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Child Ordering
mrsandbags wrote:

Would it? I'm not sure.

As I understand it there are three possible situations in this context:
  1. I want to order by name
  2. I want to order by an arbitrary index (visible) -> use a numeric prefix
  3. I want to order by an arbitrary index (invisible) -> use a dotted numeric prefix
so two problems would be:
  • If I want (1) and (2) I can't have them because the index becomes part of the name.
  • If I want the same thought ordered #1 in one parent, and #3 in another parent I can't have that either

But perhaps I have missed something.

In any case these kind of naming hacks are all well and good as a stop-gap measure to get things done. But this feels like a hack that has been left to fester. Maybe it's an 80% solution, but it's not working well for me so far.

Ah, yes; my mistake - I hadn't realised you wanted an arbitrary index per parent.

The only simple way of doing this that I can think of is to allow hidden name prefixes for the parent entry in the child name, so a child thought that should be indexed first under Parent One and third under Parent Two, might have a name constructed something like this:

[ Parent One .001, Parent Two .003, Child Name ]

But it all seems a bit clumsy.
Is this what I should be seeing? (Context sensitive names and expanded view, #4695)
.. mrsandbags wrote:
I think so, because here's a weird one:

screenshot.pngThat has both in the same set of children.
Perhaps while they're fixing that, they can ensure the children are ordered by the displayed name...

Where child thoughts already use the 'hidden name' trick, that could take precedence.
Child Ordering
mrsandbags wrote: This has caught me out when I've had exactly this situation, hence why I asked for a separate index field for each thought (in the context of a parent).
Wouldn't ordering by child name alone fix that?
Child Ordering
Thanks for the suggestion Matt, but I think this numbering workaround is an ugly kludge, and fails for children with more than one parent, as they'll only appear correctly sorted for one parent.

I really don't see the problem with child-name-only sorting; is it a technical difficulty?
[feature request] visual indication of weekend (#4671)
They'd stand out more if the text/background for weekends could be inverted (i.e. black or red background with white text).
Stuck Notes Not Resolved in 234 Update
mcaton wrote:

Can you let us know which version of TheBrain 9 you are running? I would recommend that you update your build to the Alpha channel for the latest releases. 

To get on the Alpha channel:

Windows: Go to Options > Preferences > System > Updates, and select Alpha from the dropdown menu. Then go to Help > Check for Update, and install the update.

Mac OS: Go to TheBrain > Preferences > System > Updates and select Alpha from the dropdown menu. Then go to TheBrain > Check for Update, and install the update.

The latest build is 9.0.241 - please let us know if this version has the same results.

Thank you,
Matt Caton

Apologies for the delay in response; I've now updated to 9.0.245, and briefly navigating around the plex I haven't noticed the problems I was having, and it seems a lot faster and smoother.

I'll get back with further news when I've done some serious editing...
Child Ordering
zenrain wrote:
You can always change the comma to the end of the name rather than the beginning. F.ex "Blogs, Science" and "Videos, Science".
Yes, I realise that, but my point is that since TheBrain lets me arrange the parent/child name ordering according to my naming preference in each case, it should then sensibly order children by child name alone.

When you're viewing the children of a parent, there's no point including the parent name in the sort. Is it difficult to sort on child name alone, or is there some other situation I'm not taking into account?

If sensible child sort ordering requires the child name to appear first in the thought name, then it seems sensible that TheBrain should require that the child name is always first - but that seems overly restrictive, if it's possible to have the best of both worlds.

When I was developing GUIs, we always tried to ensure that all user choices gave reasonable/sensible results. 

It's not a serious usability issue, but it seems really odd to sort children this way.
Child Ordering
Is it possible to order child thoughts by the child name alone, i.e. ignoring parent names that use the comma trick?

I have parent thoughts with many children, some of which use the comma trick to include the parent name(s) and/or grandparent name(s), either before or after the child name, depending on readability, inheritance precedence, preference, etc.

When the children are displayed under a particular parent, the ordering uses the full thought name, including comma'd parents & grandparents, in the order they appear in the name - which means that child thoughts starting with the same letter do not necessarily appear next to each other.

For example, if I have a parent 'Science' and children 'Science, Blogs', 'Unusual, Science', 'Physics', 'Biology', 'Popular, Science', 'Science, Videos'

    What I'd like to see under 'Science':                        What I get:

                        Biology                                               Biology    
                        Blogs                                                  Physics  
                        Physics                                               Popular  
                        Popular                                               Blogs         (Science, Blogs)
                        Unusual                                              Videos        (Science, Videos)
                        Videos                                                Unusual

Equally, if some of those children have other parents, their order of appearance under each parent will depend on the presence or absence of the parents in the child name, and the ordering of the parent(s) names in the child name.

