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    TheBrain Development Update
    You write:

    "Today I can sort by created/modified, but I can’t actually see the dates (which is just as if not more important), unless I build them In myself by prefacing each thought with ‘YYMMDD.’ The thing is I don’t always want to see dates, and when I don’t care about dates, that becomes clutter."

    I have the SHFT-ALT-L keycombination as a hotkey for the "Note > Details" screen. When I am on a note  hitting SHFT-ALT-L show this screen with the created and modified dates (and size, ID and GUID). ALT-F4 hides this screen. Not exactly a toggle but close enough I would say ... :-)


    Issue with removing attachements from the gui

    After a long time only viewing my main brain (I had a bad dataloss issue while back) I want to start over. I have a new job and starting fresh I thought lets add TheBrain to the mix :-). 

    Installed and opened a small brain which I used to rebuild my previous brain. I started with adding all kind of information, files, ect. At one point I created a new file in a certain thougth and then wanted to remove it because it was in the wrong thought. I selected it, click the red cross-button and theBrain came to a halt. 

    In the taskmanager it was only using 7 or 8 Mb while normally between the 100 or 200 Mb! The only remedy is to kill TheBrain.exe from the task manager. Whatever I do it is exactly the same, I tried with a new fresh brain, multiple different brains. It happens every time and it is easy to reproduce. 

    Working on Windows 8.1  Pro with TheBrain and Java 1.7 update 71. There is no output.log anywhere on my system. 

    Anybody can reproduce ... ?

    Kind regards,

    That's one small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind?
    andreas wrote: A philosohical question: are automated ways to input data into the brain really that helpful? Just putting data into a sort of "inbox" thought leads to (what I have now...) a thought ladden with 100 children that need to be categorized. <cut>.

    For me the automated way to input data is helpfull and very much wanted. When working on something I want to focus on that subject. When I see some information I want to store I want to save it with as little disturbance possible. For example (WIN-A) to store that info in a predefined location. I can go about with my work without being distracted and knowing that information is save in my brain. 

    When I am finished I go to the brain and reorganize my thoughts, make relationships, tag and all that fun stuff.

    And important step is to take the time between assignments to do the reorganizing, tagging, ect. Looks like you have not :-). But that is just how I work.

    Currently I am using Evernote more and more because it fits perfectly with my workflow of dumping stuff in and reorganize afterwards. I am missing the plex though...
    focus thought when quicksearch results in only one found thought ...

    I have many person's in my brain and when I want to go to one I mostly use quick-search to find them. This results with a few letters in one thought found.
    I would like to have the option added that when the quick-search search results in one thought found it focusses the thought in the plex.

    I have a full-HD laptop screen and I like to work in full-screen. The quick-search is tiny then ... :-)
    TheBrain is seeking iOS Beta Testers
    If you still need Iphone testers ... I would like to test.
    I also have the time the coming weeks

    Retain Note Window Size
    I would like this too ...

    As I have this problem with several applications (very small file open & file save dialogs for ex.) I made a hotkey (WIN-UP) with Autohotkey to take the current windows with the focus and resize it to 80% of my screen resolution and position it in the center (my preferred position).

    Brain dead ?
    This is a bit weird ...
    I added the URL to the beta version in my previous post but now my post is changed and the URL removed, without any notification or explanation!!!

    What to think of that ...
    Brain dead ?
    I see there are very regular beta versions of PersonalBrain even to version And the releasenotes on that page reveal what is going to be in the final release.

    These Beta releases started in may 2012 and although I agree that almost a year (assuming the development started well before the first beta release ) for a relative small upgrade 7.0 to 7.1 seems a long time, it is clear there is a constant development going on.

    Kind regards,

    Closing the Notes window
    I am on Windows and never worked on a Mac but assume that Command-w is the Mac-version of Alt-F4 on Windows.

    On Windows both functions work as you would like. Alt-F4 to close the notes windows and when the notes windows is openend the focus is on the text area. So I would think both are bugs?

