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How to change the language?

I was expecting this kind of limitations. The thing is that on that new machine, I do not have the sufficient rights to change the system locale... hence my question.

Anyhow, I worked this around by renaming pblang.properties

How to change the language?

Hi all

I have just recevied a new PC on which I reinstalled PB (Win XP SP2, PB, J-1.6.0_12).
As the new regional options are now French-Belgium (used to be English-UK), PB now displays everything in FR.

I could switch back to EN by renaming pblang.properties to blang_fr.properties, but I would prefer a more "official" way to choose the language, provided there is one.

Any clue on how to do this ?


Releases policies

Hi all,

Can someone tell me what the release policies are for beta and stable versions ?

If I remember well, beta are only running for 30 days.
This means that every 30 days max, there should be another beta or stable release available. Is this correct?
If not, is it always possible to switch back to the lower stable version ? ( in this case)

Also, do you have any release calendar, or are the new versions simply made available whenever they are ready ?

Background: I'm dying to use some functionality that will be available in 5.5, but I still hesitate to do it the "beta way"...


Read only brain
Thank you all for this.

I will be voting for this idea as soon as UserVoice becomes stable again...
Hide thought by thought type
Glad to hear this (PB 5.5 beta).

Actually, being able to hide thoughts on a sitebrain would definitively be a plus, but this functionality would be far less important than in PB

Read only brain


Thanks for pointing me at those posts.
Believe or not, but it is exactly because I have read the 3rd post you mention that I posted my question

I still maintain that my original post on requesting read only brain was not useless for the following reasons:
The 1st post (http://thebrain.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=3693438) is about read only notes. Mine is about read only brain

The 2nd post (http://thebrain.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=3664698) just mentions that the free version of PB is more than just a reader

The 3rd post (http://thebrain.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=3211218) requests indeed the same as me, but its original posting date is Jan 2009.
The only way to get things to change (ie turn an initial NO into a YES or eventually into a MAYBE) is to ask the question again, especially when almost 10 months have elapsed!

Thanks again and best regards

Read only brain
HI all,

I would appreciate if it was possible to run PB in read only mode.
The idea is to deliver a complete product to a customer, but without giving him the ability to modify it.

Anyone else interested by this one ?

Hide thought by thought type
Hi all,
I'm using PB for cross referencing a number of IT Governance frameworks.

I would appreciate if it was possible to hide thought by thought type.

This would improve visibility when the focus is specific (in my case on one or two frameworks) and not generic (all frameworks)

Tags not exported to HTML

Thanks for the info. I hadn't noticed the labels...
Anyhow, this is not good enough as I cannot display all thoughts having the same tag (example: all Cobit & ITIL controls linked to Change Management)
I need to stick to the classical jumps for that.

Concerning your 2nd recommandation: I do not have any graphics displayed, and YES, organising the thoughts in smaller groups does help.

Feel free to have a look at http://www.webandco.be/it-governance and to make your comments and suggestions !

Tags not exported to HTML

I fully agree with you.
However, there is not much I can do except usign the tools as they are, sometimes with bugs or functionalities behaving differently I would like them to be.

Still, PB is really a great product, even if it is not perfect!
And - being not a perfect man either - I can live with an imperfect product

Tags not exported to HTML

One of my brain on IT Governance has become too dense (8348 links / 2534 thoughts = 3.29 links / thought). As a result, most browsers hang when viewing the HTML generated website.

I thought I would decrease the density by replacing about 70 thought (information security topics) by tags.
This works perfectly inside PB, but I cannot find the tags back in the generated HTML.
Is this a "works as designed" functionality or am I missing a point here ?


Using PB
Mapping between thoughts


I have been through a similar exercice with Cobit: I've set up cross references betwen Cobit, ISO27001/27002 and a few others, but from an implementation viewpoint.
In that respect, I have not looked at the primary/secondary story.

I have encountered the same sort of issue as you, but for the security related aspects. If you look at my brain site (http://www.webandco.be/it-governance), you will notice I have linked all the security related controls (from Cobit and other frameworks) to a separate list of "Security topic", which has become the centter of my brain.

Perhaps, you could use the same principle and have an independent thematic list of goals which you can use to establish the links to the business and IT goals...

Best regards

PS: feel free to contact me offline if you wish to discuss this any further (pderwael@webandco.be)

Mass forget/delete
That's exactly what I needed !

Thanks for the hint

I'm not sure if I want to switch to anything beta for the moment !
Mass forget/delete

Hi all

I'm seeking an efficient way to do a "mass forget" of thoughts.

Context: I have cross referenced a number of IT governance frameworks (ITIL, PCI-DSS, ISO2700*...).
All my thoughts are prefixed by the framework/control set they belong to (eg: COB_DS3.3 - Future Capacity and Performance)
As not every customer need every framework, I need every now and then to remove all controls belonging to one or more specific framework(s).
Until now, I did this by selecting every thought and forgetting them one by one (which is a real PAIN !!)
Selecting them all before forgetting is better, but as I need to forget a few hundreds of thoughts, I'm seeking a more efficient way to do this.

If we had a command line interface, this would be a sort of "forget thought where thought_name="COBIT_DS3*"

Any clue on how to do this ?

Thanks !

Exported SiteBrain - no link shown

I guess I should have found that post...
Thanks for pointing me into the right direction
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