• Publishing Your Brain on WebBrain

    The new WebBrain hosting service is now in beta. It lets you easily publish Brains online in just a few steps. You don't need a Web server, all you...

    2 5,687

    Started by Moe

  • Open attached url's automaticly?

    Is this an option? It would allow me to use the links to navigate through content in a separate iframe ....

    1 158

    Started by Rus

  • Plex left - Content right

    I did a web site with this once for a philosophy project, about three years ago, based on navigating attached web pages in a frameset where the plex...

    6 1,620

    Started by Rus

  • changing the javascript code that is used for SiteBrain

    Hi, I am having a sitebrain as my website (https://www.wideopenwindows.be), and I can easily change the HTML and CSS around to create a responsive...

    3 146

    Started by TonHaarmans

  • SiteBrain anti-aliasing links

    Hi, I am busy setting up a SiteBrain from PersonalBrain 5.5 (Mac). Have a look on https://www.wideopenwindows.be/new/ . As you can see I can pretty...

    4 115

    Started by TonHaarmans

  • Exportig images in notes

    It has been my impression until now that if one inserted images in a note, that those images were saved in a thoughtData folder when one exported an ...

    2 2,031

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Icons will not show?

    When I export my brain as a siteBrain the icons disappears, is there anything I should do to keep them or why is this happening?

    3 2,673

    Started by kalleballe

  • Outline View?

    Is it possible to switch an online Brain to an outline view?

    0 1,039

    Started by HenryTST

  • v8 SiteBrain HTML

    hello I'm sorry to report that v8.0.0.1 still exports to HTML using the ugliest of colour themes. It would *really* be helpful if it can be...

    0 1,393

    Started by enkidu

  • V7 SiteBrain Questions

    I have reviewed the SiteBrain section of the The Brain 7 User Guide as a precursor to purchasing and have the following questions... In a...

    4 2,852

    Started by Develop

  • removing time stamp in sitebrain

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA ...

    7 3,314

    Started by farzad

  • Site Brain to start minimized

    Is there a way to have my exported (V.6) Sitebrain open with the plex minimized (Red Arrow upper left corner) rather than Maximixed?

    1 1,588

    Started by Fantastic

  • V7 Sitebrain example wanted

    I'd like to see an example of what V7 has to offer for export of sitebrains. It would take a major ammount of work to get our organization upgraded...

    6 2,465

    Started by Fantastic

  • Unable to Export SiteBrain with Trial?

    I have been unable export a working SiteBrain HTML. Simple HTML works just fine. The export process completes with no errors but the page does not...

    3 1,947

    Started by ieorsteve

  • WebBrain in SharePoint?

    Has anyone put a Brain web maps into their organizations's SharePoint site? I am very interested in doing this for my company and I am hoping someone...

    1 2,222

    Started by Cliffu

  • PB & website publishing

    Below are a few thoughts about the using PB for website publishing prompted by the changes at http://www.thebrain.com . Sitebrain ...

    2 3,152

    Started by nw

  • Search in Sitebrain

    I have asked several times without getting an answer about the inadequacy of the Search function in Sitebrain. There are two problems with it. 1....

    2 2,014

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Evaluation Message

    Hi all, When I export a SiteBrain and begin to use it then I see an Evaluation Message. Because I am using a version that has been fully paid for...

    3 2,976

    Started by tcarternyc

  • Instant Search

    Having real problems with the search functionality on my online Sitebrain situated at http://www.thesaurium.com/thesaurii/ The Instant search...

    7 2,623

    Started by Happerley

  • Does Google find text in SiteBrains?

    Can the Google web crawlers penetrate PB 6 site brains finding text that can be returned in Google searches? In other words, will my PB 6 site brain...

    2 2,601

    Started by Leslieinva

  • Lines disappear in IE

    Have found that the thought 'lines' are not showing in IE. They appear in Firefox and Chrome as a reference. See http://www.thesaurium.com Does...

    3 2,412

    Started by Happerley

  • Sitebrain highlights

    Hi Moe, Just one customization issue for Sitebrain I can't work out. The highlight color around the selected field is alway s green and I...

    0 2,299

    Started by Happerley

  • Copyright Do's & Don'ts

    I'm not sure what info copied from web or print sources can be legally included in a brain I post on the web. Has anyone seen any clear,...

    1 2,240

    Started by Leslieinva

  • Archive to cd?

    I need to archive a sitebrain site to a cd. However, when I attempt to view the files locally on my computer, the plex is empty. Once I upload it to...

    2 2,132

    Started by rooze

  • Export to SiteBrain HTML

    Suddenly, I can't export my brain to SiteBrain HTML. When it is finished and the browser opens locally to show, there is no content in the plex or...

    4 3,084

    Started by kenan

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