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9.0.162 Event icon
The event icon does not appear for the thought that created  before the update.
Event name on the timeline in 9.0.161
May be will be nice to be able resize the timeline...
Event name on the timeline in 9.0.161
With version 9.0.161 the name of the event in the timeline is composed by the thought name plus the label of the event. This show up like a long name the occupy a lot of space on the timeline. It will be difficult to visualize more timelines for example. 
I think showing the though, label or both should be an option.
Events properties
A little detail:
when I click on an event on the calendar I move on the plex to the relative thought, but I also open the properties of the event. It will be better to be able to de-activate this behaviour and return to it with the option key, similarly to when we click on a thought. 
Timeline and Events (#3481, #3611, #3618, #3636)
I think also that an event should be treated as a thought (this implies the possibility to add the same type and tag). Moreover, when we create an event the name of the active thought should be proposed by default.

Essential, but I think someone else pointed this out, I should be able clicking the event to activate the relative thought on the plex.
Misc. Notes Issues (#2058)
It was a photo from linkedin. In reality I can shrink but only until a certain dimension.
Misc. Notes Issues (#2058)
It is possible now to change the size of the pictures inserted in notes, however, hen I resize, the picture remain at the center of the page. More natural behaviour will be the picture stays aligned on the left or alternatively have the option to align left, center or right.

By the way, I realize now the issue is not completely solved, I can make a picture bigger but not smaller!!!
Notes copy /paste (#3449)
Some problems with copy /paste in notes:
copy a checkbox list
I do not see the checkbox but a bullet list
then to get back again the checkbox list I need to reformat it

2)if I select some text in a note, then I right click on the selected text, I loose the highlight get the focus on the note. I need to re-select the text to copy it

3) If the same note is open in two different tabs the two notes are not synchronized and writing in one and then in another make you loose some text, not really had the time to check this out more in detail. 
Misc. Notes Issues (#2058)
it is still not possible to resize pictures in notes...
I think this is an important issue to solve.
Duplicate Tab (#1362)
The possibility to navigate simultaneously in different region of the brain with distinct tabs and even distinct windows is very useful. It will be perfect when we will have the possibility to duplicate an existing tab in order to continue the navigation leaving the previous visualization intact.
Misc. Notes Issues (#2058)
Checkbox list: when the check box list is checked all the line is strikethrough. Not so nice and meaningful according to me.

Figures in notes: it is not possible to modify the dimensions of the pictures inside the notes! 
Time machine
Thanks Matt, Harlan,
effectively the error was due the the fact I was restoring the folder "Brains" while the TheBrain 9 was running.
Restoring with TheBrain closed allow me to recover the not deleted brain but not the one I deleted.It look like the info about the brains are also stored elsewhere than in the "Brains" folder.
Not a big issue for the moment, I am simply playing with the new version. I am still working with my version 8.

By the way, do you plan to increase the 50 MB limits for the file stored inside the brains?

Time machine
Some questions about the compatibility between TheBrain 9 and the Time Machine in Mac.

I had two brains.
I delete one
After one day, I delete the entire "Brains" folder and I restore it with an old date were the two brain were still existing.
Time machine give me the following message:

"The operation can’t be completed because an item with the name “Brain.db” already exists."

I check the folders inside and the brain.db file is present for the two brains.
When I open TheBrain I get the image attached.

I know that is not advised to use other back-up system except for the Brain.zip, but in theory the "Brains" folder should be an independent entity, this means I can move, copy, etc.. or not?

Server unavailable?
I had the same issue this afternoon (European time). If I understand well, if I create or convert from 8 (my case) a brain while I am logged in, I will not be able to use it off-line?
List of selected thought bug (#3285)
I try to describe it step by step:
  • I generate a report were I have a lot of thoughts
  • I add the report to selection
  • I scroll down the selection to visualize not visible thought at the bottom of the list
  • I delete the selection
  • I generate a new report with only few thoughts
  • I add the though to the selection
  • Ops, I do not see them...
  • I need to go to the selection window scroll up to visualize the few though
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