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Unable to install v9.0.170

I have just tried (3 times) to update the current installation (v9.0.167) on my Windows notebook. 
I could download the new release (v9.0.170) but after confirming the question to close and restart TheBrain nothing happens. 

Thank you.

(#2916) Show hovered content with a different tab background color to avoid confusion with focussed item's content
Harlan wrote: Interesting feedback. Personally I find myself turning off update content on hover because I sometimes accidentally edit the content of the wrong thought, not noticing that the cursor is over something. Anyone else care to comment?

Yes, I have turned off this option, too, because I did the same mistakes like you! [smile]

Maybe this option shouldn't be ticked by deault.

v .116 - First-use Preparation -> Indexing stops at 4'000 thoughts (on Win7) | (#2932)
Hi Harlan,

Many thanks!

Yes, I can confirm that v.117 fixes this issue on Win7. TheBrain v9 runs now very quickly and smoothly.

v .116 - First-use Preparation -> Indexing stops at 4'000 thoughts (on Win7) | (#2932)
I have just updated to v.116.

No problems on my MacBook Air. My brain was quickly available after the "First-use Preparation". It is now much faster and smoother than previous releases.

But on my Win7 notebook I can't use it. The "First-use preparation" stops at 4'000 thoughts (of 6'694). I can't close this brain nor TheBrain app and I have to shut it down via the Task Manager. 


How does Jerry's Brain work so quickly? | (#2929)

This is a good question and here are some possible reasons:
  • Jerry does not import files into his brain, he just adds links
  • The video is captured without the notes editor. Having the notes editor visible containing a lot of text and pictures might slow down the animation speed
  • I put the slider of the animation speed of my brain (around 5'600 thoughts) at the middle between fast and slow and can achieve a similar animation effect like Jerry

These are just assumptions and not facts. Maybe others can contribute more relevant information here.

v9.114 - Can't sync anymore | (#2909)
With version 9.114 the sync process never gets completed.

It either stops at 
- Waiting for remote acknowledgement 
- Server progress: 0%

Further, the text on the Home thought has vanished.

I tested this with two different brains on a Win7 computer.


v9.0.107: Sync Failed: Unexpected error in MergeSyncs
Hi Matt,

Many thanks for your reply!

I did what you suggested but I get a slightly different error message after the sync now: Sync Failed: Unknown error.


v9.0.107: Sync Failed: Unexpected error in MergeSyncs

I finally migrated my "everyday" brain to v9 now and I am very happy with v9.0.107 except that I can't sync this brain via the cloud.

This is the error message: "Sync Failed: Unexpected error in MergeSyncs"
and happens on Win7 and on OSX El Capitain 10.11.6.

Let me know if you need more information.

Thank you.


Text Editor for Notes in v9
I have re-tested the font size issue. On both systems (Win7 and OSX) the font is not retained after shutting down TheBrain and restarting it.

The hint regarding Shift + Enter or adding a new line <br/> is very useful, thank you. 

Text Editor for Notes in v9

I like the new v9 but I don't like the text editor for the notes. 

The issues described here apply to OSX and Win7.

Each time when I open a Brain the font size is set back to the middle of the size slider. This size is too big. Further, I still prefer to set size by numbers and to be able to choose the font.

When I change the font size within one note then it is applied to all notes at other thoughts in the current brain. Is there a possibility to change the font size just for the active thought?

Can I set a fixed font size within preferences?

Further, when I am writing a text and then hit the Enter key then TheBrain adds an extra empty new line between the paragraph before and the new one (HTML: <p> ). I prefer just to have carriage return after hitting the Enter key without adding an empty line in between (HTML: <br> ) .

Please let me know if I miss something.

Kind regards,

TheBrain Development Update
GerSch wrote: I don´t want to pay for a third year without any relevant updates. At the moment TheBrain is the most expensive programm I use on all my computers! :-(

I am wating for the new version as well and yes, TheBrain is not cheap. 

But I still pay every year even there are no relevant updates. Our expectation that we get at least once per year a new version of a software is not realistic. Sometimes it is much better when the developer delivers a series of minor bug fix upgrades as TheBrain does. This helps to make the tool more stable and we, the users, can get used to it. Relevant upgrades bear the risk getting an unstable tool. And, to be honest, I haven't read the manual of TheBrain completely and I do not use all the features it provides even I have been a long term user (I started with TheBrain 1.73 back in 1999). 

The development of the new version seems to be a very complex, difficult and time consuming project. It is very promising what I have read about it so far. Even I would like to get the new version better today than tomorrow, I am ready to wait because I want to get a stable and well-thought-out tool.

What I suggest is that the people at TheBrain start to communicate more openly regarding the new version. A high level roadmap would be helpful for new and existing customers as this will give us a small insurance that TheBrain is still under development. Further, a short monthly update regarding the status will be appreciated very much.

All the best,

Notes window renders fonts small
Additional information regarding my system:
PersonBrain 4.5.09
Java VM: J-1.6.0_07
Windows XP incl. SP2

Notes window renders fonts small
I can confirm that I have the same issue.

Font size 12 is rendered as font size 10.
Font size 14 is rendered as font size 12.

When viewing the notes in the browser I see the correct font size.

Is this a bug or a feature ;-) ?

The Brain Remembered!


Welcome back on board.

I had been an avid PB user from v1.73 to v3 and then stopped using it for five years. When v4 came out I was very surprised because I thought that the development of the personal version had stopped. But I was wrong.

I decided to start with the pro version even the price was huge for me. But I am a satisfied PB v4.5 user since June this year and the investment was worth of it.

I feel the same excitement like during the v1.73-v3 days. PB is the most efficient and effective tool I have used so far and believe me: I have tested and used countless other PIMs and outliners.

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