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webbrain - adding/linking/editing thoughts?
- thx for this clarification, Harlan.
I have filed for the beta & look forward to testing, helping and overall getting (back) into the brain developmemt path.

webbrain - adding/linking/editing thoughts?

I have just recently re-acquired a pro subscription. main reason was the very nice and convincing development path I could see with version #9.

... within this, the more particular reason was the urge to use webbrain, mainly for reasons of mobile use.

testing the online verssion now (app.thebrain.com), I can´t seem to add thoughts. while the ´app´ allows adding a new thought by clicking the gate, I can´t seem to start working with the new thought, like editing the title, on ios. also testing it on a desktop within a browser the results are rather erratic. linking, searching and other operations do not seem to produce coherent results in plex-display.

can someone confirm this, or let me know if this is either a bug, a problem of my (ios-)browser, or something that is simply still under active development?
I´d love to know when and how I can expect to use thebrain on my ios devices on the go in some coherent way, also adding and editing thoughts. :-)

thanks for any helü and/or hints!
Opening a Brain directly from a .brain file on OSX
hey there,

was this ever solved??

I have the same problem now, in 10.6.8 as well as in 10.8.3.

any fix appreciated since it really breaks some workflows... :-}

Export Sitebrain HTML problems on Mac Os X Chrome browser

wonder whether this has been fixed?

– I am personally sticking with PB6 (as 7 is too expensive with its enforcement of yerly licensing).
... what would be the solution for pb6 users?

Crawl search
second this!

an issue already brought up some time ago:


1) feature suggestion @ UseVoice

2) background discussion in this forum
- basically making the case that

a) TheBrain basically lets you build a knowledge structure by linking; so the link information should be usable not only visually but also in terms of functionalty - like search

b) to treat links as part of a transitive information architecture also seems superior to implementing a secondary tag-system – as links from parent to child are basically that:tagging.
and being able using this structure likewise
- makes the tagging system as parallel system superfluous
- also brings the advantage that tags themselves are part of the visual/link-system of theBrain and can be structured likewise (which are its core features anyway)
Spotlight Integration coming to PB 5...
thanks zenrain! (I didn´t want to clutter your free weekend, though)

by now – - I can´t really read the infos of the searchlog, as it now has a different report-structure.
as far as I can interpret the log, there is still a big mismatch in numbers of results before filtering out the displayed results (average here is 2:1 meaning spotlight returns double number of files).

for sure and more to the point of hurt: the clear result-pattern remains. via PB I can find attached files by file-name but not by content.
– so my big christmas-wish remains: being able to participate and having this as reliable feature for all.

... so happy XMas!
Database Mess: to
... on this note: I had a similiar, even if much smaller problem where the path-structure seemd to mess up. after I made an entry of a "http:/..."-link-reference (via the thought-attachment button) it turned into a path pointing to the application-folder...

(generally it seems here that behaves much slower than (which seemed a real boost), but also as the other predecessors. sometimes it really creeps now, e.g. when inserting a duplicate thought etc. though this is not directly linked to the above, I thought to mention it as part of the overall feedback.)


Spotlight Integration coming to PB 5...
yeah, have a good weekend! - Tags Enhancements and Various Fixes
– thanks Harlan.

as to the wallpaper: yes, I was aware of that storing. just wanted to let you guys know that this was the first time a new beta-version wouldnt automatically load the brains internal wallpaper, though it was still right there. in my case it also wouldn´t load it after I selected the wallpaper anew and saved the overall settings.
– it´s strange since all the other betas would automatically load it and also there is no problem with the color settings which does take over from the saved brain...

cheers - Tags Enhancements and Various Fixes
as a note:

... here the brain wouldn´t load the wallpaper anymore, just giving the default background. does the same after loading a background image anew. after new start-up, again presents the default wallpaper.

... also the osx-problems with attached file-indexing continue here.


Java J2SE 5.0
OSX 10.4.11 - Performance and More Mac Integration
also a thank-you (or congratulations) from my side!

although I am still not experiencing the big leap myself because of some remaining spotlight troubles – it definitely seems to be there in principle.

and as you guys are saying
Quote: We are looking into the reported problems with QuickLook and Spotlight...
I would hope I am also part of the cheering crowd soon.

already my best feelings about seeing PB doing some big leaps, and fleshing out an exquisite concept even more.
and like with man, we love something even more if there are some imperfections left
Spotlight Integration coming to PB 5...
Zenrain... I am already at the beer part.

how much I want to troubleshoot it? – you know how bad all us mac-users waited for that osx-integration. and I think its an essential feature for PIM. so: very badly. even more as it is not clear where the problem actually arises... so I would still hope to have the pb-team attention as long as there is no real hint that it´s a local problem on my side.

as to your suggestion:

I was following that path.
as I am working with a strategy of linking external files I already did what you suggested for that case, and actully tried to pass on those results in my first entry here. the result was, there was a gap of something like up to 584 zo 9 between the spotlight-result-list and the PB-result-list.

as to the pattern:

it was not linked to location. but I found that seemingly in the PB-search-result list the only document-type which actually seems to be content-searched are the emails. pdf´s and other text-documents seem to be found only by titlle
– so if you really go checking on your side, I would be glad if you try an externally linked pdf with the search term not being part of the title but within the document body.
(but still some pdfs which were found by spotlight were not found even when they were having the search termin their title. so it seems more twisted.)

so, thanks for you feedback; and I would hope Harlan is giving some more infos, as it certainly relates to questions of how initial PB-search-space relates to the spotlight index.
and of course I would be glad to know whether I am a singularity having this problem... before I get into the habit of drinking too much
iCal, Address Book, Mail and QuickLook Brain Integrations have Arrived
... I also found sporadic problems with resizing via the trackpad recently. but it always works again after some other actions. but I haven´t found any consistent pattern. so I can just confirm some troubles there...
Spotlight Integration coming to PB 5...
hello zenrain,

thanks already for taking a look!

about your "silly question": I am not sure whether you adress that to me. maybe so, because the description is a little detailed and maybe opaque and most people won´t "read" the search log or look to deep under the hood of the search/index-process. also I write from the perspective of an uninitiated user.

so to clarify:

Harlan brought to my attention the "searchlog" of the brain which would list all(!) the search results PB finds on the computer before filtering out the files actually attached to the brain (at least up to as said, I am not clear what this broad search results represent, and in what way PB actually relates to the spotlight index itself as these broader PB-results do not seem congruent with the spotlight index/results (which is also something Harlan mentioned).

only after listing all computerfiles containing the search string, PB itself filters out those which are actually attached to the brain (external files).
this is how I understood Harlans comments.

so after being confronted with PB not finding newly attached files within my brain which were found by spotlight I checked the searchlog and found: the unfiltered PB-search results registered in that searchlog– before filtering – is only a fraction of the files actually indexed in spotlight. actually a tiny fraction, at least here.

as a result files which are attached to PB and seem to be indexed are actually not found by my PB, as they do not even make it into the first broad search result-list within the PB-process.

this to try to clarify from my side. you have to note in case I misunderstood your question, or in case it was actually pointed to Harlan and the brain-folks.

certainly I appreciate others aligning and sharing experiences when it comes to spotlight integration and actual PB-behavior!


PS: there are, of course, no "silly" quetions in good faith... !
Mac OS Features in 5.0.1.x
here the behavior for dropping attachments onto a thought broke with

whenever I drop a file on a thought (or directly on the properties&attachment-pane) it gets imported instead of linked. this is inspite of the preference setting to only link external files.

it works whenever I go through the attach-button; it doesn´t when I use drag and drop as before.

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