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Big bugs Version 5.4 - is this true?
In the PB installation directory.
Web-links without an icon are not added on drag&drop
Will do, in the sense I've mentioned in another thread.

I've also noticed that you've deleted my thread: "The outrageously devious experience of the!". It's understandable. You had too, because it would definitely create even a wider negative force. Not because I used "bad" language, or criticised relentelesly without any basis, since that was clearly not the case. In my opinion, it was deleted because I've captured the negative experience so accurately, proofing the full responsibility of PB for it! Luckily I've copies. Just to remind myself that that day really happened. And to proof to anyone interested, that it actually happened. The deletion confirms admission of truth from your side. But it's your job/duty/passion to maintain order in this forum, and therefore handle pro-actively when a negative force takes place, despite it being right. Knowing those facts is enough for me to rest my case.

v6.0.5.4 various issues central
Kernberg, if you edit the first post, you'll be able to change the title (edit: in the edit-mode, click Advanced first). I've my ups and downs, thanks for sharing your reflection so, right.
Btw, even if you went back to a brain-zip backup, the restoration process may still be helpful, except if you actually deleted your previous brain before using the files the brain-zip. Ask support@thebrain.com for the instructions for your case.

Halt, you haven't mentioned which PB version you're using. If posted here, then I assume the And please add the rest of the information like pointed out here: http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=2041585 If you're not using this version, you should start new thread, and upgrading to it is at your own risk!
edit: having read the below back-referenced thread, you're using the latest, and you're like us waiting for a fix for the

v6.0.5.4 various issues central
Reports tab > All > Special > Orphan Thoughts.
And that's the least of the problems, the aprox. "lost" 300 Thoughts (if permanent) in Kernberg's case is huge! I was lucky to have restarted after aprox. 10 Thoughts.
Web-links without an icon are not added on drag&drop
Restarting PB fixed this symptom, but I restarted PB because it was starting to incredibly lag. This is perhaps an interesting indication. I'm sure that web-links with specific icons in the addressbar upon drag&drop did work, but not without a specific one, up until the PB restart. Didn't have to restart Windows.
Web-links without an icon are not added on drag&drop
Web-links without an icon are not added on drag&drop.

PB.v6.0.5.4 on Win7 64bit, Oracle-SunJVM.64bit.1.6.0_22
5 to 6 upgrade truncates long Thought Names!
To keep this bug in view, and since the v6 Beta forum is closed, I'll post in thread about it.

I still need the fix for the following bug/undocumented-limitation: http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=4860379&highlight=reverting+back

Is there a plan to release it someday? or?

brain:// Thought-link functionality & protocol registration !?
Thanks Zen. Maybe when using the installer, but not the archive distributable (.zip). That's my guess why it's not registered on my Win7 64bit machine, since that's the version I use, therefor have referenced the manual redemption.dll, which the installer normally takes care of. So at least I'm at square one and a half. Still need help. Anyone?
brain:// Thought-link functionality & protocol registration !?
Thought-links in Notes work very nicely! I hoped to be able to use the same link from other apps, like from OneNote for example. I thought about registering the protocol brain://, but wasn't sure whether it would work, so didn't want to waste time before asking around, since it's not possible to register a protocol from the controlpanel in Windows 7.

Is the PB executable supposed to support the In-Note-Thought-Links when used outside of PB? It would be nice if an association/setting script was added to the distributed Zip archive, just like the bin\Register.bat for registering Redemption.dll.
BUG: Link in Notes activating a Thought, seems to disable/malfunction the Back & Forward button Accelerators
It will not be natively supported by PB, but as I pointed out in my previous post, you can use StrokeIT. You can tune & configure the gestures in there. <edit type=addition>And it's free for personal use.</edit>
Need a manual Focus trigger on active Thought
Should this feature be considered a bug fix, because the behavior changed because of the upgrade, or should it be considered a new feature for which we should start a UV entry?
Need a manual Focus trigger on active Thought

  1. Activate Expanded view.
  2. Drag the background so that the Active Thought ends up out of sight outside the scope of the screen.
  3. Press the spacebar, or any other key for that matter, in the Quick Search, but press only once, and then wait just a sec or two. This should move the visible scope to make the Active Thought visible.
Any luck?
Need a manual Focus trigger on active Thought
In v 5.5.x I've used the spacebar in the Expanded view to use/take advantage of the PB (unintended?) behavior to center on the active thought. But in 6.x that behavior is gone. There is still the "Automatically recenter" checkbox, but that is annoying, because I don't want it always to be triggered. Just when something is out of sight after having clicked it in the quick search, then I want to use an accelerator or the like to recenter. And there should be the option to do it immediately, perhaps it should use the same setting set under Look & Feel > Animation.  Any comments?
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