I am aware of the trick of adding numbers or letters to the start of the child to fix
ordering, but if there are many children and you add a new one, you have to edit all, or most, of the children to retain correct ordering, and this doesn't work where children have more than one parent.
stability on Windows?
rustyedges wrote: Have you reported these elsewhere?  The stuck notes has been well covered, but I also get some plex display stuff I can't reliably reproduce, such as missing the notes icon, until I navigate to the thought (that I know has notes), then it displays, but when navigating away the icon disappears again.

My best theory on several issues is that somehow related to bad imports of my existing TB8 brains, as I can't reproduce a lot of things I run into on clean test brains created with TB9

I haven't reported all the little oddities because I'm generally in the middle of doing stuff I don't want to be distracted from. One of the things I'm busy with is trying to reconstruct a new, clean brain from a TB8 import that is heavily corrupted in places (thoughts sharing links & notes, wrong links, notes in wrong thought, missing links, etc). That's why I'm doing a lot of copying and pasting of thoughts - and it's painfully slow (e.g. 25 seconds to paste 6 thoughts in 64bit Windows 10 using a decent spec desktop PC (Intel i7 4Ghz, 24GB RAM, with an SSD).
Search seems to be missing operators
zenrain wrote:
Use + and -

For example Test +search both being required, or Test -search to remove all results for test which have search in them.
Wow - thanks, I didn't know that facility existed! 

Very useful - yet another item to add to the TB9 Documentation...
Resizable sidebars and pop-ups (#2000 and #3753)
Can we have resizable pop-ups and sidebars?

The 'Existing Objects Detected' pop-up, that appears if you try to paste a thought which already exists in the plex, displays the duplicate thought(s) and links(s), giving options for how to proceed.

Unfortunately, the display space for the thought and link names displayed in the popup is limited, so only part of long names is displayed. Where thought names also include the parent thought(s), it's often not possible to see the specific thought name at all. When pasting multiple thoughts, especially siblings, it's not possible to see which sibling is the duplicate.

This wouldn't be a problem if the pop-up and/or its display fields were resizable.

It would also be handy to be able to resize the report sidebar. It would also be nice to be able to choose which side of the plex it displays on.
stability on Windows?
I don't get many crashes on Windows 10, but I do get a lot of display and redrawing issues on both laptop and desktop PCs - everything from 'phantom' window flashes to occasional very slow frame refresh (several seconds to redraw frame, captions, title bar, etc.) and plex display anomalies - stuck notes, link gate colour incorrectly indicating single rather than multiple links, certain links not displaying at all (until the brain is closed and reopened), and so-on.

One begins to appreciate how stable and reliable v8 had become...
Unlikely Pasting Bug (#4627)
I tried copying a version 8 thought and pasting it into a version 9 test brain containing one home thought 'Test'. The paste option is 'Paste text outline as thoughts' (the version 8 thought is actually a bunch of XML code).

The result was 500 objects processed, though none appeared on the plex. A data integrity scan showed no problems.

When I tried reporting on the brain, it behaved as expected (showing 269 thoughts), except for the 'orphans' report, when the brain crashed (report ID: 845bef1a-04d9-468f-a3f8-9b7cc63793b9). Is it possible that the pasted objects were still being linked to the home thought as I ran the 'orphans' report, causing a crash?

After a restart, the plex correctly showed all the XML fragments as child thoughts of the home thought, and the 'orphans' report showed no orphans. 

This may be deemed an 'abuse' of TheBrain, but it's quite conceivable that someone might try to paste a v8 thought into a v9 brain. If they do so, reporting on orphans should not crash the v9 brain.

In that specific case, I'd expect v9 to recognise the v8 thought XML and warn the user that the format is incompatible.

In general, the user should be warned if the text outline paste is very large (over a specified number of objects), and require confirmation to continue.

Incidentally, when I selected all 269 child thoughts of the home thought and deleted them, it took several minutes to complete, during which time the other two brains I had open were unusable. However, when I undid and redid the deletion from the edit menu, the operations were almost instantaneous ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Unexplained window 'flash'
I turned off the embedded browser, update content on hover, and the file attachment preview, but I still get the occasional window 'flash' - it seems to happen fairly repeatably when pasting more than one thought at a time from one brain to another, while the destination brain processes the pasted thoughts (which is painfully slow!).
Unexplained window 'flash'
It happens on Windows 10 Pro, it doesn't happen on the same thoughts all the time, but it's so quick and unexpected it's hard to tell - I have noticed it often happens when moving the cursor from the plex to the report list or vice versa.

I'll try your suggestions.

In any case, I'm beginning to think my v.9 brain is corrupted, as I get the 'Unknown sync error' trying to sync it to my Windows laptop, and no notes come down from the server. This is a bit more important than the occasional visual oddity.

Regarding corruption, the data integrity scan returns no errors, but I see a "Unexpected null active thought in thoughtGraph for thought ID" exception in the latest error report in the logs directory - do you have any tools for checking/repairing such errors?
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