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Bain for IT Network / Customers
JI am a newb who just recently stumbled upon PB and the product looks very exciting. I am trying out PB and wondered if anyone can help me out.
I do IT support for 12 schools who I visit once a week. I would like to create a brain that will have Customer IT network details, Hardware, serial numbers,software used, Software keys, IP addresses (all the stuff that goes with IT management)etc. I would also like to record what I did on each site visit and create a ToDo list to remind me what is outstanding for that customer and any reasearch I have to do to solve any problems. It would be good to see a single ToDO list grouped bycustomer at a glance. The Network IT information brain on BrainEKP I saw look good.
Does anyone have a brain that would help me get started that they would like to share? Any other ideas would be welcome. I hope you can help.

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