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How to Prioritize Thoughts?
The easiest way to "prioritize" nodes is to simply prefix each task with the priority number.  E.g., "1. Do This", "2. Do That".  And then sort on name.  The number will sequence your tasks by priority.
Suggestions for tags & misc
zenrain wrote: Quote: Allow for a filtered view on tags - This would show the map topics that meet the tag selection.
a. Also, when chossing this option, being able to selection from an existing tag list would be easier than typing which is prone to errors.

+ 1

Really concur with the need for a selectable Tag list.

Ideal Tagging would implement Topic Map Properties architecture.  I.e, User defined Properties and User defined Values associated with each Property.  Then Tags are would be Property Values enabling SQL type query searches and filters. (Including math comparison statements)

Ideal Brain Creation would be via Templates (Node and Cluster Classes).  The User could pre-define a Node Template Class (Properties and Value Options) and assemble Node Clusters from Node Templates.  (A Node Template would automatically be a Node Cluster containing only itself.)  Then add Node Clusters to a model like a pre-fab house from a drag and drop pane.  Note that dynamic Node creation would still be allowed, with a Right Click option to Save the Node as a Template.
PersonalBrain Finances, Economics and Politics
That begs the HUGE question about Brain 5.0 backward compatibility.  If 5.0 models are not backward compatible or savable in 4.5 format, well...

A gun is about to be to put to our heads to upgrade.

Creating folders by renaming attachments
That's because a slash is not an allowed file name character for obvious reasons.  You would probably experience the same phenomenon with any program, not just Brain.
Version 5 Beta - Still Coming Soon
Re: Too bad they don't have this smiley listed for this forum:

Now that's rich!

Attached is the smiley for the EKP forum:

Click image for larger version - Name: Man!_01.gif, Views: 585, Size: 13.30 KB
Version 5 Beta - Still Coming Soon
Re: "Well I guess I'll wait and see what the upgrade price is before smashing my face against the wall."

I'd just assume the worst about the upgrade price and then just get it over with...

Importing Firefox 3 Bookmarks
You guys gotta start thinking outta the box.

Easy way in Firefox is to:

  1. Backup your current Bookmarks using the Firefox Backup function
  2. Create a Delete folder (it's easier to drag and drop stuff you want to delete)
  3. Drag and drop all of the Bookmarks you Don't want into the Delete folder
  4. Delete the Delete folder
  5. Import the reduced Firefox Bookmark hierarchy into your Brain
  6. Restore your saved Backup in Firefox


exporting to web question
I posted the same question:


So you can do it, but for a larger, Brain it'll take plenty of hand work to modify each folder without writing a program that automates to file name insertion.


Web Links - Tons of Tabs!

Thanks much for the reply.  As I was putting a test model together to send you, I figured out what was happening.

My original reference web page was the Notre Dame roster:


What I did was download all of the embedded player page html files using the DownloadThemAll plug-in.  And populated my my Brain roster by dragging and dropping from the directory that contained those files.

Here's what I found out:

  • Linking to player html files in my local directory opened redundant tabs when a player was activated in the site brain model.
  • Embedding the player html files inside the Brain does not open redundant tabs in the site brain.
  • Dragging and dropping the player link from the ND roster page also does not open redundant tabs.

So a lot of Brain behavior is trial and error.  I saved the player html pages so that I could edit them if I wanted to.  So I guess the if I still want to do that, I have to edit the files and then move them internal to the Brain.

Do I have that right?  Any last thoughts or guidance?

Appreciate the support.


Web Links - Tons of Tabs!
I created a site brain of a college football team.  Thought it would be fun to toggle through info while the game is on.

Part of the brain is a player roster broken out by position.  Each player has a web link info page (103 in total).

I'm using Firefox and the Brain works great except each time I select a player node, it not only opens his page on the Brain under panel, it also opens up a Firefox tab with the same info.

So the web instance ends up clogged with tons of tabbed pages.  Anyway to prevent the redundant tabbed pages from opening?



Paste Outline of Links?
I want to paste an outline into a Brain in which all of the terminal nodes are hyperlinks.  I set up the structure in Excel.

I can successfully paste a single link into the Brain.

If I copy a selection of cells with links as content to the Clipboard and paste as web link, only a single link node is generated.

If I paste the entire outline structure as Paste Outline, the terminal link addresses are treated as text values only in naming the nodes.  So no links are associated.

Is there a way to insert outlines with link info?



custom thoughts arrangment

Re: " One complaint..."

Hah!  Not to me!

See my emails.

Talk to the Brainiacs.


Thoughts, Links, Tags, Types => Object Classes
Unfortunately, it seems that these ideas just seem to evaporate unnoticed into the electronic ether...
custom thoughts arrangment
The easiest thing to do is to preface your thoughts with numbers based on your desired sort order.

Note that it's a good idea to use the old programming line numbering trick, i.e., by 10's .  That way you can reorder one without having to renumber them all.


Note links to thjoughts

Thanks for the referral to the back threads.  I have not replicated the examples posted there.  But the problem I see immediately is embedding the Wiki in the Brain.  Because once you do that, you've lost the tagging capabilities of TW.  Well not "lost" but I can't see how the Brain can stay synchronized without having the same tagging architecture.

I embedded a saved site Brain inside a TW.  That works OK, but I have not mapped individual tiddlers to thoughts.  And again, site Brain is static and Brain EKP is too expensive.  So you can only use the mashup in a closed system.  And unfortunately the site Brain notes panel gets in the way.  I suppose that could be removed somehow by editing the site Brain files.

A TW - Brain mashup sounds great.  But it looks there are to many disconnects to make it clean.

Anybody else have ideas on this?


P.S. When you think about it, TW creates the equivalent of a dynamic Brain "plex" everytime a "storefront" is on the canvas.  That's what Brain should do via its own native tagging and dynamic querying capabilities.

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