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PDF Preview Error (#3247, #3335 and #3402)
I tried to create a new brain. 
But as of today the beta version of the brain 9 only works in free modus instead of pro modus. I dont no why this happend. Until yesterday i could use the beta in pro modus. I am not able to test you sugestion. Becaurse i can not make attachtments
I would like to upgrade to version 9 pro but without online service. Just like i did with version 8. 
This option is not yet available becource version 9 is not yet released.


PDF Preview Error (#3247, #3335 and #3402)

Hereby the requested files.


Mark Wassens

PDF Preview Error (#3247, #3335 and #3402)
I'm still getting the following error in the preview area on my PDFs.

"An error occurred while loading the PDF.
PDF.js v1.4.20 (build: b15f335)
Message: stream must have data"

Filename pdf is AM.PDF so there are no special caracters in the file name.

Mark Wassens

Happy 2014
Happy Braining 2014 for all of you folks
Inconsistent use of interface language
I-am using the dutch language. In the notes window in the menuoption table there is also a translation error. See enclosed picture

and another one

Click image for larger version - Name: bp8_2.jpg, Views: 50, Size: 30.07 KB
removing time stamp in sitebrain

At the end of the "main.css" add the folowing lines

.tinyInfo {

display: none;


Good luck
New version thebrain 7
Well thats to bad for me I purchased first week of april 2011.
Thanks for the fast response.
New version thebrain 7
Recently Matt Caton stated the following: "but there is no sign of a PB7 being released any time in the near future." 19 juli 2011
how come there is à new version availeble. What About the upgrade fee if you recently, say past 6 months, bought pb6 pro.
Good news indeed. Can't wait to see the iPad version.
New Web Site (TheBrain.com)
Nice new site congratulations,

I miss the link to the forums.
Happy 2010
Everyone a Happy Bainy new year!

Click image for larger version - Name: gelukkig-nieuwjaar-2.jpg, Views: 170, Size: 58.76 KB
rendering html within PB
I agree with both writers
link between two the samples brains
I would like to have that function to. So i can keep a Rolodex in a seperated brain and link to it form anotherbrain

choose between: move and copy file attached
To move a file attached to the active Thought into the Brain, right-click its name in the Properties & Attachments tab, then click the Move File into Brain command. The small arrow in the icon to the left of the filename will disappear once the file is moved into the Brain.

I would like the possibility to choose between move and copy.

SiteBrain Search is here
But i can't search anything with the search functionality.
Can you explain how to use it and make it realy work?

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