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Event names
1 Start my Brain
2 Timeline in month view
3 Select an event (OK)
4  Increase the width of the window
5 Events disappear
6 Switch to day view. Events re-appear
7 Switch to month view. Events stay there
8 Increase the width of the window
9 Events disappear

Need to buy a bigger screen to continue

By the way, I will be happy to have the per year view [smile]
Event names
Events names are no more visible in the timeline visualization by months. 
They are visible in all the other visualizations.

It was everything fine around one month ago (25/06). 
The Challenges of Data Visualization with TheBrain
by the way, I never used TeamBrain, I was only try to imagine how a Brain with several user may take life [smile]
The Challenges of Data Visualization with TheBrain
The way a brain can be structured is quite flexible and this allows each user to create its own brain resembling its vision of the represented subject. I think this flexibility is one of the most valuable characteristic  of TheBrain but on the other side is always difficult to enter in the way another person is thinking.

At some moments, I thought to have a common brain with my team, but the above consideration was a limitation.

To solve this. I was thinking to a brain with rules that can be established by a sort of administrator such for example:
  • choice of thought type and tags from a pre-defined list
  • if the thought type is: "meeting" an event need to be created
  • a thought type "person" is always a child of another thought
  • each day a new event is created
  • though type "manuscript" need to have a tag with a reading or not status
  • thought type "manuscript" may have a link with link type "reference"
  • and so on...
may be with an Outlook rule type interface.
In this way, the brain will follow the rules of the creator / creators and will evolve in a comprehensively fashion. 
9.0.183 hiding Events [Fixed in 9.0.184]
Thanks, everything came back!
9.0.183 hiding Events [Fixed in 9.0.184]
I just installed the 9.0.183 and when I navigate on a thought containing an event, this event disappear on thought activation.
I closed immediately the brain to avoid losing all the events. 

I think to recover I need to delete the local brain and download from the cloud?
I am now blocked... not really want to risk more...
Not possible to write under a horizontal ruler in Notes with list above. (#3869)
Effectively is quite odd:
1. Start writing a checkbox list, more than one item
2. insert the horizontal line
3. Delete the last item in the check list
4. Try to write under the ruler...
Not possible to write under a horizontal ruler in Notes with list above. (#3869)
Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.58.42.png
 In this situation, is not possible to write under the horizontal ruler. The cursor come back always to the second position of the first line.

PS: please come back to a note editor similar to the previous one. At least with a classic formatting system.
Timeline compact visualization and resizable band (#3672 and #3776)
I am building a brain in which I take note of different authors for which I insert in the timeline the date of birth and death together with some key events. It will be nice to have on the bottom right side of the window the option to further compact the timeline showing the years instead of the months.

In addition for multiple timeline overlapping in the same timeframe will be nice to have the possibility to enlarge the timeline band on the bottom.
Little bugs (Equations and Full Screen) (#3742 and #3743)
1) Equations in Words are not visible in the preview

2) View/Enter Full Screen does not change to /Exit Full Screen when I am in Full Screen mode
OneNote / TheBrain integration
In Mac OS I right click on my web-version of the OneNote page and then in the brain I click the "+ Add Attachment " on the Tab zone and then click on the enter URL button where I can paste the URL. It doesn't work when you copy/paste the URL from the local OneNote application as in the case you want to have the link in the notes.
OneNote / TheBrain integration
The possibility to have a WebBrowser in TheBrain open the way to use OneNote directly inside TheBrain. Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 08.23.39.png 
Notes formats
And for already pasted text?
Notes formats
I often copy/paste text into the notes from different sources and mix with my comments.
Unfortunately, the text retain the original format and it is impossible to change it inside the note editor.

Generally, I found the new text editor is less flexible than the previous one in terms of formatting. I followed the discussion about the new editor being fully integrated in TheBrain. Nevertheless, as it push the user to use alternative systems (OneNote) but losing the possibility to see the note immediately directly in TheBrain.

I believe, the new editor should at least reach the capacities of the old one before coming out from the beta.
9.0.162 Event icon
The event icon does not appear for the thought that created  before the update.
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