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[Feature Request] Tag Dropdown Persists on selection (#3162)
Thanks Matt, Harlan.

On some Brains where the Thoughts often fell into multiple "categories" (i.e., tags), I did in fact keep the Tags area open and accessible. My workflow was as follows:
  1. Create a new Thought usually a webpage or from a (non-Outlook) email attachment
  2. Select one or (mostly) more Tags to categorize the newly added thought immediately
  3. Repeat the above steps until enough information has been gathered.

Step 2 is vital. I could also easily click on any Tag itself to see what other Thoughts this "category" (Tag) and in this way make sure my classification is consistent. If not, I could click on any other Tag in the Tags area or even create a new one and reorder the newly added Thought or Thoughts accordingly without losing sight of the Tags: there they were always at hand whenever I wanted them. Of course, on other Brains, I could collapse or hide the Tag area as needed.

I really miss this kind of flexibility, but I'll try out your suggestions and report back on advantages/disadvantages of the new B9 layout.
Can't upgrade from to .138 or .140 (#3289)
I must say you guys have a sense of humor: I had to set up a test user without administrative rights to be able to start up on Windows, set the update to alpha channel, but applying the update didn't work because..., well, the test user doesn't have administrative rights [tongue].

So I had to track down where the download went (C:\Users\Test\AppData\Local\Temp\TheBrain\Updates\TheBrain Installer.exe in my case) and run it with an administrator account.

Fun stuff!
[Feature Request] Tag Dropdown Persists on selection (#3162)
In V9 I really miss the (dockable) Tags and Thoughts tools panels. Not having these in TheBrain 9 is nearly a show-stopper for me, which is a shame because many of its other features I miss in V8. Is/was there no interest in keeping this amongst users?
Search and Replace parts of an Thought
Gotta remind you folks about this one!

A department in the company I work for just changed its identifier from CSG to CXG and there is no way of changing the thought names via Search & Replace (or even using a suggested ASCII workaround, since many of the thoughts have different parents).

Update announcement

pthompson wrote: Michael,

A simple way to explain the priority of resolving issues is as follows...:

I appreciate the straightforward reply, pthomson.

I work in technical support for a software development company and, yes, we have feature requests and bugs which sit around for years, unfortunately, but it is also sometimes surprising which issues do get fixed!

It seems it is no different at TheBrain Technology.
Update announcement

It's nice to see you folks are fixing "very rare" issues like these:
Quote: Version

This release fixes a very rare issue with notes that can occur if a new note is added simultaneously on the same thought on two separate, synced instances of a Brain.

It may be rare, but an important issue nevertheless, so, even though not an issue I personally face, thanks.

However, I (we) have been again and again disappointed by updates which do not resolve much more common issues which have existed since PersonalBrain4, such as the ones mentioned in this forum post regarding update to

How do you set priorities for resolving issues? Could you also please explain the rationale behind releasing an update which contains a single fix for a very rare issue while other more common issues go on for years ignored by development/support?

Somewhat bitterly yours once again,

Why can't I reply to my authored topic?
Was I too onery or something?

Update announcement:

I'd like to respond because the moderator responded with a remark about frequent calandar syncing issues, which the calendar problem I was referring. So I still have no idea if the issue is scheduled for fixing.

Bug: Calendar Edit Event date/time format locked to OS language and doesn't respond to Regional Settings
Bug: Calendar Edit Event date/time format locked to OS language and doesn't respond to Regional Settings
Yeah, I got Matt's response, but I couldn't tell what "feature" he was referencing, because this issue is not a feature, in my view. It is a bug.
Bug: Calendar Edit Event date/time format locked to OS language and doesn't respond to Regional Settings
I posted my disappointment on another forum topic I authored regarding the latest release that this bug wasn't fixed. (Now I am blocked from adding any comments to that topic I authored, of which I notified the Moderator).

In that topic, mcaton replied to my post making a reference to fixing sync calendar issues, but this issue has absolutely nothing to do with calendar syncing! In fact, this bug existed long before syncing was even conceived.

Please get this done - we've been waiting for years!
Financial viability of TheBrain company
Wow! Over half of al Fortune 1000's?!! Really? Wouldn't it be great to have a representative present a Webinar (or something) demonstrating the company's implementation of TBT?

