is moved in outlook is there still a pointer to the new location and outlook folder.  For example it has moved from server side storage to an archive on your local machine.  (Mac specific )
dragging in mail from Mac Mail?
This was in earlier versions is there a specific reason you have left it out.  Its very useful.
TheBrain is seeking iOS Beta Testers
Please consider me for beta testing please
Time slot in calendar

I have upgraded to the beta and glad to see the drag and drop in there. It seems too slow at the moment and I am sure you must be working on that.  My main issue at the moment is that PB is not letting me select a time slot for a calendar event.  This is a real problem as I use reminders extensively.  Is this a problem on my system (Mac Snow Leopard ) or a general one?

It has just come to my attention that the latest update for Adium the IM solution for the Mac has achieved a way of docking it's self on the right hand side of the screen and hiding when not in use. I wonder if this is something that PB could learn from or emulate to make it behave more like the Windows version?

iCal, Address Book, Mail and QuickLook Brain Integrations have Arrived
Excellent works for me fantastic leap forward thanks for all your hard work -would be good to understand why the drag and drop is not the preferred route and whether this will be supported in the longer run
Quicklook support
Thanks worked a treat!!!
Quicklook support
I am being dumb how does this work?
iCal, Address Book, Mail and QuickLook Brain Integrations have Arrived
My mouse wheel resizing on my macbook pro trackpad seems to have stopped working in this version - anyone else seeing this? it works with an external mouse just fine
iCal, Address Book, Mail and QuickLook Brain Integrations have Arrived
Are their technical limitations to doing drag and drop?
Mac OS Features in
Harlan and team, I congratulate you. There is good value in the spotlight integration. There is a time delay which I think can be improved on but the layout of search results and the way in which the results are qualified has real value. It is really good to know that you are supporting the Mac development and to echo my fellow mac users I am hoping that in the full 5.x release that you are going to pull a rabbit out of the hat in the form of the mail integration..

Once you have done that I think you will tip the scales in terms of those who will invest the not inconsiderable sum required for the pro version.
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Merging brains on Macs
Yes same version.. must be a bug.
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