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Can't open PDF attachments



Problem solved!!


I started reading web posts on file associations not working properly, and there was a Microsoft forum that suggested I could have a corrupt user profile.  I created a new profile and bingo, PDF works in PB Pro.   I followed the instructions on how to fix a corrupted user profile and I am back in business.






Can't open PDF attachments



So, the open-with dialog box has the "always use the selected..." check box available.  I have tried checking it and unchecking it and checking it again and such.  Just in case, I tried running PB as administrator and selecting the "always use" application, but it insists on not recognizing PDF files.  Any other ideas?  Obviously, I have a work-around, but a real solution would be much better.





Can't open PDF attachments



I recently upgraded my computer from XP to a new Windows 7 machine, re-installed Personal Brain Pro and have encountered a problem opening .PDF attachments in my Brains.


OS - Windows 7 Pro SP1

PB - Personal Brain Pro

Java - v6 update 30


The .pdf files are still in the PB directory structure and if I do "Open attachment with..." and select Adobe reader, the file opens no problem.  But if I simply left-click on the attachment it fails to open.


One possible clue is that the icons for the attachments are plain white as opposed to having the little Adobe logo.  It is behaving as though it does not know how to open a PDF file.  However, I have lots of PDF files on my system and I can open them through normal means outside of PB.  Is there a PB-specific file type control panel?  Any thoughts may help.



David Pearson



ps - other attachment types work just fine (word, excel, etc.)


IT Security in the Government of Canada
Hi folks

I thought I would publish a link to our site brain.  It is a collection of documents associated with IT-Security in the Government of Canada.  The documents are organized according to the organizations that created them and the type of document.  It is a relatively complete set and has been extrememly useful in our consulting work for the Government.  The BrainZip is huge, so I won't upload it here, however searchability is a very strong value add.  If anyone is interested, please contact me.  The link to the site brain is:


please note, there a handful of password protected documents as they are either copyrighted or are considered sensitive and we can't share them.

David Pearson

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