Thanks for the contacting-sales tip!
Update announcement:
Quote: TheBrain is now available for download and includes the following fixes:

March 11, 2015
  • Fixed: Notes > Insert Table doesn’t work properly on Mac OS (#2063)
  • Optimization added for instant search

is that it? Well, I'm quite disappointed with that. I am surely not the only user with a couple of open known issues waiting to be fixed and was hoping the next update would include more than just one bug fix and one improvement. What is going on? You're not spending too much time on Perceptuous, are you?

My primary open issues:
  1. Calendar bug, initially reported in 2008! Please fix this so we don't have to harangue you any longer!!!! I am not alone on this one and it could be potential show-stopper for implementing TheBrain in the company I work for.
  2. Advanced Search Window bug - wow, can't believe this one was never reported! Has existed probably since PersonalBrain 4.

Financial viability of TheBrain company

Interesting questions.
Let me add one:

What companies, businesses, corporations (beyond those below) actually utilize TheBrain Technology (TBT) and how?

The Customers page offers does offer the (admittedly) impressive usage of TBT for surgeon training by the Joint Council on Thoracic Surgery Education and a case study for the American Society of Interior Designers, but it seems like the rest of the lot are employing TBT more for personal projects (with business application). (BTW – a click on Watch Big Thinker Webinar Series where these extradinary people share their Brains at the bottom of the page takes you to "Page Not Found").

TheBrain in the News is, to say the most, pretty drab. When asked on Tencer and Grose, April 7, 2014 630 CHED "Who is the ideal user and what do they use [TheBrain] for everyday?", the answer was "any company or individual who has complex sets of information and needs sto see how it comes together", accompanied by the following examples:

  • "So, we actually have a lot of students..."

  • "...the Joint Council on Thoracic Surgery Education..." (see above)

  • "... for theatrical performances, writing"

  • "business owners and investors"

Kind of a meager listing after setting it up with "any company...".

So it seems TheBrain has been mostly employed by individuals (and TeamBrain if they want to collaborate with other individuals) who want/need to manage and exchange knowledge and information. And that's fine; but if businesses are really using TBT, all we've seen in Webinars are individuals presenting their projects and how they manage their personal and business lives. (Notwithstanding - countless examples from Matt and Shelley project management, mapping a company, etc.)

Any chance we could have a Webinar hosted by a company/business representative to demonstrate how they use TBT? Is there anyone out there really using TheBrain EKP?

That's all not intended to discredit TBT in any way. You put out an excellent product that, unfortunately, doesn't seem to have the wider usage it deserves.


Bug: Calendar Edit Event date/time format locked to OS language and doesn't respond to Regional Settings
Until this gets resolved, is there a way to enter a valid 24h time using the keyboard without having to type in "am" or "pm" (e.g. simply entering 14:20 instead of 2:20 pm). Any time without am or pm just isn't accepted by TheBrain (unless, of course, the OS language happens to be that of a nationality using am/pm).
Bug: Using Accelerator for Advanced Search does not call up Advanced Search dialog when any Tool window is maximized
Problem description: When the plex is hidden by any maximized Tool window, pressing the defined accelerator (F9 by default) for Advanced Search doesn't do anything.

Background: I discovered this while the Search Results window was maximized, displaying the results of a standard search. I wanted to simply modify the search criteria using Advanced Search, pressed F9 and nothing happened. After restoring the Search Results window to its original size, F9 brought up the Advanced Search window as expected.

Reproducibility: always, with or without Advanced Tools Layout activated. Independent of Window mode (i.e. Float or Auto-Hide).

Affected versions: Tested in PersonalBrain 6.x and TheBrain 8.x (probably safe to assume this is an old as yet surprisingly undiscovered issue).

Related issues: A defined accelerator to Clear Search Results also does not work when Search Results window is maximized.

Known workaround: Click on "Advanced ..." button or Clear Search Results icon in Search Results window bar.

Note: I wouldn't expect this to be a feature request, since other accelerators that are not tied to an active thought (such as, one for accessing Preferences or switching to Mini Mode) do work when a Tool window is maximized.
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