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attachment tidy-up ---> store internally
Managing the external files and attachments can be tricky, but here are a couple of tips that might help:

1.  To identify all the External Files you have linked to thoughts, use REPORTS and filter the Attachments to External Files.  This will give you the full list of thoughts having external links.

2.  To quickly (2 clicks) move the file(s) into the brain, right click on the thought in the reports results list and you should see an option to "Move File Into Brain". 

3. To doublecheck that you've gotten everything, repeat Tip 1.

I have found that as long as my hard drive space is OK, I will keep bringing all my attachments into the brain. It has saved me a lot of searching since I use it as a One Stop Shop for just about everything.

Harry Potter Brain
Would love to present it but maybe you could give me a few weeks to add more content and features.  Let me know and we'll set the date.

Thanks for asking - I look forward to sharing it with the PB Community.

Labels - Transparency toggle?
Cannot find this anywhere - is there a way to adjust the transparency setting of thought labels?  Alternatively, what are your favorite color settings for thought label background, text, and outlines - assuming that you are using the default dark blue theme.

Harry Potter Brain
I am unaware of any copyright issues but perhaps someone at PB knows otherwise  - I keep thing fairly generic and am not providing any proprietary info that isn't readily available on the several dozen HP sites.....glad to email you this if you are interested.
Harry Potter Brain
Our entire family are HP fans - enjoy.
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