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Appreciate the candid response, and glad to hear the Android and iOS apps are still in the works.   And when/if you decide to go to beta, I'm sure there will be plenty of volunteers to give it a go.  Having a native app will be huge for PB, so here's to hoping for some good news in the new year!

November 7th Webinar: The Zen of Home Office Productivity
I signed up for this but unfortunately had to miss most of it due to a meeting.   Any idea if the recording will be posted?
With the huge vote for a native IOS / iPad app, I'm hoping that the PB folks are seriously considering this.  Without seeing any direct response on the topic, I'm not getting any hopes up but hoping they do comment at some point one way or another.   I understand the strategy on the WebBrain, but there are two issues with that in my scenario (aside from the additional monthly fee):

1. Any work related info I have is not allowed to be stored on external systems.
2. Even for other things, using graphical a web app like this is more painful vs. the more instantaneous response (and potentially better capabilities) of a native app.

So a native app with direct sync capability would definitely a much better experience on the iPad.
Evernote Integration

That's a valid point about using two systems, but I really don't want to so much keep track of information in two different places (although for some things it helps).  I look to Evernote more as a universal capture  tool and Inbox, or even a scrapbook if you like.  As you know, Evernote is great for those activities, but nothing beats the flexibility of PB when it comes to organizing related information.   On the other hand with Evernote, I can capture anything I want usually with one click including pictures and voice notes with my iPhone.  Plus, since I don't have PB with me when I'm away from my PC, I know I can always look up info in a pinch with Evernote from a smartphone, or just any internet browser for information I've sync'd to the web.  Lastly, if I need to share information with others easily, I can just publish those notes on the web with a few clicks.

It would be great to be able to use one tool for all this, but unfortunately, neither can do it all.   And as was pointed out, since Evernote now uses XML to store the notes, it shouldn't be too much to have PB recognize that for a drag and drop.  I've already noticed that if I try to do that now, it does create an entry in PB, but it is just has meaningless numbers, since there is no XML translation currently.

v5 upgrade motivators
My wishlist for 5.0

1. Ability to cross-reference information based on the parent or other link relationship as discussed here:


2. Ability to have information sync'd to a web-based database, for collaboration, back-up, and anywhere access to PB info

3. Performance Improvements

4. Better use of tagging (eg. global editing of tags)

5.  Complete calendar and contact integration with Outlook and iCal

6. When items have similar data points as children, the ability to export each item and it's children as a single line item in comma delimited format  -  And the corollary, to import comma delimited information and have the first field become the parent, and subsequent fields, become the children.

OK, tall orders these are, but you asked

feature request: find thoughs linked to several specific thoughs
Yes, definitely add a strong vote from me on this as it makes soooo much sense.  Considering you have taken the time to put the information in the links, it shouldn't be this hard to use that information to come up with intersecting subsets of data.
reliable and broad search strategies
I would love to see some definitive good words from the PB folks as well, but from what I've seen, they've been steadfast in not commenting on future features.   But maybe they could give us some subtle hints
reliable and broad search strategies
This does go back  some time.  I hadn't even seen that older thread, and this is what I was getting at here as well: http://websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/thebrain/vpost?id=2958802

Please, PB folks, put this in 5.0

reliable and broad search strategies
With regard to your second point, there actually is a way to do a text search within a selection or group, however, the way you get there is a bit odd.   Basically, you do a standard text search, which will search for that string across your entire plex.  Once that is finished, you'll see a couple of check boxes in the search tab become visible right above the Advanced Search Icon which allow you to check with "Under Active" or "In Selection".  As soon as you click on one it will re-do the search, but limit it to what is under the active thought or what is in the selection.  This is actually what I meant above when I stated, incorrectly, that the Advanced Search doesn't pop up until you've run a global text search.  You can actually pull up the Advanced Search box any time, but those other options don't show until you've already run a search.  As to why those checkboxes aren't just there all the time, the PB folks will have to explain, but just thought I'd clarify that.
reliable and broad search strategies
And as long as I'm at it, I would love to have a filter or search option to see all the thoughts under the active thought which don't have children
Evernote Integration
With all the past posts on giving PB better abilities to quickly capture information on the fly, I noticed the Evernote folks just released an API.  It would be great PB could offer an integration where you could take notes in Evernote, and then click a button and have the note(s) automatically populated under the selected parent in PB.  Basically Evernote would be the universal inbox for quickly gathering information and then you put what you want into PB when time permits. 
reliable and broad search strategies
I share the frustration there.  Given that the information is already in PB when you set up the parent/child relationships it would be nice to be able to use those relationships in a simple search.   I'm sure future versions will enhance the current search functionality, but for now, depending on what you are trying to do you can try things like combining  different thought types with tags (which unfortunately have no global change capability right now), or some text in the thought itself.  

For example, even the simple ability to limit a search up-front to just say give me all the specific thought types under a parent would be helpful.  Right now, you have to start a search on some text string, and only then do the advanced search options pop up to limit the search to things like "Only under the active thought" or for a specific thought type, but you are still forced to search for a string of text.   There should be an option just to search for ALL of a thought type under the active thought without limiting it to a text string.
Cross Referencing Information
For the PB folks, the message here is while it is great to be able to get information into PB, we still need ways to easily get data out by reporting based on things those items are linked to.   Hopefully there is much better reporting functionality on the way, so we aren't forced to use so much manual effort with such an advanced tool.....
Cross Referencing Information
Mbaas, Thanks for the suggestion.  And yes that would work, but I do agree, having to do the last step manually is a pain(and retyping so much info), and it would be great to have that done in some programmatic way in PB.   I was also trying to keep the thought names just as the name of the opportunity so I could quickly export the list as a text document/outline, but I could always just parse out the other info using a spreadsheet delimited import since it has the commas in it 

Spacenexus, that thread is also very helpful, as I was having trouble finding any info on doing Boolean searches.  And if I combine Mbaas' suggestion along with using "AND" in the search, I could also pull up a list of intersecting items that way.

Thanks both for the info!


Personal Brain better than OneNote? Not!
I would disagree somewhat that programs such as OneNote or Evernote are incomparable.   PB as well as these other programs have, at their core, the ability to organized lots of different pieces of your information.   However, Evernote and to some extent OneNote are better at quickly capturing random notes and pieces of information without interrupting your workflow, where PB is much better are organizing and visualizing relationships between that data.  I would actually love PB to have the ease of data capture that Evernote provides where information can just get dumped into a central part repository for later categorizing with a single click, or by forwarding an email from a smartphone or another computer.
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