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The subscription thebrain community is open
no contact by sale department or other thebrain open ... consultant ... and you remove messages from your public forum ...

where are sale department .... no contact and no answer ...

but i receive ROBOT EMAIL FROM SUPPORT.........

protect my brain map
this version is only .. like drogue dealer .... commercial concept
not ok for network activity ...
only play with my computer and buy personnal brain for 200 box ..

no future .

protect my brain map
ok , and when i have this data ... where i reconstruct this map ?

about other .. i dont think and i m not sure if all data are inside your export for reconstruct my map outside your software and webbrain ...

About other,  sale department dont give answer to about business questions 

all mapping serious player have clear answer about this ....

i wait for answer by your consumer sale department .

About free version:
nobody want free if when they pay  something great ... for make something interesting ...they have what they want ...  
i want pay if i ahve what i want ... for market price only .

but it s other point .



protect my brain map

publish specialized brain segments is great idea. why not start today .....

BUT ......



Where export the MAP ??????  only inside thebrain ....

Where is ???? the free shareware or other licence soft for to be sure about the future of my job ...


i want  protect my job and my money about this ... and i want protect community MAP ....

Without this it s only a toy .. and not so erotic for serious player

Personnaly i want used mapping for community exchange but only if it s clear deal about mapp control

The subscription thebrain community is open
I try to discuss with the brain company for buy one limited version ( free for users) for developpe one portal with brain technology .... 
ok maybe the good english expression is "free custom version" only for html exchange for communicate with one domain name , maybe 2 .

peer to server and server to peer maybe is other expression ( of cource i speak only about this html link ... )

Whaou... it s not so easy discussion ...

take your brain ...
make you brain open .... and all will be ok ...
don t worry business will be here ....
if it s yes it will be great and interesting to discuss .. if it s not ...
so it willbe other mapping technology
it s not complicated .

To mutch standart CRM email ... with slae channel , and not other point of contact .
thank you .

excuse me for my bad english

link between two the samples brains
69 view and no answer or commentary ?
its not so erotic ( Ginzzzbourg music )


Wallpaper links
this is very beautiful
i send this for one friend , he is like ergonomist and will be happy to see this


The subscription thebrain community is open
The more simple way for aggregate and exchange samples "thebrain"
is like this maybe:

1/ host one server for samples brains with database by themes, subjects , names .
2/ community and user build brains by subject and share and exchange by this hosting service, this point of exchange .
internal link and files brains  are good for exchange and build some informational systems

maybe .

link between two the samples brains
What is the way for operate link between two samples thebrain or other thebrain over internet or inside my personnalbrain .
and open the link ( inside other brain ) directly inside the visual space from the first thebrain ( java window )
not possible i think ....
only  with other window maybe

Thank you


The subscription thebrain community is open
hups ... hops ..
subscription will be only for free Thebrain community like wikipedia .
open  source  files for  personnal thebrain  software will be here for exemple
other offer and service will be :
account fee per year for small group account like comapping.com busines model
especialy for small team .. ( because today thebrain offer nothing for this peoples )

my offer is like this :

Thebrain company administrate the server and receive money for this of cource.
thebrain community administrate the rest ...

Simple and clear .


The subscription thebrain community is open
The subscription business model is a business model that was pioneered by magazines and newspapers

Subscription is open for thebraincommunity and other services for small company and community ...
50 dollars only for the future ...
please send money for thebraincompany .

thank you .


I just arrived from other planet .

If i understand good.

Personnal brain for few box ......
great software , simple to used and funny

the collaborative server is for 25 000 dollars plus installation , administration and fee per account ... maybe negociable .

Why not one business model per account like comapping or zoho for real colaborate services with THEBRAIN?
it will be good smalll business after maybe 400 or 1000 account and great marketing and promotion for the software .

it s almost nothing for Thebrain company and good business .

why  THEBRAIN COMMUNITY  ... ( other post ) is not open today with public or not public access .......

few hundred Thebrains open source by theme , easy for used by other accounts for private or public thebrain .

... why not

If  Thebrain company is open for speak about this,
If they care about this small server ( for start ) and accept free access for community like WIKIPEDIA ( when you used the server for  promote free thebrain  subject  ).
If they accept business model per account for groups or projets for few box per years  like comapping.com  services for exemple

If all of this is possible .... and it s possible ... sure ....

I will be interested for make this and take care about this project with other thebrain
users ....

Thank you for your time

jean ....

 ha.. haha ,  my bad english is so great and funny
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