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Creating New Thoughts In Mini-Mode

I just upgraded from 5.5. Haven't changed my profile yet.

I'm probably doing something wrong. Haven't used TB for a while. I'm just dragging the URLs over to the title bar on the active thought. Since the first URL was attached with no problems, should I be using the shift key or something when I drag additional attachments?

Creating New Thoughts In Mini-Mode
Thanks. That clarifies things as little. I'm having another problem, though. It appears that I can only attach one URL to the active thought in mini-mode. When I try to add more attachments, PB just seems to ignore them.
Creating New Thoughts In Mini-Mode
I saw a YouTube video recently (here ) where the guy was adding information to his brain by dragging URL's to the active thought in mini-mode, but I can't get this to work. When I do the same thing, nothing happens at all.

Could someone explain how to use mini mode? The manual gives the procedure for switching into mini-mode, but doesn't explain what it's used for or how to use it.

"Sidenote" Feature
Hello. For various reasons, I usually don't have PB open on my machine. If I need to save a thought, capture a link, etc., I have to open the application first (as far as I know). What I'd like to see in some future version is a "side note" feature like Microsoft OneNote uses where you can create a thought on the fly (preferably using a keyboard shortcut) WITHOUT having the entire application open. This would make PB incredibly useful, IMO. I know I would definitely use it a lot more if something like this was available.
Performance Issues
Thanks. I'll try removing the formatting and images first and see what happens.
Performance Issues
Follow up:

The performance hit seems to be related to the size of the notes. I just noticed that I'm getting long delays while scrolling through a single note in the editor.

Some of these notes are pretty long, but no longer than four or five pages. For example, some of them consist of text copied from Wikipedia articles. Others are columns and articles that I copied from various places.

The question, I guess, is whether there are limitations to the note sizes. I don't really want to just create links to external web sites and documents because that seems to make using the brain itself irrelevant (I can always store the documents in One Note, for instance, organize them in Windows file manager or create bookmarks in Firefox). Also, is the note editor rendering these documents in HTML rather than just displaying them in plain text? If so, that could be causing the delays as well.

Thanks for any suggestions. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere.

Performance Issues
Hello. I'm starting to have some performance issues with Personal Brain Pro v. My brain only has around 75 thoughts, but about half of them have fairly long notes (not attached documents, but in the brain itself). Not a lot of graphics, but some of the pages (maybe three or four) consist of images of web site documents created with OneNote's web capture function. The rest of the notes are just text with an occassional image--nothing large however. Anyway, what's happening is that I'm starting to get a noticeable delay when switching between thoughts. Sometimes nothing happens at all and I have to click the thought again. This seems to be occurring whether I'm switching to a thought with a note attached or not.  I could use some advice on this because this brain could get pretty large and I don't want to keep up the work of adding more thoughts and material if it's going to get too slow to use.

Thanks. I'm running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 on an HP 6730b laptop with an Intel Core Duo CPU p8400 running @ 2.26 GHz. I've got 2 gigs of RAM with around 800 Megs available with Personal Brain running. The laptop will take 4 gigs of RAM, but my understanding is that XP can only use 2 gigs and I don't want to upgrade to Vista or Windows 7 because I have some legacy apps that will only run under XP.

Indexing Libraries For V5.5.2.1?
Fantastic. Thanks.
Indexing Libraries For V5.5.2.1?
Hello. I upgraded to Personal Brain Pro Edition v. a while ago. Do I still need to do a separate installation to get the indexing libraries? If so, what version should I use? Thanks in advance...
Downloading Version 5 Upgrade
Thanks. Is version 5 still in beta? The PB home page makes it sound like the production release is now available.
Downloading Version 5 Upgrade
Almost forgot. Is there a Version 5 of the indexing libraries or is it all contained in the new release? Thanks.
Downloading Version 5 Upgrade
Is the version 5 upgrade available for download now? I don't think I qualify for the free upgrade, but I can't find any place to purchase the new release. 
Indexing Library Confusion
I'm confused about the difference (if any) between the "regular upgrades" and the "indexing library upgrades."

I'm currently running Pro v4.5.2.0.lib. I just downloaded the new upgrade.

Is there supposed to be a upgrade as well? Or is this contained in the upgrade?

If I upgrade my current version with this "regular" update, will I wipe out my indexing libraries or will I end up running with indexing libraries?

Speaking of the indexing libraries, I've never been clear what they are exactly. I assume they have something to do with using indexing to speed up searches, but I don't really know.

Could someone clarify this whole upgrade business? Should I be getting notices that there are new .lib updates available? If so, I seem to have missed the last one.

BTW, there appears to be some kind of forum glitch. When I try to log on, I get a message saying that I need to enable cookies to proceed even though I already have session cookies enabled. I'm running Firefox 3.0.4 on Windows XP SP3. It usually takes two or three attempts to successfully log on.
Reinstalling Personal Brain
The thing that's confusing me here is how to deal with the indexing libraries version.

If I got a new computer, I'm assuming all I would have to do is install the latest version of PB (, BUT the only version of the indexing libraries upgrade that I'm aware of is, which makes me think that I would need to install PB before doing anything else. In other words, the procedure would be:

1. install v
2. install v
3. install v

Is that right?

Reinstalling Personal Brain
When I first bought PB Pro, I installed version, then Since then, there have been five more upgrades and I'm currently on

My question is: If I had to reinstall PB from scratch, would I need to reinstall all of these upgrades in order or could I just load I'm assuming that the latest upgrade incorporates all the previous upgrades, but does it include the indexing library version (
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