• Attachments menu questions

    There are a couple of things that I don't yet understand: what is the EDIT function for? How do I use the Inbox function? How do I add a link to...

    4 65

    Started by Jerryseadog

  • Home Thought (IOS-254)

    The home thought will only change after the app has been restarted. Changing the home thought on the desktop app, synching and then synching the iOS...

    1 67

    Started by zenrain

  • Two Suggestions

    Hi, iOS interface is fairly minimal, but it works most of the time. A few small features to consider 1. Swipe left / right (or up /down) to go back...

    1 124

    Started by shinyplastic

  • Navigation Buttons on iPhone and Forget button issue (IOS-252)

    Are there plans for a back / forward button? Or are they already there and I'm missing something? Seems like the top left and top right of the...

    1 59

    Started by tomcal123

  • Notes on iPhone

    On the notes window of the iOS iPhone version, there is a lot of space at the top dedicated to the name and back button. Would be nice to trim this...

    1 70

    Started by zenrain

  • Problem with Outlook attachments (and maybe others)

    I've been saving Outlook messages and contacts to TB 9 using the method described here: ...

    0 57

    Started by tomcal123

  • Search

    Pressing the search icon causes an immediate dump to OS home screen. I should add that this is with iOS 11 beta on an iPad Pro. It works find on my...

    3 52

    Started by flyteach

  • Feedback

    iPhone only (haven't been using on my iPad YET) I like the long press expands the thought name if it's shortened. Much much faster than the old...

    1 57

    Started by zenrain

  • Viewing Web Pages

    Currently, to view a web link, you have to navigate to the attachments screen, then tap on the link, which then opens in Safari. I'd like to propose...

    2 48

    Started by bkonia

  • Carrier, Time and battery info zoomed in

    When viewing TheBrain iOS on an iPhone 7 plus, the top line information (carrier, reception, time etc) is showing as zoomed in or larger than the...

    1 31

    Started by zenrain

  • Download of Larger Brain doesn't finishes

    I have download a couple of smaller Brains to my iPhone iPad OK. My larger Brain is crashing, is there a way to send logs or is that...

    2 84

    Started by pshanks

  • Syncing First Brain

    Hi All, Maybe I'm being dumb, but how do you sync your existing V9 brains? I expected the pull down to sync would have done that. Now either my...

    4 55

    Started by shinyplastic

  • The Brain 9 iOS -

    Visually nice -- UI is a bit old fashioned though -- doesn't have the look and feel of an iOS 9+ app. Seems to be more of a limited capture...

    12 210

    Started by korm

  • How to Install TheBrain 9 for iOS (beta version)

    A new version of TheBrain for iOS is now available. Space is limited, so sign up now! This version will allow you to sync your Brains from...

    3 874

    Started by Harlan

  • Sync stalled

    I have just edited a few thoughts in a freshly created brain (via Freemind-data import). Mainly I have added 2 picture attachments. Now the sync...

    2 44

    Started by marcussommer

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