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script to clean text formatting in all notes
I have noticed that my PB slows down especially when I'm in the group of thoughts which have notes pasted (with all custom formatting preserved) from webs.

I wonder if there is any script which could remove all formatting from all notes in one go, rather than manually do it on thousands of thoughts?
PB intermittently hangs for approx 2 minutes
Quote: Are you still experiencing the same problem in PB 5, or you have switched to PB 6?
Hello D
Thank you for prompt reply. Yes I upgraded to PB6 in hope that the short memory issue was only associated with PB5. I was quite surprised when issue reoccurred again after the upgrade. I managed to tamper this problem to be more manageable by pimping internal memory up to 500mb by using Matt Caton guide. Once PB reaches memory  limit I switch it off and on again. Before that with default internal memory I had to restart application approximately every 20min.

PB intermittently hangs for approx 2 minutes
Hello D
I noticed this problem with rich formatted (and big) notes quite long ago in PB5 (and here too). Is there any chance for any fixes for this issue? I try to avoid heavily formatted txt for some time but I have couple of thousands notes which had been created  before I was aware of this issue and like many of PB users I don't have enough time to amend them all.

Background Brainzip creation
Absolutely I endorse this idea. Even something simple like scheduled creation of brainzip would be very helpful. That would be so easy to set up PB to create automatically brainzip every night for backup safety. 
Track your activity in PB
Quote: Try the Reports tab, then click the Sort dropdown and choose Date Activated.
If you want to limit by the date you can choose the All dates dropdown and select your date range.

You will have to refresh periodically, (I've assigned a keyboard accelerator ctrl+r for that) but it provides an excellent list of all the thoughts you've recently accessed, in order from most recent to least.

That's brilliant! Exactly what I was thinking about
Many thanks for this hint!

Track your activity in PB
I think being able to bring a window with the list of thoughts the one has explored in certain period of time (2h; 5h; 24h etc) and also being able to re-follow again the the brain journey could be very productive indeed. Current PB offers back and forward buttons within the session but it could be so much more developed further.
more than one icon for a thought
Quote: Well as the subject states I think it would be a nice little feature to be able to add more than one icon to a thought. It provides another way of adding meaning to thought names in addition to different coloured text.

I second this good idea. To me indeed one picture can mean more than thousand words. I also proposed multi-icon view in post created 2 years ago.

I'd hope to see a popping up circle of many icons/pictures around highlighted thought on hovering or clicking.

PB Slow w/ Periodic Freezing
I learnt to cope with this problem thanks to mcaton's advice from here.


Thank you for posting, please increase available memory using the vmoptions file - instructions below.

By default, PB uses a maximum of 192 MB. This is usually enough but for some operations there may be an issue with running out of heap space. 

The example below raised the max to 320 MB, but the number can be higher if needed.

1. Close PB

2. Create a text file and put the following content into it:


Make sure there is a linefeed (Enter) at the of the text. Save this file and name it PersonalBrain.vmoptions in the PB program folder.

To access the PB program folder, go into Program Files\PersonalBrain on Windows. On Mac OS, Ctrl-Click on the PersonalBrain icon and select Show Package Contents then navigate to Contents > Resources > app. (The PersonalBrain.vmoptions file must be in the same location as the file PersonalBrain.jar)

3. Restart PB.

Thank you,
Matt Caton

I increased its memory to 400mb and it hardly ever freezes again.

PB Slow w/ Periodic Freezing
Quote: In most cases of feezes there is no single error entry in the output.log.

It could be the case as technically it doesn't freeze as much as it rather slows down significantly after reaching its internal 200mb limit.
Interestingly memory usage incrementally grows up with some freeing up of resources every now and then.

PB Slow w/ Periodic Freezing
I have the very same problem since PB5 and I posted the issue here.
My guess is that the problem might have something to do with the size of notes. I have on average each note long for 500-2000 words...
If I browse my brain intensively it might take about 20min for PB to start choking and running out of it's 200mb internal memory. The only solution to it is to close and reopen PB. I just learnt to live with it

PB6 hanging and slow to respond
Hello! It seems to be more less like the problem I posted about here.
From what I experienced so far I conclude it must have something to do with the lenght and formating of the text notes in thoughts. Also perhaps amount of the thought icons could influence performance.

PB runs out of its internal memory
Hi I'm not pretty sure if this is would be the right thread for continuation. Nonetheless since moving to PB6 beta I experience less of running out of memory. Unfortunately it still occurs more often as I hoped for in PB6.

I have received a lot of support from Moe already on this issue, but I'm still wondering if I could count on some advice here.

Loose licence after apply PB 6.006
Quote: bookeater, Sorry for the miscommunication. You can test out all the great new features of PersonalBrain 6 by creating a new Brain for testing. Opening an older Brain will revert PB 6 to the Free Edition.


Thank you Moe for pointing this out. Nonetheless I think that the only real testing can be done on the backup of the real brain which was built for months or years. Only in the real environment and in the real scenarios one can see what the new PB is worth of. Otherwise I can play and make new brain with couple of doodle thoughts but will this give the justice of what (or not) the new PB is capable of?

"Open Thought Folder" missing
Previously in PB 5.5 I was able to drag picture directly from web browser into thought folder and it was instantly set up as the thought icon. In PB6 the dragged picture doesn't want to appear as the icon.
I know that one can paste or capture the icon but sometimes I'd like to have an original (from web) in the folder and being set as the thought icon at the same time.

Loose licence after apply PB 6.006
Wow I'm left a bit shocked here... From what I understood from Moe's email, in order to try out beta's 6 features I have to purchase the upgrade for my 5.5 version.
I find it a slightly weird to treat in this way anyone who wants to participate in development of incomplete software...
So what are the options to test PB6 on your old brain to decide whether you will find it useful or not?

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