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PB on the web could look like this
I just found Spicynodes which generates mindmaps like this one. I think this is a quite nice solution and having PB on the web this way would be way cool.
4508 OS X Indexing attachments does not work
Harlan, thank you for the offer which I will consider. Besides, though its some time till my last own programming, but not using Spotlight under OS X for an applikation for indexing and finding files is well ... all you need is already build into OS X. IMO you just have to give Spotlight the path to the PB files to restrict the results.

Well, maybe I have to use DevonThink for some jobs longer then expected.

4508 OS X Indexing attachments does not work
You must be keeding me! Has anyone ever though about a clarification in your markting stuff in this respect. Nice after sale information :-(

So, what does "at this time" actualy mean?

4508 OS X Indexing attachments does not work
I just bought a licence for the pro version. Unfortunately indexing excludes any attachments though indexing them is set in the prefs. Rebuilding the searchindex does only include the thoughts and URLs.

Latest beta, latest OS X.

Any ideas?

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