    See multiple parent-levels in the plex
    Thanks for the tip ... using the brain for years but totally overlooked this functionality. Will add the comma-trick renaming request to uservoice ...

    Please advice to help me restore/repair my data because nothing else has worked...
    ZenRain, thanks for your very eleborate answer. 
    The trust thing is indeed a pesky thing that won't be easy to solve. I already stopped using beta's and even regular updates I install only after a few weeks to see if some strange behaviour pops up. 

    I have been using Smereka TreeProjects as my main PIM for the last year with TheBrain on the side as kind of an archive. TreeProjects is a wunderfull piece of software with absolute perfect stability and light CPU/memory footprint. It has a very nice way to use the clipboard to add data .

    The one thing I miss in TreeProjects and almost all other PIM software is the Plex, how easy it is adding relationships and the quick search... so I was itching to start to use TheBrain again. 

    For me the mobile thing is not so much an issue. I use Dropbox to store documents, photo's, links, ect... and add them to TheBrain/TreeProjects when I am behind my laptop again. 


    Click image for larger version - Name: brein_statistieken.png, Views: 204, Size: 32.41 KB
    See multiple parent-levels in the plex

    Before I make a request on the uservoice site I would like to ask if the following would be beneficial for others.

    I use a lot of levels in my thought creation and I have similar thought names under different thougts which are unique. For example under a customer name I have a thought "Maatwerk" (= dutch for custom work) for the work I have done for that specific customer. So the thought name "Maatwerk" is on different places in my Brain (different customers). When I come to a certain thought below the "Maatwerk" thought I can not see about which customer this is. I have to navigate up in the tree and later down again.

    This is no big problem but I would prefer to have not only the parents, childs, cousin and jump thoughts visible but also the grandparents of the parents. I have a 1920*1080 screen resolution so the space is there ...

    I do realise that this would only be workable for me because my parent-ratio is rather low. Most thoughts have 4 or less parents. So the maximum parents-grandparents thought to present in the plex is about 16 which I think would be possible and gives a lot more insight in where you are. 

    As other might have a lot more parents the ideal situation would be if this behaviour could get activated and deactivated at will.

    One might reply that you could use the comma trick to have "Client 1, maatwerk" and "Client 2, maatwerk" thought but I have had some bad experiences with renaming thoughts. 

    Mayby a solution could be to have TheBrain automatically rename all other thoughts which use the comma-trick when I rename a thougt but that might be another wish ... :-)

    Please advice to help me restore/repair my data because nothing else has worked...
    I read somewhere that dropping pins could be happening when changing a theme ...

    @ZenRain: Are you not using any functionality in TheBrain after your restart. For instance virtual folder links?

    I had the same 'experience' happen to me as Sjeeke and you have and I also started again with a fresh Brain. My old brain had only 2408 thoughts and in the brain I restarted I came to 300 thought but I lack a bit of trust at the moment.

    The fact that you restarted and have not experienced any problems anymore resparked my use of thebrain and I am starting over yet again (as I did copy thoughts over from my old 'corrupted' brain). 

    I have one other question about CPU use. I noticed in my old brain that even when I was not using it, it constantly was using  about 20 to 30% CPU. Did you notice that also in your corrupted brain or not?


    Unable to start on Ubuntu 12.04
    I had a similar problem on windows and solved it by deleting all brain files (the brain files are not there) and directories in the user directory (c:\users on Windows 7). Same symtoms (banner and then nothing).

    Default value for one-way link for a thought-type
    I would like to see a way to set a default one-way link for a thought type. 

    For instance I have a thought type "person" where all the people I am in contact with are added. When I do an activity or have a meeting I add the people who are participating as a jump thought for that activity or meeting. with one-way activated. 

    This means that when I have the meeting selected I see who attended but when I have that person selected I do not see all the meetings that person was present.

    So for each thought-type thought you would set the default for the one-way link for each jump-type (parent, child and jump). 

    Do you think this would be usefull? 

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