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Export to SiteBrain HTML
Latest status on export to SiteBrain HTML:
Suddenly, Firefox did present my brain export to my computer drive with links. IE8 and Chrome presented errors.

Go figure. So I proceeded to upload to my website where everything looks good.

Must be something to do with browsers handling XML ???????

Export to SiteBrain HTML

 I sent Harlan a zip file of my latest Branam Brain.

Yesterday, I downloaded and installed PersonalBrain 6 beta. I have tried to keep both versions separated. I haven't had much time to run a test on v6 loading of Branam Brain to see if it produces the same error when Exporting to SiteBrain HTML.
Maybe Saturday I can complete that test. If it works, I may choose to go forward to v6 and forget the problem.

Meanwhile, thanks for your reply. 

Oooops! I can't Export in this beta version. Help

Export to SiteBrain HTML
Suddenly, I can't export my brain to SiteBrain HTML.
When it is finished and the browser opens locally to show, there is no content in the plex or anywhere. Error message at the bottom is "XML did not contain valid data."

I tried re-indexing and tried IE8, FireFox, and Chrome, but it didn't help. I browsed forums and the Web but found no reference to my problem.

Can anyone help?
I can't undate my website at http://www.branam.com.

Thoughts need fourth connector
Update. This might be a clue to how to program more dimensional connectors in PersonalBrain:


Thoughts need fourth connector
I would like to lobby for some major features for PersonalBrain/SiteBrain:

A fourth dimension thought connection: a Jump on the right side.

In laying out of philosophical thought connections, I have trouble arranging them in a presentation form that shows their relationships. Most scientific concepts of the material world require four dimensions. Quantum Physics requires even more, of course, but four would help tremendously. The ontology of consciousness really is difficult to form without using four dimensional graphic representation. Here an example, one that actually inspired my idea for four.

Carl Jung's Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle and Maria the Jewess "Out of the Third comes the One as the Fourth."

Quanternity: http://www.bookrags.com/research/quaternity-eorl-11/

Here's a link to my SiteBrain where I am exploring the problems:


So much of physics and cognitive psychology involves the dynamics of polarities. You can't show that in three thought connections.

So with four connectors, relationships can enhance visual thinking to a whole new level.
Of course, complexity, in the future will call for even more connectors and dimensions.

That's all I have time for at the moment.

whadayathink? How difficult would the programming for another connector be?

Wordpress and theBrain
Or has anyone mashed up Wordpress "in" PersonalBrain, SiteBrain?

Selecting Type changes wallpaper
PB on Dell XPS Vista

Recently, not at first install, when I select a Type for a Thought, the wallpaper changes to a cloud background rather than my custom background. How could that be related?

Thanks for having a look at my sitebrain. I'm still working on the PB button to switch the map on and off. I can't yet make it reference the same page in the fram the way the PB autohide does. I'm also concerned about using the a href="#" code. I think SEO doesn't like it.
Please change my link to http://www.branam.com/
I'm fully committed :-)

WebSite Integration
Great!  I finally found a couple of SiteBrain users here. I would like to link to more of you who are using SiteBrain.

May I share my site here: http://www.branam.com/

I've managed to carry over some style aspects to my desktop Brain. I have basically a redundant or alternate flat HTML site with a switch to turn the Plex On or Off.

I sure wish I could automatically carry over my Icons.

For my desktop, I have ambitions to use it for live presentation and seminars. Of course, it will be a challenge to the audience to follow a non-linear topic flow. whadayathink?

SiteBrain Architecture
I am about a month into working on a sitebrain for my website. I have just committed to shaing my learning curve on this forum.

Here's is a link to the actual brain: http://www.branam.com/brain.html .
When I think it's ready to fully replace my present website, I will address it to http://www.branam.com (which will actually be the default brain export "index.htm" file .

Presently, I have merged the Brain with my old website files. It's a messy deal! I may totally reconfigure. Already, I am changing my whole concept of organizing and presenting my website content. I am naturally a visual, multidimensional thinker but I have some root behavior drilled into my brain that struggles with heirarchial ontologies. I'm trying to give them up inorder to take full advantage of the Brain software.

I am also really interested in collaborative creativity so I invite you all to jump in if any issues capture your interest.

Motto: Courage and Clarity in the face of Complexity, Agility for Continuous Change and Growth, Peaceful Minds to sustain Paradox, and a Vision of All Things Connected.

More later. I'm in a video recording session and a vip is approaching.

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