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Strange behaviour in the presentation mode

I experience, in the presentation mode, a strange behaviour:
- Search is not functioning (I cannot add any text to the search box);
- while the brain functions, no attachment can be opened;  
- I cannot go back to the normal mode using Esc. The only way out is forcing a reboot!  

In the normal mode, things are allright. I cannot remember to have had these issues in previous versions of the Brain except freezing issue which happens every once and while but I cannot pinpoint under which exact circumstances!  


OS X v10.11.4

Paste outline is gone!
Zenrain and Patrick thanks for your reply! [smile]

Looking forward to see the final version! 


Paste outline is gone!

I just downloaded and installed the V9. It looks great. Congrats! 

I just wanted to do a simple test and I realised that the option of "Paste outline" under Edit to import a structure of thoughts and notes is not there anymore!

Copying a selected structure from Excel for example does not work any more!!! Is this really the case: "Paste outline" does not exist anymore in V9?

General Feedback
Indeed, I agree with Zenrain. It works well and looks very nice. Well done you all and congrats for the release!


Sitebrain Downgrade
This is VERY disappointing indeed! I am experiencing the same limitations and I thought I did something wrong somehow and I'll try it later again. 

For many reasons (security of content, just to name one) Webbrain is not an alternative for me although I am a subscriber of Webbrain already for almost two years. 
Version 6 was very unstable: I paid for it and I never used it (still using 5.x): my hope was on version 7. So I am a loyal user of this tool but now I have a very unpleasant feeling with these limitations.  

@Harlan: can you please explain the reasons behind these limitations? 


A functional BUG

Hi Moe,

Thanks for your suggestion about using WebBrain: Although I am a WebBrain subscriber, I cannot use it due to the issues I have already mentioned on this forum (please see Privacy in Webbrain and the Share function http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=5406975) The current implementation of the share function makes it impossible to have control on your publications! As long as it remains like that, I cannot use it.

Version 7? Indeed: looking forward to hear more about it. I know it is not easy to have a pre-announcement about it, but can you give us at least something about the timeframe (like in coming 3 months)?


Having the experience of PB V6 in mind (which I have purchased early on but never really used due to all those database problems and the risk of data loss) the question is of course how stable is that going to be and when V7 is going to be really operational. I know and realize that you guys working hard on that and have all the intention to have it right, but sometime you would rather have a known devil but working ......

A functional BUG

Sitebrains created using either PB 5.5. or 6.x (Pro,Windows Vista, Java
1.6.0_2x) with a large number of child thoughts suffer from a BUG which has been reported, reproduced and confirmed by Matt in November 2010.

In such a SiteBrain due to the large number of child thoughts, to see all the child thoughts you need to shift the slider either to left or right. However, as soon as the slider moves the thought names overwrite each other in a way that they are NOT readable any more.

Please see the attached pictures of the situations before (1) and after shifting the slider (2)

There have been a number of releases since November 2010 and this problem is still there: this BUG is a functional issue and not a nice to have feature!

I have mentioned this BUG a number of times to the support team. Result? ....... 9 month later and I see still no solution to this BUG.  

Click image for larger version - Name: SB_issue.jpg, Views: 91, Size: 116.84 KB
Privacy in Webbrain and the Share function
Thanks Matt, great to see your responsiveness: but what exactly adding to "feature request list" means? Is this going to be this month, next month of six month from now?

The reason for hesitating to jump in the air is that another sever malfunction (that one was regarding SiteBrain and was confirmed by you) that I reported, is many months after reporting still there :-((

Best regards,


Privacy in Webbrain and the Share function
If you have a WebBrain shared with a few people, you might have seen this problem too:
using the link to a brain, people that you want, can get access to your brain. But using the right click and available share function, any other secondary user (not being the owner) also has the possibility - and the relevant information - to share this brain without the owner even being informed!

This is odd. the choice to share a WebBrain must remain with the owner of a brain and not the other users. This available share function for others undermines the whole concept of privacy in webbrain. The choice is right now between sharing your brain to (potentially) the whole world or NOT sharing it at all. 

I would suggest that this is a sever privacy/security issue which needs to be dealt with urgently! 


Adding the address of Brain's webpage
Thanks Harlan for the info.


Adding the address of Brain's webpage

In WebBrain (WB) under Share, when you choose to customize your embedded brain, there is this option of adding the address of page which will contain this Brain.

 My question is: Why is this here?

Is it because I can restrict the access to my brain only via this web page? Or is it just to collect information regarding the application of  my Brain?

 In case of access restriction: this would be a GREAT feature since in the current situation the WB link (in case of an unlisted brain) can easily be hijacked and you as the owner of the brain, cannot do much about it!

However, as far as I understand, access restriction is currently not possible except through the categorization of your brain (Public, Private and Unlisted) which is not sufficient. But may be I am wrong!!

If it is the second case: is there any explanation why WB collects this information?



Disappearing Pins
I received the the following reply from support regarding this problem:

"Yes, this is a known issue which we are looking into. A future update of PersonalBrain will contain the fix to this issue. Please note that we post release notes with each version of PersonalBrain we make available. The release notes can be found to right of our downloads page (http://www.thebrain.com/download) under the heading release notes. Once this issue has been resolved it will be noted in the release notes."

It is a good news that The Brain guys are working on this. I really hope to have a solution for this problem soon ......


Disappearing Pins

After upgrading to PBv6 (Pro) and exporting to SiteBrain the Pins are disappeared in SiteBrain. I tried this twice with the same result:  is this a known issue of PBv6?

Any suggestion how to solve this problem?



PB (Pro)

Online Glossary
It is indeed a limitation of Sitebrain Search: it finds only items starting with your search item :-(

Has anybody done any kind of replacing of (or adding a different) Sitebrain's search module? Beta - Sync, Transparency & More
Hi Harlan,

Congrats for this release. I was reading the notes and see a lot of nice features regarding combining PB and WebBrain. Great ideas! The question is: when is WebBrain is going to be an official one and out of its alpha situation? Have I missed any announcement about it?



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