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AI and Neuroscience Brain

Hi to all you brainy folks,

For decades I've been interested in artificial intelligence, psychology, and neurobiology to figure out how our actual brains work. And, what better vehicle to store the accumulated results than in THEBRAIN!

You can see the results of my efforts at my website, http://www.bobblum.com . (No sales pitch; all free.)

(I also have a review of the THEBRAIN there, although if you're reading this, you already know its great.)

Best to all, Bob

Thanks Matt...

   After thinking about this overnite I think I will do this...

1)  Keep one giant brain (4,000 thots) that I keep all personal and private info in.  That connectivity is extremely handy ...  that's how our wet brains
can be so creative.

2)  Hand tailor a sitebrain for http://www.BobBlum.com  with only a few hundred nodes.  Perhaps I'll use your TAG suggestion  (subsetting by tags).
I still think privacy subsetting would be useful.

Thanks,  Bob
DISTANT THOTS and Expanded thots menu bar
Hi Matt and Wes,
    Thanks for your replies.  I now see that the only change in 4507 was
a name change...  previously the drop down Options>View  said
"distant thoughts".  Now it says Expand All/Collapse All.  That's ok with me
now that I know.  (I was fooled by the ambiguity btwn  "Expand All" and
"Expanded" ...  different operations).  I'm guessing that other users will be
faked out by this distinction.   Good call to put View first in the drop down
menu for Options>View ...  I use this so often that I would list View right
in the main toolbar with File Edit Thought.
    (Also thanks for reminding me about the option to R click in the Plex.)

Thanks,  Bob

Hey Gang ...

    (I just discussed this with Matt who agrees.)  Please consider this ...
I would like to see (and be able to SELECT for subsetting) all of my
PRIVATE THOTS.  Matt suggests...  being able to create a REPORT
of all THOTS for which the PRIVATE box is checked.  (These are thots
that are not published when creating a sitebrain.)

(I'm currently of 2 minds:  do I create a separate brain for private thots
or continue to include them in one giant brain with all that nice connectivity.)

DISTANT THOTS and Expanded thots menu bar
I LOVE DISTANT THOTS!  they are a real asset with kilobrains and they
paint on the screen with NO SETTLE TIME.  (I never usexpanded thots,
cuz of the settle time).

SO ....  I was disappointed to find that Options>View> Distant Thoughts
was deleted from PB4 beta   .   PLEASE PUT IT BACK.
Its really handy to be able to toggle distant thoughts without opening
the expanded thots menu bar.

Next ....  I hate giving up screen real estate for the Expanded thots menu bar,  so I always turn it off.  Look at that menu ... the middle 6 inches is just

((CORROLARY SUGGESTION:  Even the main tool bar (File Edit Thought....)
is mainly GRAY (and uselessly consumming real estate) ...  so,
why not also move it elsewhere.)) ...   Bob
Cannot Drag & Drop Messages from Outlook Express
Hi Harlan ...

I'm using,  XP, SP2.  Drag and Drop from Outlook Express
no longer works.  (some process says "Enter Profile" ... new behavior ...
but, entering it does not make any difference).  As I drag the
message I see the small attach icon in the plex but then the message
does not become attached.

Bob Blum
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