• IE8 and SiteBrain Export

    Hi Guys, I have noticed quite a few emails coming into support regarding exported SiteBrains not showing links between Thoughts. In all cases the...

    4 4,190

    Started by Moe

  • Sitebrain direct links

    Is there a way to change the naming convention for URLs that link to specific thoughts in a web published site brain. We are linking from another...

    1 2,753

    Started by mbaehre

  • Export Issues

    When exporting a brain to SiteBrain to HTML with XML data I find only the top most thought is included and there are no links to any other...

    9 3,689

    Started by tonyg

  • Slider problem

    When dragging the horizontal slider in the navigation window to the right side all link lines disappear! This even happens when I use the vertical...

    2 2,573

    Started by Infonaut

  • Link text size minimize

    When navigating my exported webbrain http://www.infonaut.se/GRB2010/ it happens that the link texts minimize. The only way to recover is to click...

    3 2,245

    Started by Infonaut

  • Script Message

    When writing in the search window the browser asks ”do you want to stop the script? A script on this page makes Internet Explorer slowly. If it...

    3 2,338

    Started by Infonaut

  • Improving Sitebrain performance

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA ...

    1 2,705

    Started by farzad

  • SiteBrain export works locally, not on server

    I exported a brain using SiteBrain HTML option. When I tested it locally, it worked as expected. However, after uploading to my web server it does...

    1 2,088

    Started by gbrettmiller

  • (Important)About PersonalBrain export SiteBrain problem

    Hi .All friend; My computer :windows7 IE8 . PersonalBrain . export SiteBrain .the IE8 can't display . help me...

    2 2,567

    Started by bynce

  • PB logo is now optional in v.5

    Hello Fellow Sitebrainers Those who ask shall now receive... The PB logo is going optional in v.5.1... but wait! You can unleash your...

    4 3,197

    Started by muse58

  • Favicon in Sitebrain

    I've tried uploading a favicon.ico to the root directory of my Sitebrain, but it doesn't show up. What is the correct procedure to have it appear...

    1 2,241

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Web Customization Primer

    Hi Community Is there any documents where I might be able to learn how to embed my notes into .css style sheets. Or do i have to write the .html in...

    5 2,784

    Started by brakes

  • SiteBrain Customisation

    I have managed to work out how to make many changes to a sitebrain but one thing that eludes me is how to center the plex background image and keep...

    3 2,553

    Started by mirrorlogic

  • Changing the target window

    Is there any way of attaching a URL to a thought and having it come up in the parent window (or new window) and not open in the content frame below...

    1 2,446

    Started by Ferrick

  • WebSite Integration

    I would like to export my Brain to HTML and completely integrate it into my website http://www.doebler-online.de. So, no problems to manage the...

    16 5,156

    Started by jodoe

  • SiteBrain Search is here

    SiteBrain users may be interested to know that the latest release of PersonalBrain 4.2 (currently in beta) contains a new Instant Search...

    8 3,178

    Started by mcaton

  • Toggling the Plex

    Is there any way to toggle the plex from inside the notes frame? In other words have the same functionality as the red arrow in the top left but in...

    3 2,086

    Started by Ferrick

  • Delete mail-to?

    I am concerned about avoiding bots that collect email addresses from web sites for spamers. Is there a way to delete the mail link at the bottom...

    3 2,064

    Started by steved

  • Does anybody have a good xslt that can be used with the PB XML?

    The Simple HTML SiteBrain only partially implements the Plex (e.g. no tags). Off-the-shelf, it lacks flexibility and configuration options. Maybe...

    1 2,200

    Started by vlad1

  • SiteBrain: multiple html attachments to thought

    This concerns SiteBrain . I have several html attachments per thought (so not as child-thouhts). I can select an attachment from the list when I...

    1 2,054

    Started by crz_06

  • Sort Order in SiteBrain

    Is there a possibility to set the sort order of a sitebrain? Now it seems to be sorted by the number of the child. I would prefer the sort in...

    4 2,626

    Started by FranzOrth

  • Instant Search

    When I publish my brain and try to use the instant search, it works fine unless I type in something that brings up several thoughts with the same...

    1 1,898

    Started by vinese

  • Web Links - Tons of Tabs!

    I created a site brain of a college football team. Thought it would be fun to toggle through info while the game is on. Part of the brain is a...

    3 2,345

    Started by sbmack

  • Sitebrain - Scrolling the window

    I'm using a PB4 Pro edition. And I did some research here in the forum with no relevant results, so I'm gonna raise this question. In the exported...

    0 2,179

    Started by adam

  • Expand Red Triangle

    I loose the red triangle in the upper left of the site brain when I use it to expand a PDF. I have to use the browser back arrow to work around. Is...

    2 2,155

    Started by Popeye

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