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Cannot import brain 8 into brain 9
I have installed the brain 9 beta (version

Weird observation: When I start it, it opens 2 (!) instances of the application in Windows.

Anyway, when I choose 'Import' from the File menu, and then choose 'Select File...' to open a brain 8, I get this message:

This brain has already been imported. If you have made change in TheBrain8 and wish to integrate them:

1. Sync this brain from TheBrain 9
2. Delete the local copy of this brain.
3. Reimport the version 8 copy of this brain
4. Sync with the server again.

It doesn't make sense to me. 
Should I now update?
I'm confused. When I start the Brain 8 I get the message that an update (version is available and that the Brain 8 is no longer supported. When I click 'update' I am redirected to a beta (!!) version Should I update?? I don't want to abandon version 8 and trust my data to a beta. Also: version 9 navigation / usage is way to slow and clumsy (I kind of hate to use it).
Cheers, Koen
Version 9 a step back? (#3221)

I have played around with v9 and am a bit shocked.
Both the performance (objective) and the look & feel (true, subjective) are a big step backwards.

Is it because it is still a beta? Will it improve?

Will all v8 features (for example Expanded View) return?

Best, Koen
Expanded View (incl. Last / New expanded) in v9?
Will the Expanded View (incl. Last / New expanded) as known in version 8 return in v9?
TheBrain 9 slower than 8
Hi all,

I've installed the latest version of TheBrain9.
It is a lot slower than my version 8.

It should be faster, right?
Is this a known issue?

I experience a delayed response in everything I do...

Cheers, Koen
Is there any way to prevent types from displaying in a webbrain?
Any updates on this?

I need to be able to filter for specific types in webbrain.
Per thought or link: share public, team, or private
Simple but essential feature request:

The ability to specify per thought and/or per link who can Read or Update it.
At least three authority levels are needed:

1. public (anyone with access to this webbrain can read or update this thought or link)
2. team (only people in my team/organization can read or update this thought or link)
3. private (only me can read or update this thought or link)

Although I have been waiting for this for years, I truly hope this will be the priority some day.

Cheers, Koen
Can't update java
Thanks Patrick, that solved it.

Cheers, Koen
Can't update java
Hi all,

Sorry if this is offtopic.

I am using Windows 10. Not sure why but there is a JRE installed. It is in c:\program files (x86)\common files\i4j_jres\1.7.0

I have no idea how to uninstall it. Using the java uninstall tool or manually uninstalling java for windows (both options mentioned here)

When I install java 1.8.0 build 60 and start TheBrain it says it is still using java 1.7.0. 

How to uninstall 1.7.0?

Cheers, Koen
High DPI support (Windows 10)
I kindly request High DPI support for TheBrain.
Due to scaling TheBrain looks terrible on a 4K resolution screen in Windows 10.

TeamBrain pricing
Thank you Brigitte. I am shocked by the arrogance of your view.

Best regards and best of luck,

Make link private
Imagine two thoughts in Fred's Brain:

1. Fred
2. Lisa

And one link between 1 and 2: 'Fred loves ...' 

Let's say Fred is happy sharing this Brain with all thoughts, except for the link. Having private links would be useful.

Cheers, Koen
TeamBrain pricing

I just found out that the TeamBrain license costs are $299 per user per year! It quite shocked me! I do not know of any other peer software product that is that expensive. It doesn't feel of this day and age. For comparison: Evernote Business edition is 10 euro per person per month. 

Also, why are TheBrain and TeamBrain two different things? That also feels old-fashioned. In this collaborative age, I would expect any piece of software has the feature to co-create and collaborate.

Anyway, please tell me when the pricing model will be updated to a normalized standard.

Best regards, Koen
Differentiate links and thoughts for 1) Public 2) Team 3) Private visibility

I just found out it isn't possible to specify what links and/or thoughts are visible for:
1. anyone (public, if published on the web)
2. anyone in the team (if TeamBrain is used)
3. private (creator only)

Now it is either 1 or 3 for thoughts (not for links). Option 2 is lacking completely.
For our team this is a showstopper.

I do request this feature. Please let me know when it is or will be included.

Best regards, Koen
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