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Timeline times only in AM/PM with no AM/PM shown (#3474)
Sorry, forgot to write that this was in version 9.0.150.
Timeline times only in AM/PM with no AM/PM shown (#3474)
Still checking out the new Timeline function.

Two things popped up.

1. Times (12:00, 12:30, 1:00 etc.) are shown as AM/PM but AM/PM is not shown!
Please have TheBrain look at the regional settings in Windows to verify if the user uses AM/PM or a 24 hour clock. I never use AM/PM, naver have used and never will use AM/PM so that is a turn off for me.

2. If you select 5:30 in the morning in from time and then select 6:30 in the evening (13 hours) in the to time then when you re-enter the to time field it shows 1 hour!
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636, #4333)
Overall impression. Wow - cool. :-)

Bug (at least on my system). If I right-click the menu only stays visible for a second and then disappears. So I cannot change Attach, Delete or get into Properties.
Notes icon bar different in vertical and horizontal mode
Hi Matt.

OK, so some are shown in same group with an arrow down and others are moved to the three lines "extra" menu at the end... A bit confusing.

Also: "Insert table" is always "inactive". Which requirements are there for "Insert table" to become active?

Notes icon bar different in vertical and horizontal mode
Why not show the same icons?


(#2216) Ability to create Thought from selected text in Notes
...and "More Notes Editor Actions" is only visible when you have the Notes pane shown in vertical mode.[confused]
Get TheBrain 9 First Look Preview
Now that I can sign in [smile] I went ahead and imported my work brain. But as soon as I try to open it TheBrain crashes.
I tried to make a new brain and that works OK.
... but where do I import a theme? Is that coming later together with the ability to save reports?
Update announcement
Thanks. The text (version number) is wrong on your new announcement though ;-)
Update announcement
Hi. We can still only access on the download page. Also the release notes mentions as the last version.
Change default settings in Add Event
I would like the possibility to change de default settings for the Add Event dialog.

I don't use the calendar for planning but to remember things. So ideally for me the default time slot should be 0 minutes. But that's just me, so could we please have a setting in Options where the user could control the default?

Also, since I use the calendar for reminders only, I would like to set "Reminder" as selected as default, and the time for the reminder for 0 minutes. Again that's just me so again a setting in options to let the user control this would be great.

I have most of my reminders set as medium priority, but again a setting in options to control the default per user would be great.

Bug: Calendar Edit Event date/time format locked to OS language and doesn't respond to Regional Settings
Exactly. Same thing in windows 8. Reported this in the early 8.0 beta test but TheBrain seems to think we don't know which language we are running in :-(

My OS is in English. My regional settings are set to Denmark/Danish and I always have AM/PM in the calendar no matter how many times I re-install Thebrain. They suggested that I re-installed Windows - but no I don't think that's the problem. And it's a company computer - and I don't have similar problems in any other programs.
Search index does not find resently entered notes
Hi Matt.

Thank you for explaining this. Now it makes sense. I'm not totally convinced that is always a good thing that it will try to out think you - when it only does that in English..., but at least I can explain my to my colleagues what is going on.

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