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Manual ordering?
No the user ordered feature is impossible to implement in Normal View according to several support staff.
In (longish?) Notes, pasting a table row scrolls the Notes
Cornan if you are looking to discover or map data relationships you may want to take a look at the new Touchgraph product http://www.touchgraph.com/navigator.html . I enjoy reading the groups rather esoteric (to me) comments on the development of PB.  I stopped using it for a single reason I can't arrange thoughts in normal view to my own defaults. A feature that was available in PB 3 and has been number three on the suggestion list for months. I continue to stop back here looking to see if that feature has been added but to no avail. I'm not a programmer and don't have the time and inclination to brush up on my macro skills or develop esoteric strategies to arrange data displays. Perhaps one day I'll be able to select "user defined" for my display again.
That would be transformation for me!

Scroll Wheel resizing
Scroll wheel resizing is not functioning in ver on my machine. On the other hand the TIP input window has worked wonderfully in tablet mode. YES!
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