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All Posts Topics Started Beta - Lot of Fixes
Spacenexus wrote: Wow, theres a new feature in 50xx to set the maximum number of child columns in the plex as 2, 4, 6, or 8. I don't recall when this was snuck in but BIG thanks!!! Jim
Wasn't this feature available in an earlier version from years ago? Sounds familiar... Beta - Spotlight Integration & Tag Thoughts
The tag-search feature will be the tipping point that gets me to use tags, thanks! Up until now tags just seemed like another gradual weakening of the Brain's structure - i.e. that you should be able to model *all* of your relationships purely in the plex.

Types came along originally and provided a different way of doing things like hierarchy and, though useful, wore away at the original abstraction. Later still, tags came along and chipped away at the original concept still further.

I still feel that some of the purity of the Brain has been lost over the years but I can definitely appreciate the power that's available.

Cannot change thought names in the plex.
I didn't even know you could rename thoughts by hitting F2 so this thread has been useful for me. I'd always used the properties pane in the past.

I've been using PB on and off for donkey's years now - I really should get round to reading the manual some time!
Version 5 Beta Now Available
Harlan wrote: FYI, the date for free upgrades has been moved back to June 1, 2008. (Anyone who bought or upgraded to Core or Pro of Version 4.X on or after June 1, 2008 will get a free upgrade to Version 5)
You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Many thanks!
Version 5 Beta Now Available
Antonio68 wrote: I believe in a correct business model you should allow people that bought the licence in the last six months to upgrade freely.
I tend to agree with this statement, even more so considering I had to pay out of my own pocket!

Downloading now - I'll post comments later on.
Option to remove taskbar entry?
Yeah, but I don't want the window to hide.
Option to remove taskbar entry?
Would it be possible to provide an option in v5 that will allow us to remove the taskbar entry and replace it with a system tray icon instead? Since PB is something "ubiquitous" in that it's always running (in my second monitor) I really have no need for the entry in the taskbar and, in fact, it just clutters it up. Shouldn't be a biggy to implement if you decide it's worthwhile.

Version 5 Beta - Still Coming Soon
PeterRHawkes wrote: I was told however that purchasers of v4 after 15th October will get a free upgrade to v5. Looks like I'm screwed then by two whole weeks. Terrific.
Version 5 Beta - Still Coming Soon

PaddyVA wrote: I've noticed in the past that purchases after a certain date are given a fee upgrade to a new version of PB. I'm ready to buy too, but I'm holding off until v5 is either released, or there is a notice of what the magic date is.

That's common practice and I'm hoping I'll lie within that window, though of course every day that goes by makes that less and less likely.  However, the flipside of waiting to release is that they miss out on your revenue (and others who are waiting to avoid the sting).

Like I said, I'm not going to get bent out of shape over this until I know for sure what's going to happen.
Version 5 Beta - Still Coming Soon

Well I guess I'll wait and see what the upgrade price is before smashing my face against the wall.  Thanks.

Version 5 Beta - Still Coming Soon
Will v5 be a paid upgrade from v4? I've only just paid for v4 and I'd not be happy with myself if I paid all that money for a product effectively at the end of its lifecycle when I could have waited a little while and paid the same amount for v5. Would there, for example, be a free upgrade for recent purchasers?

The Brain Remembered!
So, I finally put my hand in my pocket and stumped up for the Pro version. Knowing my luck they'll release v5 next week and I'll have to shell out again.

Thanks to Tracy in support for confirming that I was still eligible for the upgrade discount.
Add your PB tips here
Related to the above, I have pivot thoughts for capturing my team's skills. They connect to pivot thoughts attached to the various technologies and products we use which allows me to navigate between the section of my brain that deals with employees and the section of my brain that models our products very easily.

The tip here is to use link width to denote skill level.

Create link types for beginner, intermediate and advanced, each with their own widths (thin for beginner, thick for advanced) and then you can see at a glance who is the *best* person to do a particular job.
Add your PB tips here
Here's one that's probably pretty obvious but it's worth describing anyway.

If you have large numbers of links to certain thoughts then create a "pivot" thought to simplify your structure.

A pivot thought is just a thought which serves no other purpose than to structure the links between other thoughts. For example, you may have employee thoughts which relate to all kinds of things; projects they're working on, technologies they are skilled in etc.

Employee thoughts can rapidly become very cluttered if you're not careful, so instead of linking projects directly to employees, link them to a "<Employee>, Projects" sub-thought (a pivot thought). Instead of linking different technologies directly to employees, link them to a "<Employee>, Skills" pivot thought etc.

Now each employee thought is much simpler because they only ever have at most one link for projects and skills. Clicking on the pivot thought then reveals all the information you're looking for.

Again, probably common sense, but worth mentioning!
Team Brain
Ah.  I saw a reference to EKP costing multiple tens of thousands of dollars and went into shock, so I never investigated it.

I guess this can be closed.  Basecamp costs 12 bucks a month.
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