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Saving expanded view causes all children to appear
It seems like an awfully long time that this serious bug has existed (some programmer may have done it intentionally, but I wouldn't glorify it by saying "by design"... it's a bug).

Saved Expanded Views are basically useless as long as this bug remains un-fixed.

For example, this morning I crafted an Expanded View and made the mistake of leaving a thought that had other links active when I saved the view.  When  I re-opened the saved view it was flooded with additional links as if I'd pressed "+", but all I did was to open the view (thus making that thought active, thus flooding the view).

As I said earlier in this thread, adding thoughts needs to be made separate from activating thoughts.  And as there is already a mechanism for adding thoughts (the + tombstones), there isn't even any need for additional UI design.

Simply fix the software to stop adding thoughts to the expanded view simply because some thought becomes active.  If anybody actually relies on the current bizarre behavior, it can be added to the Preferences.

Can't run second brain via command line (6.0 regression)
As far as I know, it was only the path to the brain, and after the unintentional regression they added -n (which is working fine, by the way).

hang hanging PersonalBrain 6 PB6
I tried to do a Windows XP repair but it failed and I was forced to re-install (took an entire day!)

That brain no longer hangs every time opened.  I will advise if hang problems continue in any context.

hang hanging PersonalBrain 6 PB6
My main "home" brain can no longer be either opened or merged.

Both operations now simply hang in

I will also submit a support email.

PB 2008 wish list / priority list
Thanks for posting again to this thread - this increases my little corral of navigation tools.  Clearly a "significant" number of people are struggling to produce similar tools, though only a tiny percentage of the computer using population is seeking to use them.

One of the early tenets of complexity theory that I read about (before the field accessible to laymen became fractalized with ... fractals) suggested to me that in and of itself "more" will likely mean "more complex".

To make people's lives simpler you must replace something with something better, not merely add to a person's toolkit.  (Microsoft typically moves away from this kind of concept at superluminal velocities, e.g. "Libraries" in Windows 7 and the vast array of development tools / libraries).

Just as JEL seeks a slightly different approach from PersonalBrain, if I could build a team (and I might very well try), I would also emphasize a somewhat different set of goals than any of the tools I've seen. 

The upcoming Team Brain edges ever so slightly closer to my concept, if it allows selective sharing (i.e. "private" thoughts verus "Team" thoughts).

Once people can pool their thoughts (selectively), the PersonalBrain developers should move back to the plex for some serious work. 

I find it interesting that JEL actually likes the disembodied PersonalBrain - I haven't found it useful and felt the developers should have done something else (quite a few something elses) first. 

Perhaps transparent, floating apps are a phase we're all going through, like the font explosion 15 years ago or the current developer fascination with animating everything, especially things that don't need it (after all, do users really ask "Can I please wait a little longer for my interface while things fade in and move around?")

focus on search box with keyboard
Thanks much!  As my PersonalBrains creep up in size I seem to want just a bit more keyboard control.
focus on search box with keyboard
I thought maybe I'd set up an accelerator to focus on the Instant Search box so I could run searches with less mouse-to-keyboard movement, and...

I can't find any way to set the focus to the "search" box.

Is this an omission, or did I perhaps not recognize the wording in the accelerator?


Can't run second brain via command line (6.0 regression)
I have good news on this issue (which was the more serious one) but a separate issue affecting the use of 2 or more brains is still in effect.

The new command / shortcut syntax in
<PathToPersonalBrain> -n <PathToBrainDB>

... works fine - I've updated my shortcuts and batch processes and they do open multiple brains without closing previously opened brains.

On the other hand, the tools layout is still being reset if I set two or more layouts in different brains, close the brains and then reopen them (http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=5003054).  I've created a new forum item because the title of the earlier posting caused a misunderstanding.

Tools Layout reset with 2 or more brains
I've just installed and I have confirmed that the tools layout is still being reset if I close two (or more) brains with different tools layouts and then open the brains again.  Apparently the tools layout is global instead of being stored with each brain.

I believe this is a regression because I didn't notice it until I started working with 6.0, but it is possible that is a previously existing problem that I simply didn't notice until I changed the tools layout to be different in different brains.

Please fix or enhance PersonalBrain to store the tools layout with each brain instead of globally.


Note: Previously posted with a title that (erroneously, as it turns out) suggested this issue has something to do with running two versions of PersonalBrain (http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=4919275).
import brain XML endless loop
This morning I tried transferring selected thoughts, using two techniques with the same data but with different results.

In the "originating" brain (Wayne 6_0, of which you have a copy) I did a Custom Report and added selection by date, then added the Report thoughts to the selection.

At this point I copied thoughts to the "clipboard", which actually generated a TEMP file on disc and a reference to that file in the clipboard itself.  So far so good.

First, I copied the TEMP file to the second computer, where I saved it to a different folder with an .xml extension and tried a brain XML import.  I got the two-dialog encless loop as reported above for the "conventional" export brain XML / import brain XML commands.

Next, I re-constructed the clipboard reference to the same file and did "Paste Thoughts" and was successful.

More and more I'm feeling that the two-dialog endless loop is a bug specific to the "Import XML" command, and I still believe that one of the two dialogs in the endless loop is a partially-rendered dialog box.

I'll guess that the partially-rendered dialog would have been an "Overwrite / Skip" dialog.

Perhaps the partially-rendered (and non-functional, I've tried pressing TAB and ENTER to get it to do something) dialog is failing due to something like a database null value?

hang hanging PersonalBrain 6 PB6
By way of sharing, I've noticed a few more things on my main database (I sent a brainzip already).

First, I see that a number of stray url attachments have become associated with my "Home" thought (first image).  Some of them are quite recent.  Some of them apparently became dissociated from their thoughts that were still present in the brain.  I fixed them all.

One of those urls, in turn, shows null in the search tab for one field.

Click image for larger version - Name: along_the_blue_null.PNG, Views: 182, Size: 20.15 KB Click image for larger version - Name: orphans_come_home_to_roost.PNG, Views: 186, Size: 237.12 KB
Can't run second brain via command line (6.0 regression)
Woo Hoo!

I'll be sure to check this out each update anyway; in the meantime I'll leave my existing infrastructure (startup commands, Norton Ghost "restart" settings) in place and tweak the command lines when the fix becomes available.

(Without wanting to be too preachy, hopefully similar changes can be made in a more backwards-compatible way in the future.)

Can't run second brain via command line (6.0 regression)
Regression not fixed as of / Windows XP sp3 (32-bit).

The (erroneous) behavior may have changed slightly.  I have seen both of these behaviors since installing
  • the second run with command line parameter replaces the currently opened brain
  • the second run with command line parameter terminates without opening the brain in its command line or replacing the opened brain
Note: I doubled checked that the two brains I open together every day do not have the same GUID.

Please fix this regression.

hang hanging PersonalBrain 6 PB6
Another hang on - output.log attached.
Tab layout reset on 6.0 when 5.5 run on same machine
This is NOT a 5.5 issue!

What I said was that I was still having the issue, even though I am not using 5.5.

Should I start a new thread to avoid confusion in the future?

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