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Web page search (#3518)
I have the impression that TheBrain 9 does not index web pages as was doing the 8.
Someone could confirm?
Creating a brain with Jump Thoughts from a text file
Not sure I have understood your concept, but from a naive point of view, we will need a function in the import routine such as an indentation that contain a "-" indicate to the brain to create a jump thought.
Creating a brain with Jump Thoughts from a text file
I need to create a brain where a list of thought is linked by Jump thoughts, as the example below:
1 jump to A
2 jump to B
3 jump to C
and so on for around 20 000 rows

When I open the impor tool I have the following instructions:

Text Outline

Use text files to quickly import data.

  • Each line becomes a thought.
  • Indentation created using tabs show hierarchical relationships.
  • Line starting with - (dash) are added as notes.
  • Lines starting with a + (plus) are added as Web link attachments.
  • Labels can be added to a thought by separating them with a | (pipe) on the same line as the name.

with no mention about jumps.
Any idea?
PS: I am in version 9
Feature suggestion: Notes pane viewed as an independent window
Right click on the region where files are listed. Then click "Open in new window".
Accessing files without Drag and Drop
For applications not supporting drag and drop:
Open the folder containing the file: "reveal in finder"
Copy as path name
In the application with the open dialog for inserting or doing whatever click "cmd+shift+g", there you can copy past the pathname.
Is "copy-based" backup is possible in TB9?
How it will work if I want to open a folder "Brain" coming from another computer and containing different brains with the software on my computer where I have already a folder named Brain?
How can I tell to the software to look at that folder? If I go to System, storage, select folder it seems he will duplicate what I already have on my computer.
No access to local Brains because of Sync error - Time for some general thoughts
Hi mtre,

I think the ability to import automatically or semi-automatically data in TheBrain will be really a great innovation (it was discussed several time in the forum).
Starting from references (PubMed for the living science field) and may be arriving to ontologies where terms and concepts will be the THOUGHT and the assertions will be the LINKS. This will permit the fusion of an existing structured information with our own way of thinking (TheBrain).

Nevertheless, in my almost 10 years of Brain usage, I notice that when I insert the information myself and think about the links I want to establish, this information fix better in my mind and impose me a reflexion that I do not have with software like EndNote, Mendeley, etc.

Finally, I was also astonished yesterday not having access to the Brain and I strongly recommend to introduce the possibility to have ALWAYS the possibility to log in to the local data, but I am also well impressed by the reactivity of the team during the week-end!

Impossible to have access to my Brains
Thanks zenrain.

I think, an important implementation will be to have ALWAYS the possibility to access data on our own computer. I wonder what can happen if I do not have internet access with TheBrain 9.
Impossible to have access to my Brains
I opened my brain and I see a message that to sync I need to log in. I had the impression I was logged in already, then I logged out and now I do not succeed to log in anymore (see attached screenshot).

The big problem is that I cannot open my brains anymore even if they are on my hard disk. Is this normal? Am I obliged to be logged in to see my brains?

I need urgently help!
Click image for larger version - Name: Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 13.14.20.png, Views: 225, Size: 111.56 KB
Please bring back the V8-function of 'external attachments full-text search' and 'adjacent preview of search keywords' to V9
+1 for me too! The adjacent sentence function was very useful such as the possibility to have a static view.
May be with the tab feature, we can have the option to send the search to a new tab.
Event names
1 Start my Brain
2 Timeline in month view
3 Select an event (OK)
4  Increase the width of the window
5 Events disappear
6 Switch to day view. Events re-appear
7 Switch to month view. Events stay there
8 Increase the width of the window
9 Events disappear

Need to buy a bigger screen to continue

By the way, I will be happy to have the per year view [smile]
Event names
Events names are no more visible in the timeline visualization by months. 
They are visible in all the other visualizations.

It was everything fine around one month ago (25/06). 
The Challenges of Data Visualization with TheBrain
by the way, I never used TeamBrain, I was only try to imagine how a Brain with several user may take life [smile]
The Challenges of Data Visualization with TheBrain
The way a brain can be structured is quite flexible and this allows each user to create its own brain resembling its vision of the represented subject. I think this flexibility is one of the most valuable characteristic  of TheBrain but on the other side is always difficult to enter in the way another person is thinking.

At some moments, I thought to have a common brain with my team, but the above consideration was a limitation.

To solve this. I was thinking to a brain with rules that can be established by a sort of administrator such for example:
  • choice of thought type and tags from a pre-defined list
  • if the thought type is: "meeting" an event need to be created
  • a thought type "person" is always a child of another thought
  • each day a new event is created
  • though type "manuscript" need to have a tag with a reading or not status
  • thought type "manuscript" may have a link with link type "reference"
  • and so on...
may be with an Outlook rule type interface.
In this way, the brain will follow the rules of the creator / creators and will evolve in a comprehensively fashion. 
9.0.183 hiding Events [Fixed in 9.0.184]
Thanks, everything came back!
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